Trump’s Priorities Are Wrong

It would be easy for me to say, “I told you so,” but that would be as senseless as what we have heard from the “leadership” in our country. Who or what could have prepared the US for a pandemic like the one we are experiencing with the COVID-19 virus? Let’s take a broader look at what is happening and frame it historically using logic and reason.

First, the smirk that forms on this president’s face reveals that most of what scientists have said about climate change and environmental problems are nothing but a giant hoax to him. There are numerous video clips of Trump laughing at or making fun of scientific warnings. Foolish people ignore threats. It would be easily to blame Trump for this put down of science, but there are people who rail against vaccines on powerful platforms. Now that it really matters to turn to science for facts, some people who have soiled their reputations with nonsense and braggadocio are trying to guide us.

Facts eventually work their way to the surface to convince people what is most important. When people are dying, sobriety comes quickly. What we need to do in America, which will also help the rest of the world, is to adopt a “we are in this together” philosophy and work together toward solutions. One giant step would be putting the Paris Accord back on the table for America.

Protecting the planet from disease, pollution and corruption are important and our leader, the president, must act to keep us safe and be truthful when things go badly. Trump’s response to the COVID-19 crisis was slow and hampered by his desire to downplay its seriousness and even suggest that this medical emergency was a “hoax.” Yes, Donald Trump said this was just another Democratic conspiracy against him personally. While Donald Trump shook hands and met face to face with untested people, many of his loyalists believed it was not important. Really?

Not only did Trump and his administration jettison the team guarding against this possibility, he didn’t prepare the country until the threat was obvious. Public health and national security experts were shocked to hear President Donald Trump say the coronavirus “came out of nowhere” and “blindsided the world.”

Trump was criticized for dismantling a National Security Council directorate preparing for a pandemic. When Trump claimed he was not responsible for this change in 2018, those who were there know that he ordered it. His selective memory is alarming on so many levels, especially with people’s lives in the balance.

Trump’s self-award of a “ten” for his response to this crisis is much like the fox assuring the farmer his chickens will be safe when morning comes. It appears that our Idiot-in-Chief has finally awakened to the seriousness of what’s in play, yet he is more obsessed with the economic fallout instead of genuinely caring about the pandemic and its impact on the health of our nation. His use of the word “fault” is defensive and self-absorbed. The attitude of half our citizens about how Trump is handling this crisis is colored by all the lies and foolishness that came before. It’s like the story of the “boy who cried wolf.” Our asshole president told us a threat was coming from Mexico and we had to divert billions to build a wall. Of course, no wall could ever stop COVID-19. Such a poor choice of priority!

Our great orange leader says this has “never happened before,” which might be his excuse for what happened but leaves us with a question, “Why didn’t he think it could happen?” He had experts telling him it could happen and he dismissed them.

We all knew that Donald Trump was unprepared to deal with government. He was going to be a disrupter but with that came massive changes in cabinet members, high-level advisors and top sector leaders. In less than four years, more than 180 members of this administration have resigned or been hired or fired. That’s not disruption, it’s chaos, which is the norm with Trump. Now that he’s dealing with a large crisis he must become serious and keep smart people around him even when they disagree with him. How likely is that?

Can Donald Trump survive the COVID-19 crisis? Will he change his priorities and become a leader? His self-aggrandizing language indicates he won’t. Those of us who want facts and productive advice are left in the dark. Mike Pence is a poker-faced buffoon whose rhetoric is designed to kiss the fat ass of our president while not disclosing what is truly happening. This is sad on so many levels.

Trump might make it to November, but there is now a serious question about how prepared we are with him as president. His lack of action on healthcare and obvious fumbling during this intense crisis speaks volumes about his ineptitude. He told us that COVID-19 wasn’t a big deal and the real problem was our lack of a healthcare plan. Trump has failed us again and there is no one other than him to blame. He is the problem. But then, if you’ve been reading this blog, you already know where I stand.

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