There’s No DeJoy in Mudville!

If you are a baby boomer you probably remember the game called post office. A bunch of kids would get together at someone’s house when the parents were away and couldn’t possibly know about the party. The participants were divided into a girl group and a boy group, unless the party was being sponsored by LGBTQ kids.

One group hung out in the designated post office. It could be a bedroom or Dad’s office. The other group huddled in another room. Perhaps they would be waiting in the sitting room or sitting in the waiting room. Each person in the other group individually visited the “post office.” Once there, they would get a kiss from everyone in the room. Yeah, I know, super-spreader activity. Then, the thoroughly kissed person would return to their room. After everyone from the other group had visited the post office, the two groups would switch places, then the new post office members would kiss all the visitors who arrived from the other room. It was a stupid kid’s game, but what has been done with the United States Postal Service (USPS) is much more absurd.

Mr. Louis DeJoy’s Post Office game may have started with a kiss, a giant, sloppy one planted on Donald John Trump’s corpulent ass. DeJoy donated more than a million dollars to Trump’s campaign and, as of May 2019, Mr. DeJoy became the local finance chairman of the 2020 Republican National Convention.

But wait, there’s more. Mr. DeJoy divested some investments before taking on his USPS role, including selling shares of UPS and Amazon stocks. He did not, however, divest his $30-$75 million equity stake in XPO, a subcontractor for the US Postal Service. So, Mr. DeJoy’s company makes money from the Post Office, which is a clear violation of ethics. After congressional protests, the USPS Inspector General began a review of DeJoy’s policy changes and whether he was complying with federal ethics rules. Was DeJoy sabotaging the Post Office to slow voting by mail? That seems like a plan Trump would love and support.

Yesterday, August 18, 2020, DeJoy announced that the Postal Service would suspend most of the cost-cutting and operational changes until after the 2020 election so the anticipated surge of mail-in ballots could be handled. Okay, pause a moment, let that sink in, and then resume reading.

BANG! I’m no Perry Mason, Mr. DeJoy, but are you now admitting guilt of causing the slowdown of one of most important services and institutions in America? You cut Post Office overtime, changed time-tested methods of letter delivery, removed mail boxes from their locations and ripped out high-speed mail sorters. What was the purpose of these moves?

Aren’t we all getting a little tired of people with agendas that screw up our country? Veterans and senior citizens receive their medicines and healthcare products via the mail. Some of those drugs are wrapped in ice packs to preserve their quality. Why would any rational human slow down such deliveries? Why would our President do anything to hurt veterans and seniors?

The Postal Service delivered the pandemic stimulus checks. Many people receive their paychecks, social security checks and many more important items in the mail. Companies send bills by mail and delays will slow payments which will negatively impact the economy. Why would our President do anything to hurt the economy?

When asked if he told DeJoy to executive these orders, President Don said he never talked to DeJoy. Well, he lied. According to official White House records, the Donald met with DeJoy in the Oval Office. What was the purpose of that meeting? DeJoy will appear before Congress on Friday and then again on Monday. I hope he knows that it’s not only un-American to lie to Congress, it’s also against the law.

If I were on the committee, I would ask three questions: 1. How much money do you make from the USPS-XPO deal? 2. Did Donald Trump tell you to make those cutbacks and other changes at the Post Office or did he approve them? 3. Why did you rescind those changes? If DeJoy admits that his changes caused major operational disruptions to the Postal Service, he should be asked to resign.

Some say that Trump wants to privatize the Post Office as the US has done with prisons. Gee, how did that work out? We should be hiring more postal workers now through the election and into Christmas. Let’s make the Post Office better!

Some institutions, agencies, commissions and services don’t make money. According to the Brookings Institution’s Bradley Patterson, the cost to taxpayers associated with running the White House under President Obama was approximately $1.4 billion per year. Trump’s expenses far exceed that. Maybe we should defund the White House. Between doctors, security, food, ground-keeping and staff, the White House spends a ton of money and brings in no cash.

The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has a 2021 budget of $1.895 billion to support 4,728 positions and 4,590 full-time equivalents (FTEs) to protect investors, facilitate capital formation and maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets. By comparison, the White House spends $1.4 billion and only has 377 employees. Wow!

The Post Office must be saved. It’s time to fight those who are destroying our institutions and making America less great. Donald Trump put Louis DeJoy in charge of the Post Office not to make it better but to help him slow the potential of voting by mail, which he believes would hurt his chance of reelection. He’s playing post office with porn stars and political operatives like Louis DeJoy. Maybe DeJoy will get a big, wet kiss from the Donald for incapacitating the USPS, but let’s all hope our parents will get home in time to break up the dumb game Trump is playing.

NOTE: I would suggest that when you drop a letter into a US Mail Box, you add the time and date you dropped it. (see graphic) We need to continue to put pressure on the Postmaster General. He must be held accountable.





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