Why Can’t America Know the Truth?

Just like you, I hate paying taxes, but deep down inside I am proud that my money is helping America fund our health and security. We are all against government waste and money going to the wrong people, as happened with the PPP program recently. I am not embarrassed by how little money I make and in my 50 years of paying taxes I certainly have done nothing I am ashamed of.

Trump has refused all requests to release his tax returns, a tradition among candidates for President and Vice Presidents since 1976. The Donald repeatedly claimed that his taxes were under an audit, but that would not prevent him from disclosing his tax returns for the years before his candidacy. Trump broke a 44-year tradition and the issue moved to the Supreme Court to address the public’s desire to know how Trump handled his responsibilities as a taxpayer.

There must be something extremely perilous or damaging in Donald Trump’s tax information for him to hold back its release. The Supreme Court had to decide several legal requests related to the returns. One was from the District Attorney of New York County, New York, Cyrus Vance Jr., who most recently got a major conviction against Harvey Weinstein in the Southern District of New York court system. Vance’s request was associated with cases of corruption related to fraudulent campaign contributions based on payments to women in exchange for their silence about their affairs with Donald Trump. The Supreme Court ruled that Trump and his accounting firm must comply with the Grand Jury request.

Vance’s reaction to the decision came quickly, “This is a tremendous victory for our nation’s system of justice and its founding principle that no one – not even a president – is above the law.” The cases the SDNY is working on will take months to resolve and it is unlikely that the public will learn much about Trump’s taxes before the election. Should someone else need those tax records to defend themselves in a legal action, then the information would become public. Another possibility is an audit of the tax data, under which the Southern District would be obligated to hand over any evidence of federal tax violations to their corruption attorneys.

Several committees in the House of Representatives subpoenaed the same tax returns for what they deemed legislative actions and determinations. The Supreme Court brandished the term, “Presidential harassment” to express a concern about Congress asking for too much information from a President. Now, I know the left and Democrats might winch at the term, but it’s real. The Supreme Court ruling today implies that Congress has boundaries to what they can request.

Congress makes laws and they could very easily pass a partisan bill through the House, and maybe the Senate, that all Presidential and Vice-Presidential candidates must release the most recent five years of their tax returns at least 90 days before an election. Congress has the power to pass such a law, but Trump has the power to veto, meaning both houses of Congress would need a two-thirds super majority to override a veto. That would probably be much more difficult to achieve.

I wonder if Trump is thinking about the potential of not being reelected and having to face charges for things that may be lurking in the tax returns released to the courts. While campaign contribution violations earn a company or person a small fine, a declaration that those payments were business related and a write-off could be tax fraud netting a much greater punishment. If convicted of tax evasion or tax fraud, one could get a maximum five-year prison term and a fine of $100,000. The same conduct which constitutes criminal tax fraud may also be considered civil tax fraud and that crime could not be pardoned by a future president.

That brings us to a real gamble that Trump is about to make with his life. Let’s say that within the next sixty days he sees that he will lose the election in November. Trump then resigns before the election and makes a deal with Mike Pence, the new President, to pardon him of all crimes he committed while being president. Of course, he will say he did nothing wrong and this is just a Democratic plot to get him off his throne.

If Donald John Trump were a real patriot, he would release his tax returns and show the world he has nothing to hide. He not an honest person and the reason he doesn’t want people to see the taxes is probably because he isn’t as rich as he claims or he has used loopholes to pay less tax than you and I do.

What we learned about the illegal actions of Deutsche Bank in the Jeffrey Epstein case should raise some interest in seeing if they handled Trump’s money the same way. If they did, that will be is a can of worms on several levels. Was Deutsche Bank laundering Russian money through Donald Trump or any of his organizations? Wow, that would be a huge story that would put a giant red bow on the package of the Russian “hoax.”

Trump predictably jumped on Twitter to blast out his inner-child with, “The Supreme Court sends case back to Lower Court, arguments to continue. This is all a political prosecution. I won the Mueller Witch Hunt, and others, and now I have to keep fighting in a politically corrupt New York. Not fair to this Presidency or Administration! PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT!” Trump is saying New Yorkers don’t like him, funny it’s his home state. The city just presented him with a giant painting in the street facing Trump Tower that says in capital letters, BLACK LIVES MATTER!

President Donald Trump is no better than Richard Nixon. He’s as morally depraved as all the dictators and tyrants in the world and a traitor to American values and law. He’s not the “law and order” president, he’s the “Tony Soprano” president. The difference between fictional godfather Soprano and Trump is Tony sought treatment with a shrink. The only thing that is shrinking with Trump is his credibility with the American people. He’s is willing to kill you to get the stock market moving up and he lacks any plan to make this country great. The next guy or woman will have to take care of that business. Don’t ever stop believing that Trump will get what he deserves, after all, the Supreme Court of the United States of America has just said, TRUMP IS NOT ABOVE THE LAW.

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One thought on “DONALD TRUMP’S TAXES

  1. In a small way, I would rather see Trump ousted WITHOUT his tax returns. Then he would be completely available to enjoy the consequences of the secrets they hold without the excuse of political persecution. The thing that nudges at me, sometimes when I dare to think about what life will be like without him, is that even when he’s gone, he won’t be gone. David Dukes will still be the face of racism for those who don’t CARE if you know who they are. But Trump will continue to be the mouthpiece for those who still want to think of themselves as decent and put-upon. It’s America, he is free to speak. However, various jails have various restrictions on how much prisoners interact with the outside world. If he’s a criminal, I want him treated like one. If that includes blessed silence, so be it!

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