Donald Trump is Killing Us

Where are we going America? Are we blindly accepting the path to reopening our economy which is killing many of us? Is this the “common sense” Donald Trump speaks of? What is that? The pandemic in America rages on and we must conquer this virus. There are those who say, “We are simply going to live with this thing a while.” Okay, I sympathize, but if living means dying, please count me out.

America blew it. If only we did things properly, we would be living in happier times. Think about this. The NBA brought all their players and their families to live inside a bubble. It’s not a real bubble, but a protected, constantly tested area where the players can live and work. They just announced today that not one of their players has tested positive for COVID. So, there’s more than 344 people who have been isolated in a giant Disney World mask, of sorts, and it’s working.

Some say that’s great, but then claim it could never work for the entire country. Yes, but the point is isolating people works. The NBA move proves that testing, tracking and tenacious oversight can stop COVID-19. It amazes me that we have not figured this out and enacted a plan. How can we blame the Chinese? They didn’t stop the spread of the virus and NEITHER HAVE WE!

Donald Trump is attempting to run our country like a business. When dire things happen in a corporation, a good executive cuts loss and moves on. A good business leader evaluates every deal based on the risk versus the reward. In Donald Trump’s feeble mind, it’s okay if we lose people but save the economy. Trump is selfish and those who follow him have the self-centered gene and there’s no way to change them. They won’t wear masks and if any of them get COVID they’ll just blame someone else.

Trump cannot manipulate the intelligent members of the Virus Task Force to say what he wants them to say, so he has hired a new guy to spout the gospel according to Saint Donald. In walks Scott W. Atlas, a physician and health care policy expert, who is currently the Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution. I think there’s a lot of sucking going on there. The doctor has a generalization about how we should proceed.

Dr. Atlas said that schools not reopening after the summer break was based on “hysteria” and “ludicrous.” He continues, “Young people that age, without a co-morbidity, have virtually a zero risk from this. The risk is less than seasonal influenza. There is such fear in the community, and unfortunately it’s been propagated by people doing sloppy thinking and sensationalistic media reporting.”

Okay, but then why did we assemble a task force? Why did we spend endless hours listening to its members? This new expert-in-sync with President Pumpkin planted the false claim that children should return to US schools because they’re “almost” or “virtually immune” from the coronavirus. While that is highly unlikely, many school districts will open their doors and bring millions of asymptomatic into classrooms to infect their teachers and other school workers. As the number of cases, hospitalizations, intensive care unit beds and uses of ventilators rise, we will surely see deaths.

Generalizations are extremely dangerous. Our supposed leader says kids don’t easily spread a virus. Why? Where is any evidence of that? They regularly spread common colds and flu, and there’s your “common sense,” Mr. Trump. My daughter works in daycare and she acquires at least three or four debilitating ailments each year, and she knows the source is the kids she cares for.

Silly Unpaid Advisor

I now go back to the top of this post. Where are we headed America? Are we content being the laughingstock of the world? Are we going to permit a lunatic in the White House to kill people in his lust for money? Where are our better angels when we need them?

This president easily distances himself emotionally and he doesn’t care who dies. His uninformed generalizations may seem comforting to those who believe everything he says is true, but there are prices to pay. When a mother dies because she sent her kid back to school or that great football coach loses his life to the virus because he wanted to please the master manipulator, expect this dismissive phrase, “Well, it is what it is.” Yeah, Don, it’s death. Do you remember when Donald John Trump’s brother was dying he went to see a movie? No remorse, no care, no empathy. It is what it is.

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