Another Trump Distortion

My father grew up on a farm and my younger brothers helped out there during their high school years. I used to say that farmer kids learn things city kids never do. For example, most farm kids know how reproduction works. It wasn’t the birds and the bees; they learned from the pigs and cows.

We are hearing our President talk about “herd mentality” and “herd immunity” as if they are interchangeable terms. He’s an idiot and knows nothing of the denotation or connotation of his own words. The utterances that tumble out of his mouth aren’t backed by thoughts, they are merely words, and this brings us to a huge problem in our country right now.

Before starting, here are the denotative boundaries for this discussion. Herd immunity occurs when enough people or animals become immune to a disease to make its spread unlikely. Understanding when herd immunity has been achieved is science, requiring the same kind of disciplines as creating medicines and vaccines.

Connotatively, the term “herd immunity” reduces human beings to the level of farm animals. Decades ago, cattle ranchers believed herd immunity was a solution for bovine brucellosis, an infectious bacterial disease. Farmers and ranchers, often with the help of veterinarians from the US Department of Agriculture, blood-tested every animal they owned to discover, trace and isolate the disease’s source and control its spread.

Many European countries had to deal with mad cow disease, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE), a transmissible, slowly progressive, degenerative and fatal disease affecting the central nervous systems of adult cattle. The ranchers employed surveillance, culled sick animals and banned bovine meat products from their feed. Cows are vegetarian, not cannibals, so their diets do not normally include meat. What did farmers do when they found cows having the virus? They KILLED THEM.

It’s patently clear that Donald Trump, Dr. Scott Atlas, Senator Rand Paul and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have no idea what they are talking about in terms of herd immunity. First, we are not going to kill people and burn their bodies should they test positive for COVID-19. Okay, sick joke here, but who would pay for that? Seriously, these goofballs are using the term “herd immunity,” blissfully ignorant that enacting such a plan requires the execution of human beings. This survival of the fittest routine is rather Darwinian, even by Republican standards.

My head exploded when I read the following in The Lancet, the highly respected medical journal, “Studies in June and July cast doubt on prospects for herd immunity: despite months of exposure, antibody surveys found a low seroprevalence,” less than 10%, in cities in Spain and Switzerland.” Commentators in The Lancet concluded that, ”In light of these findings, any proposed approach to achieve herd immunity through natural infection is not only highly unethical, but also unachievable.” *Seroprevalence is the level of a pathogen in a population, as measured in blood serum.

Unfortunately, Americans tend to collect and hold onto buzz words and catch phrases more than they do facts. The goofballs are trying to pull off their greatest lie yet, that somehow it might be better to let the virus “run its course” rather than fighting it head on with science, testing, tracing and a national plan. For months and months, we have heard about the forthcoming “great solution” but no one has presented a reasonable plan of action.

Some of our older readers may remember a hairbrained idea that was bounced around during the HIV/AIDS crisis. It suggested that those having the disease should be shipped to a deserted island. The trouble is, we tried that before with another misunderstood ailment. Until 1969, Hawaiian law allowed leprosy sufferers to be forcibly moved to the islands’ leprosy settlement where, over the years, more than 8,000 patients lived. The sad truth is, Leprosy continues to infect more than 215,000 people globally each year and there is no proof that isolation works. The dark side of HIV/AIDS included discussions about culling the population by execution of those with the virus.

Dangerous Enabler

People like X-Ray doctor Scott Atlas and eye doctor Senator Rand Paul challenge the VIRUS experts and think they know more, when the frontline scientists are openly willing to admit that they don’t know everything. These politician jerks are wasting our time. Every time I hear Rand Paul challenge Dr. Fauci, I can’t discern the point he is trying to make. Paul’s mission seems to be discrediting rather than seeking knowledge.

I’m tired of all this nonsense. Let me say it clearly, “herd mentality” will kill people. “Herd immunity,” by its very nature, will kill people. Let’s work on less death, fewer infections and keep pressing on with the known, scientific methods of mitigation. To be bold and direct, it’s time for Trump, Atlas, Paul and DeSantis to SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Okay, let me put my mask on.

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2 thoughts on “HERD IMMUNITY

  1. You say —
    “herd mentality” will kill people. “Herd immunity,” by its very nature, will kill people. Let’s work on less death, fewer infections and keep pressing on with the known, scientific methods of mitigation. To be bold and direct, it’s time for Trump, Atlas, Paul and DeSantis to SHUT THE FUCK UP!
    I say —
    And THEY should put on their masks!

  2. I’m a skeptic. Based on everything I’ve seen, when they say “herd mentality ” it is PRECISELY the word they were going for. God Bless a mindless follower and a slow moving, thoughtless populace. They make it easy to “lead” and they don’t even notice where you’re taking them!

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