Trump Handicaps a Race Without Him

You wanna watch but it’s hard, like watching a baseball game between two teams you don’t care about. It’s become clear that neither the network nor the moderators make a difference. The debate structure is uninformative; it’s just talking points and poorly written punches.

We know that the Tweeter-in-chief will drop his multiple putdowns and rebukes of those who are running on the other side. He will call them names and say they are all socialists, but he should be worrying. Afterall, lots of people really don’t like Trump. Polarity gets him attention, but it doesn’t bring more people to the party.

In the Spring of 2016, I sent a note to my assemblyman in New York. I’ve known him for a long time. He lived in my building. I suggested that a better presidential ticket would have been Biden and Warren. He explained he was a Hillary man and reminded me that she and Bill were his constituents. Monday morning quarterbacking is not my style, but I really thought Hillary had too many problems with women to bring the country together. Yes, women.

Debates that aren’t actual debates hurt both the Republicans and Democrats. The failed system of having a glossy, sparkling set with candidates standing behind well-lit podiums is a bit much.

Since 2016, I have contended that Bernie Sanders did more damage to Hillary Clinton in the debates than Trump or the Russians. Hillary was her own worst enemy at times. You remember, not traveling to the right states at the right time, telling coal miners she was going to put them out of business and fainting on 9/11. Not faults, no blame, just realities.

Because there were so few candidates on the debate stage, Bernie was able to position Clinton as a Wall Street darling who would kowtow to the money managers at the banks, just like Trump did once he was elected. Bernie’s enthusiasm for social programs is infectious, but the specter of increased debt for America is senseless.

I could march through all the candidates and point out their strengths and weaknesses, but that snapshot would be meaningless in such a mercurial process. In 30 days the statistics will probably look totally different. Call me crazy, but a moderate at the top of the ticket makes the most sense. Progressives always appear to be more active because they have a huge list of things they are going to do, but we know, most of what they are proposing won’t get done. I suggest the main job of a democratic president in the first 100 days will be nullifying every executive order that Trump has signed.

Being passive is not the way to get noticed on a stage of ten, but sometimes we, the voting public, must listen to the words and not get sucked into the emotional rapture.

In most cases, the incumbent president has an advantage because everyone has seen what has happened their years of governance. However, this president has created a greater gap between those in his base and those out of it. He attempts to create the illusion that all Democrats are part of some radical leftist conspiracy, but deep down inside he knows many rich Democrats. He used to be one.

All the excitement generated by a presidential run can be snuffed out in a New York minute. People are not strongly cemented to any one Democrat. They know Biden and, even with all his gaffs and misspeaking, he’s as comfortable as an old shoe. And at this point in American history, we simply need a president who relies on sharp experts and experienced aides more than his gut. Donald Trump isn’t at all smart about how to run a country. He’s made a ton of mistakes and the effects of his policy changes just might destroy the environment. No small thing.

Trump’s naiveté puts him in the position of needing to say who he thinks did the best job in the debates and what he hates about democrats. He can’t find it within himself to keep his mouth shut and let the process play out. His ego whispers into his frontal lobes, urging him to speak up and affect the numbers. What he doesn’t comprehend is pushing too hard on any one candidate might make their spotlight shine more brightly.

It’s sad that we haven’t found a better way to present ten or more candidates to the American public. Our flawed fake debate approach only eliminates people instead of producing and promoting a well-defined platform. Many newspapers the morning after the debate focused on conflict about healthcare. If the democratic candidates are still arguing about how healthcare can be fixed for the future, the party has a messaging problem that needs to be addressed.

Most people work for companies that provide healthcare insurance. The common man doesn’t get to pick the provider, the company does. The worker’s focus is how to navigate a system that appears to be working against them. Judging by the large deductibles and copays this whole matter is broken, but the Democratic party hasn’t come up with a platform specific solution.

The next debate will cull the herd a bit more, but it will be down to money and polls. What a country we live in! Democrats decry dirty money in politics but use contributions as an indication of success. I get polls. They allow us to judge who is getting attention on a national level. But that matters more to political fanatics and network news junkies compared to most of the middle-class who knows only some of the faces. They will forget about Andrew Yang’s money giveaway and Castro’s lame attack on Biden. In the end, it will come done to brand recognition and electing someone who can thank Donald Trump for what he didn’t ruin as the helicopter whisks him away from the White House in 2021. Anything less than that will be the destruction of America.

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