Trump Prepares a Wartime Retreat

The President of the United States’ lack of patience might be motivating and a way of getting things done in normal times, but now that we have this “invisible enemy,” Trump had been convinced by experts to do the right thing. However, can they keep him from overthinking, or worse, moving too fast toward a decision that would hurt people? In his moment to moment distortion of facts to please himself, it’s clear that our president favors the economy over the collective good of the citizenry. If he moves in the wrong direction, many will die.

By hyping a couple of untested and unapproved drugs that he “felt” could be a real “game changer,” Trump has endangered people. To prove this, here’s a story from that ran today, “Health care company Banner Health announced Monday that a patient had died and his wife was in critical condition after they apparently took chloroquine phosphate as a possible cure for coronavirus. In a statement, the company urged Americans against taking drugs not prescribed for them in response to the coronavirus pandemic.” Trump’s uncontrolled pitch of a drug not designed to treat the coronavirus has killed someone.

We also heard Trump pull back from calling the curse a “Chinese virus” and during the daily briefing said, “It is very important that we totally protect our Asian American community in the United States, and all around the world. They are amazing people, and the spreading of the Virus is NOT their fault in any way, shape, or form.” He didn’t apologize for his words, but at least someone explained the racist overtones his description embodied.

It has been said that a crisis brings out the best and worst of people. Yesterday, the Lt. Governor of Texas said on TV, “…the United States should go back to work,” saying grandparents like him don’t want to sacrifice the country’s economy during the coronavirus crisis. The 69-year old politician’s name is Dan Patrick and in case you want to say something to him on Twitter use this @LtGovTX. I tweeted this to the Lt. Governor today: @LtGovTX, “Hey, Dan, heard what you said on Fox News and I have to say, as a 70-year old American citizen, GO F**K YOURSELF. Dying is no fun. Coronavirus is not funny. Go visit some people in the hospital and ask them how it feels to be infected. Texas deserves better.”

There will be time to have heated arguments about what was done, but while we are in this mess we surely need to understand the facts, act intelligently and not back off virus preventive measures too soon. Trump is being pulled by those in his feedback loop who are convinced the pandemic is a strange, destructive plot against America. They are attempting to convince Trump to put more people at risk just to pad their pockets and propel the stock market. It’s not a fucking board game, it’s people’s lives. If you kill people you will never get reelected, not even for dog catcher.

Trump has shown a severe lack of ability to calm and communicate America during this global calamity. Republican Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan said, “…some of the messaging is pretty confusing. Some of the messaging doesn’t match. You have the surgeon general (Vice Admiral Jerome Adams) and (National Institute of Allergy and Infection Diseases Director) Anthony Fauci saying things that were almost completely opposite of what the President is saying.”

It’s clear that Trump wants to be front and center and that’s why he now commands the stage. He has pushed VP Mike Pence to the role of public announcer, decreased the public appearances of Doctor Anthony Fauci and he is now tailoring his text and adlibbing to Wall Street, not Main Street. Once again, the most informative and helpful guidance is not coming from the White House press room every day, it’s coming from New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. 756 people in the State of New York are in intensive care units and those people are fighting for their lives. Cuomo gets it.

A time is coming when we will confront those who have said stupid things and harmed the health of the American people. A green governor in the state of Florida didn’t have the courage to close the beaches, and his lack of action sent hundreds of potentially infected spring break kids back to places all over the country. Leadership is needed in every state, especially those with large populations of older Americans.

Lacking vision and conviction, Donald Trump may prematurely end the smart actions we’ve put in place. He should not have this power and he must be stopped. His evacuation from science and an early retreat from this war could bankrupt the country and kill a million people. Who can talk sense to this guy? Please tell him what you think. Send him a letter, make a call, tweet him. We must force Trump to do the right thing. America must succeed in spite of the fact Donald Trump is our President.

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