Trump’s Real Corrupt Deep State

There have been times in our country when the White House got caught acting illegally for some cooked-up justification. During the Reagan years, fourteen administration officials were indicted, including Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger. Many were pardoned by George H. W. Bush as a favor to President Reagan, but that never erased the stain.

Those in government who cross a legal line often do so because they love the man in the Oval Office. Other times they act based on a false premise of protecting American interests. The Trump campaign and administration, however, seem to have attracted an unusually seedy, sordid group of gangsters and crooks.

In my book titled DONALD TRUMP: Repeal, Replace, Impeach, I covered his first 200 days in office. Open the chapter named Where did Trump find these people, and you will find a list of various cabinet members with a caustic rebuke of each, Most of these clowns are gone now, meaning either the Donald is extremely difficult to work with or he hired the wrong people. Probably both.

This brings us to the news that one of Trump’s most influential campaign and White House advisors, Steve Bannon, was arrested and charged with wire fraud and money laundering. Four men were included in the arrest warrant, and one of them is from my area. Andrew Badolato and his decades-long friend Steve Bannon ran a non-profit organization to help Donald Trump build a wall at the US southern border. It was a kind of vigilante construction company which said 100% of its funds would be used for construction. The US Department of Justice claims otherwise.

According to court papers, the four men misled donors and diverted hundreds of thousands of dollars for their personal use. They raised $25 million between January 2019 and October 2019. The “We Build the Wall” campaign appears to be a total scam. Donald Trump was quick to distance himself from the project, but never attempted to stop the project while it was happening. In fact, his son, Don Jr., endorsed and promoted the non-profit. I wonder if he will get his money back.

Trump claims to vigorously vet the people he brings onboard. When confronted about anything that makes him look bad his classic comeback is, “I don’t know anything about that.” He appears to be isolated and unaware. I love when he uses a phrase like, “I’ve seen some things on social media…”  Really? 377 people work in the White House and the President has access to a multi-billion-dollar intelligence community, yet he is always in the dark. Strange.

Due to nifty reporting by my local newspaper, the Sarasota Herald-Tribune, we now know much about Mr. Andrew Badolato, including the fact that Badolato and Bannon were in business together for years. Bannon set up a Sarasota shell company named White Knights & Vultures to produce three anti-Democrat, anti- Clinton films. Had the Trump administration rifled through a few old newspaper clippings they would have known a lot more about Badolato.

In a 2018 story, the Herald-Tribune reported that Badolato’ s background included: 1. “numerous lawsuits, substantial monetary judgments and sizeable Internal Revenue Service liens filed against him;” 2. “business dealings with convicted felons for stock-related fraud;” 3.” an extortion attempt after he borrowed money from a self-described mobster that led to him wearing a wire for the FBI;” 4. “an association with a Costa Rican offshore firm that was called a “money laundering hub” by the Justice Department” and 5. “sexual assault allegations made by three women over a period of four years that allegedly took place inside his million-dollar home in Sarasota County.” Wow, how did the White House miss all that?

There has been much talk about the swamp in D.C. Well, scum rises to the surface and it seems large quantities of bacterial growth have been scooped up by the DOJ: 1. Steve Bannon, fraud, money Laundering; 2. Corey Lewandowski, misdemeanor battery; 3. Paul Manafort, tax and bank fraud and conspiracy against the United States; 4. Rick Gates, conspiracy against the U.S. and making false statements; 5. Michael Flynn, pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI, was sentenced, then the DOJ withdrew the charge. The case is currently in limbo. 6. George Papadopoulos, the so-called coffee boy who started it all, arrested, charged and tried for lying to FBI agents about his contacts with Russian intermediaries and 6. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer who was convicted and jailed for tax evasion, fraud and lying to Congress.

Sporting a sunburned face and wild, long hair, Steve Bannon came out swinging, calling the whole matter “a political hit job” and “nonsense,” while the Manhattan US attorney’s office alleges that Bannon “received over a million dollars from the ‘We Build the Wall’ online campaign, some of which he used to cover hundreds of thousands of dollars in personal expenses.” I’m sure it won’t be long, before Bannon claims it’s a nefarious plot by his QAnon promoted “Deep State.” I wonder if Q, the voice of the conspiracy, is actually STEVE BANNON.

I’m not here to judge Bannon, Badolato or the two other guys, Tim Shea and Brian Kolfage, for misleading donors who gave the money to the non-profit because they thought it would help Donald Trump. The guys will be judged by a jury of their peers. Ah, would that be twelve con artists and criminals? After the election, Donald John Trump will pardon them all, emboldened if he is re-elected, angry if he losses. But the people who were bilked should get their money back. Some believe the money is sitting in Badolato’s SunTrust account, the bank now called Truist Financial. Between this domestic bank and the multi-national Deutsche Bank, we could learn much about the Trump organized crime families. There might be some Russian family members we don’t know about yet.

The case against these four slimeballs is pretty much a slam-dunk. Justice has all the correspondence, they have the transactions, they have followed the money and they know exactly what was going on. I suggest to my readers that when a case involves money laundering the officials probably have recordings of phone discussions that occurred during the plot. So, there’s some icing on the cake.

Maryanne & Mary L.

Trump is getting boxed-in and it’s his own fault. When you spend your life being a bastard, sooner or later things come out. Yesterday, the Washington Post published a story detailing secret recordings made by Mary L. Trump, Donald’s niece, in 2018 and 2019. On the recordings Donald Trump’s older sister, Maryanne Trump Barry (a former Federal judge), is talking to Mary and describing her younger brother as a “cruel” man with “no principles.”

I love my sisters, Joan and Donna, and know they would never say bad things about me, but they might make fun of me. It appears that Maryanne Trump Barry is just like the rest of the family. They love to make fun of people, even people they love.

The corruption covered here must not be normalized. Mean people should not run a nation. It’s bad for the people they don’t agree with and it keeps America from being GREAT!

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