Is There Really a Deep State?

We are learning much about our government with the wall-to-wall coverage of the impeachment hearings in Washington, and both sides are making us wonder why there are two sides in this matter. Why wouldn’t regular law and order prevail in this passion play of power and perception? Technicalities and treason are under the microscope in the effort to impeach Trump.

Let’s begin with some simple facts. The federal government currently employs about two million full-time employees. There are 113,114 people who work for the Justice Department, and that includes 9,500 attorneys. The Department of State has 75,547 employees, including 13,855 Foreign Service Officers and 49,734 locally employed staff who primarily serve overseas. In addition, 10,171 employees form part of the predominantly domestic civil service. It’s estimated that 21,575 work for the CIA, although that figure is not as knowable as the other stats of the government. They work to keep it a secret.

This next fact will probably blow your mind. “Deep state” is a rather new term, only 30 years old. According to the journalist Robert Worth, “the expression deep state had originated in Turkey in the 1990s, where the military colluded with drug traffickers and hit men to wage a dirty war against Kurdish insurgents” The term “deep state” is likely a translation from the Turkish derin devlet, which means “state within the state.” Can you believe that Donald Trump, who thinks there is a deep state working against him, is the same man who greenlit Turkey’s invasion of Syria to fight the Kurds for land. If you think this sounds like Tom Clancy novel, well you’re not alone.

During his testimony at the impeachment inquiry, Special Envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker claimed he didn’t see an investigation into the Ukrainian energy company Burisma being equivalent to scrutiny of Joe Biden. Volker said. “What I was trying to do in working with the Ukrainians was to thread a needle.” Here we can begin to dissect the notion of a deep state.

Volker works for the State Department and Mike Pompeo. In an unusual arrangement, Volker’s real job is the executive director of the McCain Institute for International Leadership, and his position with the government was an unpaid position. WHAT? The McCain Institute is part of Arizona State University and has nothing to do with the US Government, it’s simply a think-tank on diplomacy and public policy. I’m sure Volker has security clearance to do his job, but how does this work?

There are many questions about the role Rudy Giuliani played in this Ukraine caper and if his involvement in the US foreign policy broke any laws. Also, there are now questions about what is legal, what is illegal and what are the gray regions. Republicans’ desire to out a “whistleblower,” who has legal protection, proves that the fine print of law can sometimes be manipulated to overshadow the big print

The President of the United States has been continually trying to pull the wool over our eyes.  This started before his election. There is a state within the state and Donald Trump is the gang leader of this deep state. Our president has colluded with others, both in and out of the government, to bend laws, rules and policies so he could exercise his pursuit of personal gain. He believes the treasury is his bank account, like the Trump Foundation was. He’s just another corrupt, fat-cat politician and grifter.

This president is no different than Richard Nixon, who used the IRS, FBI and CIA to go after his enemies. Donald Trump ignores laws, believing he is above them. Nixon and Trump share an unhealthy disdain for the press and anyone who disagrees with them. Nixon is long gone, but his fate bears a lesson for Trump. Toward the end of his presidency, Richard Nixon turned to drinking at night to help himself get through the pressure of impeachment. Trump doesn’t drink, so he turns to his real addiction, Twitter. It is obvious that our 45th President mistakenly believes he can change the world by tweeting. What a shallow, irresponsible human. Sadly, he’s our president.

A magnetifying glass can make threading a needle easier by bringing little things into sharp focus. As we get closer and closer to the facts, it’s easy to see an “end justifies the means” mentality in many of the people who surround Trump. The deep state are those operatives — men like William Barr, Mick Mulvaney and Rudy Giuliani who, at the command of the ringleader, will do anything to advance the deep state of Trump. Outside of the government, his cult followers fuel his insane view of the world. Inside the government, the state within the state threatens democracy as we know it. How can we recover fast enough to repair this democracy? Impeachment is not an evil act of desperation, it’s normal order for a President who is out of order.

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