Trump’s Lack of Truth Is Killing Us

Donald Trump is a big fat liar. Most people know that he speaks mistruths so this should be no surprise, but let’s talk about words. Even though it’s offensive to fat-shame the president, it’s a fact that Donald Trump has a disproportionately large seat cushion. Just look at one of his golf photos. During a pandemic press conference, Donald Trump changed coronavirus to Chinese virus. He kept saying this virus is an invisible enemy, then he proceeded to put an offensive face on it.

Another of Trump’s insulting fabrications is his claim of imposing a travel ban of Chinese people early in the life of the virus. The timeline reveals that Trump learned about the virus in China on or about January 1, 2020, but he didn’t act on the situation until January 31. He continually bragged about his action while repeating over and over that we had everything under control. Remember that he claimed we had only 15 cases which would become zero very soon. That sounded optimistic but, once again, it showed his disconnection from reality.

Throughout the chaotic journey of the Trump presidency, his frail ego and narcissistic personality disorder point to the need of psychological analysis of future presidential candidates. For now, we have a guy who cannot deal with criticism and rants about the dishonesty of the media, while daily demonstrating his own deceitfulness. People need to continue checking Trump’s lies and confronting him about his lack of care, empathy and knowledge of this crisis. That stupid statement about the virus going away when it gets warmer was perhaps the most outrageous claim of all. Florida has been 84 degrees during this outbreak and has more than 500 cases with a dozen deaths. It’s a virus, not a tourist.

As the media blasted out last night, after a dire briefing in closed committee meetings, several Senators profited from insider trading. We now see the real problem with our representatives; they lie to us while taking profit. These swamp dwellers should be forced out now. Take no prisoners. It’s all in my latest book, Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs. I need to stop thinking they can get it together and do good work. No sooner than I start feeling positively, one of these clowns shows that selling their stocks before the market crashed was their priority, not the health of the public.

Trump fixates on the stock market, which will take years to recover from this disaster. Hopefully, lard ass will be gone by then and we can get back to a normal world. Thankfully, his reelection is now totally uncertain because he can no longer say our citizens are better off now than they were before he took office. We simply aren’t as well off.

With the economy grinding to a halt, the socialism switch has been turned on in the federal government. It’s the very thing Trump had been fighting against but it is the clear solution to help mend America. Give people money. Throw a vast fortune at the problem. Why weren’t we better prepared? When does Trump take the blame for a terrible game plan? Oh, that’s right, he never takes blame for anything.

He doesn’t care when he offends 5.6% of the US population with his “Chinese virus” troupe. He doesn’t care when he lies about a vaccine becoming available faster than safely possible. We get it. He’s trying to keep the morale of the citizens up, but in the end those uneducated promises are a weak broth to serve sick people.

Donald Trump keeps saying that no one ever saw this coming. Perhaps if he watched more movies and less Fox News he would have seen this coming. Hollywood showed us what could happen in Contagion, Outbreak and World War Z. For all the criticism from the right about the motion picture industry, they should have consumed these works of art and learned exactly how bad it could be. Movies are often predictive.

And for the one millionth time, the White House has disbanded the Pandemic Crisis group, but Trump claims he knew nothing about it. If that is true, it means he was unaware of what his White House staff was doing. If those around him didn’t tell him what they were doing, then he made some incompetent staffing decisions. However, it’s more likely he not only knew about it but ordered it and now lies about what he did.

Donald Trump promotes so many conspiracy theories and passes along misinformation to the country day after day. One of his favorite myths revolves around a “deep state” out to get him. Well, if that is the case, they got him. He’s not handling this crisis well and his retreat to old tricks in dealing with a pandemic makes him look like a deer in the headlights. In this case, though, the deer is so skittish he doesn’t see the 18-wheeler coming straight at him. By trying to blame the Chinese for this terrible situation, he will cause Asian Americans abuse from bullying and harassment by the terrible Trump sycophants. This president believes that when he blames someone else, he wins. Really?

It’s good that we are using the press briefing room for daily updates on the pandemic, but we have a long way to go before we see the light at the end of the tunnel. Along the way, don’t expect clarity or focus from Donald Trump. He’s incapable of saying anything credible unless it has been written for him. It would be best if he just SHUT UP and let the experts take care of the crisis. Governors have already proved they can do more without him. Trump is the wrong guy for this situation. He wasted billions of dollars on a big southern wall, got a zero-interest rate from the Fed and closed borders to immigration. Trump cares only about money, not people.

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