Trump’s Challenge of Inexperience

Over the years, I have noticed that insecure people have a peculiar habit of attempting to rewrite history. When they make a mistake with a word or phrase and are corrected by someone, after acknowledging the blunder they tend to overuse the correct form of the term. This brings us to Donald Trump.

Last June, another Trump Twitter malaprop popped out. In response to Iran shooting down a US drone, Trump decided NOT to respond because it would have killed 150 people. In his tweet saying that bombing Iran would have been a disproportionate reaction Trump used the expression, “We were cocked & loaded to retaliate last night…”  

It didn’t take the press and bloggers, this one included, to point out that the correct expression is “locked and loaded” and anyone with a modicum of military experience would have known the right form. I questioned how he could have possibly misused the term.  Didn’t the New York Military Academy teach him the right words? Trump told us he would always be using the “best words.”

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

It wasn’t surprising to see President Trump’s tweet about the US being “locked and loaded” in response to the drone strikes on Saudi Arabia oil facilities. He’s trying to eradicate his mistake more than transmitting a thoughtful message to his nation and the world. In fact, minions from Mike Pence’s office tried to explain away his aggressive remark before we had proof that Iran was behind the strike. They took the lock and the load out of his meaning and just confused the whole affair.

Trump should have waited before issuing a warning, but nothing seems to stop him from wading into a lake before he tests the water for quicksand. A few days later he made it seem like it wasn’t our problem, throwing the burden over to the Saudis. Doesn’t this schmuck of a president understand that oil prices, and thus gas prices, are set to soar here?

The use of the term “drone strike” connotatively makes it seem like a toy brought down the Saudi Arabia oil supply. The act was carried out by Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and they didn’t need to carry bombs; they just had to fly into the right areas of the oil refinery. But here’s a bigger question. If the Saudi Crown Prince – MBS – is such a smart and rich leader, why wouldn’t those facilities have airspace security? And Trump should now be asking if the US refineries are just as vulnerable to an airstrike.

When we have a president who claims he knows everything and is smarter than all the generals; we have a problem. No one person can know everything. Sadly, the operation of the Trump administration is all about people coming in AFTER SOMETHING BAD HAPPENS to explain how it works to our thick-headed chief executive. He doesn’t plan, so he’s always trying to fix or correct the mistakes he’s made in the past. He’s a fool!

There are a lot of people who will agree that Iran was behind the launch of UAVs that hit the Saudi Arabian oil plants. While the Saudis are laying out the claim against Iran and trying to gain support from other nations, Trump seems to be unsure of what to do. What is the right answer? Does he start another war, when he claimed that his campaign opponents would surely get us into a war? Wouldn’t it be ironic that after walking out of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action that was signed by the US and six other nations plus the EU he was the sole person left to decide what to do about Iran? The body of nations isn’t happy with Trump and they will be very cautious about getting anywhere near him on this issue.

Trump’s memory of what he promised on the campaign trail supersedes all current information and logic. He simply wants to trample on Obama’s achievements and attack those who disagree with him. He truly believes that when he says something is the worst deal ever everyone will see things his way. I wonder whether Trump even read the JCPA or comprehended its effect on the world. It’s funny how something that China and Russia thought was a good idea, isn’t a good idea for Donald Trump. He tore up the deal and now he alone might have to handle an emerging, nuclear Iran. Did Trump not understand that the agreement was deterring Iraq from their goal? Our Idiot-in-Chief’s lack of experience in diplomatic solutions is appalling. Really smart, successful people in the diplomatic world will never work for him, and that is the small problem. He is the true problem.

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