A Single Point of Failure

The Impeachment Hearings are slowly leading us to the real weakness in this administration, its leader. After taking office, Donald J. Trump had an opportunity to bring the country together, as usually happens when we get a new president. All that positive collateral of the office of the presidency was set aside in this man’s inaugural speech. The one line that still echoes in my mind is, “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now!” He lost me and half the country that day.

As I write this, we find ourselves 2 years, 304 days, 18 hours, 42 minutes into his presidency and things have only gotten worse, not better. Yes, the stock market is through the roof, but then, why shouldn’t it be? Large corporations are no longer paying taxes, and when they do, it’s such a small number. The infrastructure of the US government has been placed on the backs of the middle class. How did we let this happen? We should also mention the carnage that Trump’s dysfunction might leave behind when the jerk finally leaves office. That could lead to another economic crash much worse than the last. The movers and shakers of other world leading economies don’t believe they can trust Trump. Trade deals will be difficult.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you surely have been pounded by the gavel to gavel coverage the media is giving the Impeachment Hearings conducted by the House Intelligence Committee. And why is the media covering them so intensely? Well, when the president of the United States calls the media the “enemy of the people,” it gives them something to prove. I’m not saying the mainstream media are out to get him, but Fox News is certainly out to help him. You can pass your own judgement on whether ratings are more important than truth, but then, what is truth with Trump?

This haranguing elephant of a man has been running around the country screaming that there was no “quid pro quo” at every camera before him. He spends more time telling the world that he hasn’t done anything instead of actually doing something, his job. And now, the man who purchased his ambassadorship for one million dollars said, under oath that there was a quid pro quo and that “everyone was in the loop.” It’s the old, if I’m going down everyone else is going down with me.

From a political perspective, Trump has garnered more press than he could have ever dreamed of but most of it’s bad. What is being exposed here is a chief executive who spends most of his waking hours batting the flies that are swarming around his fetid, dying administration. Seriously, more than 100 former administration workers have left their posts and headed for the high ground of book deals and pundit positions on the very media Trump hates. What dastardly deed did this man do to deserve this? The answer is simple, he became a president who was in over his head from the very beginning.

I don’t have a lot of patience for martyrs and complainers. This self-proclaimed victimhood of the Donald is beneath the office of President. And while I’m judging the actions and words of this man, I want to rub a bit of salt into the wound. Obama didn’t complain; he just kept doing his job. Donald Trump is not a victim. His campaign was fueled by lies, fear and xenophobia with a dash of racism, but it got him elected. He put a mirror up to America and most of the people looked away. Those who believe they are right also claim victimhood, but they shouldn’t. America has always been, and hopefully always will be, great, but Trump is not helping.

The more evidence that is squeezed out of the diplomats, civil servants and government workers, the more we see that Trump runs everything and that his lies are catching up with him. He is the single point of failure for the administration, and we are starting to see the veneer of our respected presidency crack under the pressure of the truth.

When Gordon Sondland stood before Congress and declared that there was indeed a quid pro quo, something for something, Donald Trump called members of the Republican party and told them this was good for him. In an outrageous display of “newspeak” that George Orwell predicted, our president is telling everyone who will listen that black is white.

And for all you sycophants in the Republican party who are arguing that Donald Trump did nothing wrong, you are missing one of the most important aspects of your fake president, his blatant lying and deception. When he learned that he was being investigated by Congress on the Ukrainian aid package and he knew that the group of those people he charged with his orders were challenging his decision to bribe, or extort, he used the words, “No quid pro quo.” With that act, he showed awareness of guilt. He has merely replaced “no collusion” with a new catch phrase. He was planting evidence at the scene of the crime and bought into his own fantasy. Why would he say that? Why would Donald Trump use a legal term to un-describe what was happening?

Donald Trump doesn’t work hard enough on the important aspects of leadership. He has no ability to delegate and then manage within reasonable boundaries. He thinks everyone is stupid and only he knows best. His lack of talent will eventually undo his presidency. He’s just not suited to be president.

The problem with a leader who micromanages and tries to control everything in an organization is that when things go wrong, everyone gets hurt.  Donald Trump’s mythical status is melting away, like the evil witch at the end of the movie. The orange soup that will be left on the steps of America will be cleaned up by those very maligned servants and workers in the government who know duty is more important than one man’s ego.

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