Denying Doesn’t Work Anymore

Why do we apply the term “gate” when naming many American scandals? The handle first appeared when the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate apartment and hotel complex in D.C. were burglarized on June 17, 1972. When the investigation revealed that the burglary was ordered and then covered up by high-level officials in the administration of President Richard Nixon, that scandal became known as Watergate. Nixon later resigned over the matter. In post-Watergate America, when a coverup or corrupt acts by people in high places get exposed, we often add the expression “gate” to the name of the misdeed.

Watergate, Washington, D.C.

With the releases of more and more Bob Woodward tapes of his interviews with Donald Trump, we now know the President of the United States was complicit in a coverup of the seriousness of COVID-19. We heard Trump telling Woodward the virus was extremely dangerous, while not only keeping that fact from the American public but presenting a deeply positive spin that led many to conclude the virus was not a big deal. After 194,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, it’s not believable that Trump’s cheerleader routine helped anyone.

I can only wonder if Herman Cain would still be alive had he been more careful with the virus. There are many people who refused to wear a mask because that’s what our President told them to do. In a video clip, a young man at a public location was asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask. He replied, “Well, if the President isn’t wearing a mask, why should I?” The lemmings have been following the rotund, orange pumpkin over the ledge. It didn’t have to be like this.

Woodward’s tapes reveal more than the COVID-coverup; they expose Trump’s lack of empathy and the need for him to talk more than listen. When answering the question about how the white privileged class relates to African American fears, Trump accused Woodward of “drinking the Kool-Aid.” What does that mean? Trump was suggesting that caring about equal rights for all Americans, systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement is the result of ingesting a poisonous elixir. Trump has once again shown that his north star is not concerned with helping people of color or focusing on civil rights. He has classified empathy and sympathy for the movement as a liberal conspiracy. The man seeks and feels nothing other than the adulation of others.

It was not funny hearing all the Trumpets on TV last weekend using the phrase “fog of war” as an excuse for the President’s overt lies and misdirection at the beginning of the pandemic. Bob Woodward called Trump the “dynamite,” leading any thoughtful person to believe it’s not the fog we should worry about but rather the explosive ready to detonate in our faces.

The sales pitch that our 45th President was simply being calm and attempting to avoid a public panic doesn’t hold water. Trump told us that COVID-19 was just like the flu and we would be able to extinguish the “little flareups” and “embers” of the virus. In reality, Trump’s malfeasance was more like pouring gasoline on the embers. Running around the country holding rallies and exposing his own voters to the virus has been more important to him than executing a powerful plan for mitigation.

Trump and his minions cannot admit that he’s a goddamn liar. Sending out campaign surrogates and economic advisers to claim that Trump did the right thing by misinforming the America public is an affront of intense proportions. He and his mouthpieces need to be compelled to testify in a thorough investigation. A price must be paid for harming American citizens.

As for Donald Trump, there are those who have sipped the Kool-Aid and believe that he’s a deity here to save humanity. Funny, but the savior is luring his faithful to the mountain of crosses. For this metaphor, think about Roman soldiers with their cats o’ nine tail as the virus. As I have barked through my rally megaphone, “HE’S GOING TO KILL YOU!”

Woodward & Trump

For more and more people, the leaks, lies and misdirection are no longer working. In Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, the leaker is the President himself. He talked at length to a seasoned and astute reporter and got it all wrong — a display of sheer stupidity. Donald John Trump a fool! I wonder what secrets his loose lips have given to foreign leaders.

Before the Woodward book was released, Trump was tweeting it would be “fake” without knowing its contents. When asked about Woodward, the Donald claimed he knew little about his work. WTF? The singular reason Donald gave Bob access was because he knew his past critical work and wanted to con him into writing a pro-Trump book. He was angry about Woodward’s first Trump book called Fear and, as they say in golf, Donald wanted a “mulligan,” a do-over. Trump has also said he should get a third term because he was treated so poorly in his first. What Kool-Aid has he been drinking?

I ping-pong between thinking the Donald is a daft dupe or a conniving criminal, but maybe I need to think outside of the box. Why can’t he be both? He has no sense of history, an inability to keep facts straight and a lack of courage to do the right thing, especially when it might hurt his image. He’s utterly transactional and cannot be trusted. Everything is a win or lose game for our President. If Americans cannot determine what winning means to the man why should they trust Trump to oversee anything?

Trump said the goal of dealing with North Korea was to get them to denuclearize, but the result was a more powerful nuclear threat. Trump was played by a young, fat tyrant and he lost. All that remains are dozens of embarrassing love letters between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump. Think of the delusion of a football coach who is speaking with the press after a significant rout, “We did a fabulous job today. What a success!” When a reporter points out that coach’s team lost by a score of 49 to 3, the coach yells, “You should be ashamed for asking that question.” Really?

I am done with this nonsense. Trump is a loser and a con man. Period. Let’s eject him on November the third!

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  1. Personally, I left behind the notion that he was merely incompetent a long time ago. I think he is shrewd, manipulative and scheming in support of his own interests, and he puts on his buffoon suit so we, again, are distracted by how feckless he is, and lose sight of his real intention. The man is evil, and the United States deserves better!

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