Trump’s Inability to Understand Numbers

The baby king couldn’t count the number of people who attended his inauguration. His administration was unable to tell us how many children were separated from their parents at the southern border and, to make it worse, they didn’t know where those children were located. This week, we learned that the Center for Disease Control cannot tell us how many people have been tested for the COVID-19 virus. How can we believe Donald Trump? Remember, he’s the guy who says trade wars are good even after a trade war with oil between Saudi Arabia and Russia brought the stock market to its knees.

One of the comments on cable news that caught my ear was that most serious people are looking beyond the President now, because it’s clear he doesn’t understand what is happening with the coronavirus crisis or the economy. Public policy must be massaged and managed by the experts in the room because Donald Trump is proficient only in hyperbole. Our idiot president has only one message, when things get bad throw money at it. The problem is it’s our money he’s throwing, and more and more people are starting to question his rationale. Why does he always bail out the rich guys first?

As the coronavirus spreads across the country, we are seeing our Vice President doing mostly the right things. He’s holding daily press briefings, letting experts speak and even pulling back somewhat from the typical presidential garnishment he’s inclined to froth. Someone said, “Hey, he’s showing us how a real president would act.” Yes, this crisis is so big and so dangerous to the world economy that the Donald had to tap Mike Pence to lead the effort. Donald Trump is totally ill informed, and no one is listening to him.

Even though the recommendation is to not shake hands, Trump says he will continue doing so because that is what he does. He is the living embodiment of the stupid, selfish person who gets a severe cold but comes to work regardless because he doesn’t care about anyone else. The net result of Trump’s behavior will be more people getting sick because his followers believe it’s not important to do the right thing. Ignoring his own administration’s advice is truly the very worst thing a president could do. Mike Pence said he would also keep shaking hands because he’s a politician. Wow, the VP will do the wrong thing simply to protect Trump’s ego. What a two-faced, false prophet!

It’s no longer funny and it’s not Trump who needs to be protected. We need to be protected from bad policies that will hurt American citizens. If you’re asking why our president, a known germaphobe, would not take the advice to stop direct contact with others, please consider this. Donald J. Trump had unprotected sex with a porn star. His own pleasure trumps his fear of germs. What a crackpot. What a loser.

Time will tell how we survive this latest crisis, but every new day we learn that we cannot trust Donald Trump with the health and healthcare of our nation. We cannot trust Donald Trump with our retirement funds and pensions. We cannot trust Donald Trump in his job as President of the United States. So, get ready to vote him out. He is not worthy of the role of chief executive of this country. It’s time to focus on who will be next.

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