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Healthy people often have an unaware viewpoint on illness, but that doesn’t stop them from getting COVID-19. Professional baseball player Freddie Freeman was surprised when he became infected with COVID-19. His wife commented, “Freddie never gets sick.” After three days of fever, which topped off at 104.5F, he survived and rested himself back into health and back to the field this weekend. He’s lucky.

Freddie Freeman

When I heard that the mask-free, national political convention scheduled for late August in Jacksonville, Florida was canceled by President Trump, I asked about the inconsistencies. The aspirational bullshit that Trump pumps out of his small pie-hole confuses and divides people. If it’s not safe to have a convention, then how could it possibly be harmless to send kids back to school? United States Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos is either dumb or she’s under the spell of Trump’s insanity. She’s not worthy of her lofty position in America.

Many former Trump administrators have told us that our great orange president does not read. His press secretary claims that the Donald can read, but most people have been successful convincing him with pictures (Syrian use of chemical weapons) or videos (Caravans in Mexico). Yes, a picture is worth a thousand words, but the words are where one finds facts, figures and nuances. Trump is NOT into those things.

In my newest book How To Hire Great People, I point out that human beings learn in three different ways. Some folks learn by reading the instructions and studying the how. Others learn by working with a mentor who performs and teaches the task. Then there are those who jump in blindly trying to master the task on their own. The first two are more reasonable. We wouldn’t want airplane pilots or nuclear power plant workers to use the third method. I have always been around educators and have several in the family. My mother was a secretary at my hometown elementary school. I was always put in the third reading group in school because of how slowly I read. I loved reading but speed wasn’t the issue, it was comprehension.

I never did well with mathematics scholastic testing during the 1950s and 60s, but I always scored highly in “abstract thought.” I assumed that meant I was a good daydreamer and storyteller. If only we could understand how to better teach students with specific talents, we might have happier pupils and a more productive educational system.

Betsy DeVos

We turned to home schooling and online learning when the coronavirus pandemic hit America. Some of those programs worked, but those students without an internet connection and computer were left behind. Witch of Education DeVos thinks that giving families money to pay private schools to take their kids back is a workable plan, but that would do NOTHING for all the kids. She’s a disgraceful, rich, privileged disregarder who doesn’t understand children. None of her kids attended public school, she was never a member of a PTA group and I am sure she doesn’t understand the term, “hybrid education.” While she and her husband were conning housewives into an almost-pyramid scheme at Amway, educational budgets were cut to the bone.

Trump wants to reopen schools only because his advisors tell him that parents cannot go back to work if their kids are at home every day. That point is true, but at what cost? Donny and Betsy have not considered the health of teachers, administrators, cafeteria workers, bus drivers, security guards and the many volunteers working in schools every day. Their focus is on the kids and an imaginary armor against disease. The unproven statement that kids do not spread the virus as much as adults is as disingenuous as the statement, “Anyone who wants a test can get a test.” It was a lie when Trump said it months ago, and it is still a lie.

I am amazed that this country, which litigated and decided it’s okay to home school our kids, is mandating our students back into classrooms right now! What most parents would like is a hybrid educational plan, so that families can remain safe while advancing their children’s learning. After throwing money to large corporations and cunning small businesses, America has failed the need for education. We didn’t calculate the cost of mitigation for each school. When Trump said the CDC plan to open the schools was too expensive and too difficult to execute, he was being a bully and a supreme asshole. Why shouldn’t we spend money on our kids?

The final straw for me was the advice the CDC promoted after the spanking from our President. After Donald Trump is voted out or leaves office on his own, we should blow up the CDC, Homeland Security and Border Protection services and start all over. When Betsy DeVos is gone, we should invest in a research project to classify students who can learn with online material, who can be taught by reading and who can absorb from experience. We need to revamp our educational systems and funnel tax dollars into methods that work. Screw the notion of choice, it’s just another means of segregation. How much money are we giving to private charter schools and do they make better students? Most importantly, we MUST have an educator run the Department of Education. No more broke-brain donors with wrinkled dumb looks and no answers.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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One thought on “HYBRID EDUCATION

  1. Most of us know about the law of unintended consequences — effects of an action that produce unanticipated results. Often, those consequences are viewed as bad things, but when it comes to the pandemic, it depends on your perspective. President Trump is fixated on opening schools, no-matter-what. He believes it is the only way the economy can fully reopen (as if that were the only obstacle). His most vocal critics point out how callous he is in ignoring the medical impact of this on children, their families, teachers and staff as he furthers this goal. But good old Betsy DeVos (Callous was her maiden name), sees opportunity. No one who thinks believes she was hired for her educational expertise. And while she has pretty much bumbled through the last 4 years, she does have an agenda. Damned if the pandemic hasn’t given it wings. Less than a month ago, the U.S. Supreme Court handed Betsy ammunition to pursue School Choice. That moniker, which sounds like freedom ringing through the halls of school everywhere, proposes to use public funds for private education. The “unintended consequences” of that is to drain tax dollars from public school coffers. States are already doing this in some cases and charter schools and “online schools,” where they exist, have been a consequence of that. But the 5-4 ruling by the top court said states must allow religious schools to participate in “programs that provide scholarships to students attending private schools.” and say states can no longer disqualify private school students from getting tax dollars anyone else can get based on the school they attend. I predict it will have a big impact, as soon as private schools figure out what hoops they have to clear to comply in various states. The proponents of school choice are quietly celebrating. And as if handed a gift from the pandemic gods, we have already heard President Trump reference the potential consequences of the ruling in a speech a few days later. This is when he said all school districts MUST reopen in full, and if they don’t, he will propose federal funding be withheld from these outlaw districts and given TO THEIR PARENTS to send their children to other schools, whatever they may be. That’s School Choice. The New York Times tells us Betsy prefers a tax credit system. We’ll see. So whether or not you support School Choice — I, personally, do not — Betsy DeVos has looked just inept enough to actually get a test case before the Supreme Court. And President Trump has finally found an unintended consequence of the pandemic he can love.

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