The Reason Intelligence Matters

In 2011, businessman Donald Trump felt the need to comment about the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, “Any president sitting there when the generals come in and say we have him, who’s going to say, oh, let’s leave him alone?” Trump was attempting to lessen any credit President Obama might receive for the raid and killing. Trump also complained about it taking so long, an early slap at military intelligence.

President Trump doesn’t understand that the type of decisions all modern presidents had to make, are now his to make. He gets credit for his good moves and, as he knows, he will get harshly slayed by the press, Congress and his critics when things go wrong. Donald Trump has made no friends with his critical personality.

Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is a main character in my book If God Could Cry, and I was delighted by his killing. My historical novel portraited the so-called leader of the Caliphate based on the many books and articles I read about him. His location in my book was in northern Syria, quite near where he was finally found. This seemed logical to me when I was writing.

The boogie man Trump attempted to create during his “mission accomplished” Sunday morning presentation to the nation probably made some people feel good, but this line about Baghdadi, “Died like a dog, died like a coward,” might be better for someone doing a movie pitch. It was so un-statesman-like. How can there be joy in the murder of an enemy when the “achievement” included the killing of three innocent children? This gloating is a giant turn-off and it’s just more of the “all about me” attitude that constantly seeps out of Trump like puss.

I have always been skeptical about generalizations because they are often used to put down an entire race, religion or culture. Trump uses a bit of undocumented hearsay or obvious racial tropes to make people doubt groups of people. For example, he said that the Kurds “are no angels,” meaning what? The facts suggest that the Kurds provided the information that helped find Baghdadi. Why are we pushing them away?

Trump is also desperately trying to justify his embrace of Putin and Russia as it pertains to Syria, Turkey, the Kurds and what is happening in that part of the world. He paints his personal relationships with non-democratic demigods as something that will help America. I hate to say it, but Donald J. Trump has now drawn a giant target on himself because he personalized the kill. His overt taking of credit for the operation while shaming the terrorist with his graphic description will cause other terrorists to see Trump as the true “infidel.” I am sure the Donald loves his characterization of the whole thing being like a movie, but movies have endings.

Terrorist movements are not motion pictures. They tend to reconstitute, and the next version is always much more heinous. It’s clear that Donald Trump doesn’t have any idea about how people in that part of the world think. He has no training in or knowledge of foreign policy, and probably couldn’t explain how a parliamentary system works. If only he had followed the advice of those in the government who know that area, he might have stayed in the game to gain long-term stability.

Trump would rather have a friendship with Kim Jong-Un, even if pushes aside the grief and sorrow of a family from Cincinnati who lost their son at the hands of that monster. Otto Warmbier is person who didn’t have to die. Trump doesn’t care about him, though. He got his mileage and has accepted Kim’s denials.

Because of a U.N. investigation and report, we know how Saudi agents plotted to kill and dismember Washington Post reporter Jamal Khashoggi., Trump, however, is more interested in selling weapons to Saudi Arabia. Killing people is okay for Trump if it involves a transaction favorable to him. Trump has accepted the Crown Prince’s denial.

The suggestion that our military will remain in Northern Syria to protect the oil refineries does not mean that Trump will use such military intervention to get the oil of a sovereign nation. The U.N. clearly states, “…in conflict and post-conflict situations, the importance of cooperation in shared responsibility, among source, transit and destination countries in preventing and combating trafficking, illicit trade and illegal exploitation of natural resources.” It would be against international law for us to exploit the resources of any nation. Plus, we really don’t need the oil, according to Trump we have tons of it.

Trump may say he doesn’t respect the United Nations, but he falls all over himself to address that body. He needs to follow the rules in war and conflicts, unless he wants to spend his later years sitting in front of a war tribunal. That’s on him.

The intelligence community and the lifetime experts who work for the federal government are NOT petty people like Trump. They are mission-oriented folks who are totally loyal to the Constitution and the Commander-in-Chief. When difficult times come, Trump needs to turn to those same intelligence people for information that will keep our country safe. When he maligns them on Twitter for political purposes, he not only disrespects those hard-working Americans he stains the presidency. He comes off as trite and burdened by information.

Trump will take the credit for the death of an enemy, but that doesn’t mean he alone can determine who the real enemies are. He needs to stop being so judgmental without facts and evidence. The saddest point concerning the take down of ISIS’ number one man is the glorification of his death could incite “true believers” to do more harm to people who look like us. But then, Trump has all the answers and we hope his guesses work because failure could be terrible for our country. When he’s wrong, we always lose big time.

Read About The Country We Love

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