Just Another Neo-Con Job

Donald Trump doesn’t know how to hire the right people and he certainly doesn’t know how to fire them. But there is something much deeper here that escapes Trump’s ability to comprehend.

Trump is like P.T. Barnum, the circus man who truly believed one can hype their way into the hearts of the American public and fool them with illusions while taking their money. The world is more complicated than selling a ticket to the big top. In the end, most of the circus enterprises in America went broke because their owners couldn’t balance the cost of doing business with the activities of their competitors. Many circus companies have multiple names because eating each other up was the only way to survive. They ran up debt, exactly like Trump is doing with America.

John Bolton is just another Neo-Con with a convincing talent of combative rhetoric. In my book Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs, you will find a chapter titled The Three Legged Stool. It highlights the three forces that attempt to control our government — the Evangelicals, the rich owner class and the Neo-Cons. Some people fit into all three categories, but John Bolton is only a Neo-Con.

Dick Cheney and other Neo-Cons see nation building and regime changes as necessary methods of keeping the world safe and helping the US grow strong. Their mistakes have cost incredible amounts of blood in the streets and loss of treasures, but they are easily dismissed as a “greater good” the Neo-Cons believe they bring to world order.

It is no mystery that John Bolton deeply disagreed with Trump’s PR move to bring the Taliban to Camp David. It was also no surprise that one of the only Republicans to loudly voice disdain for this Trump folly was Liz Cheney, the daughter of Dick Cheney. You see, if anything, the Neo-Cons stick together.

Another Neo-Con is Lindsey Graham. On his web site he declared, “I have known John Bolton for many years and very much appreciate his service to our country in a variety of positions. John understands the world for what it is and the dangers that threaten America’s national security interests.” (I added the bolding.)

Deep down inside, Lindsey Graham knows that Donald Trump does not correctly see or understand the world. Graham, being a card-carrying member of the Neo-Con Club, was not about to put Bolton down because the Senator from South Carolina thinks and talks like Bolton.

The Donald doesn’t understand that right-winged white supremacists are not as powerful as the Neo-Cons in America. The Neo-Con, or New Conservative, movement was started by Jewish intellectuals in New York who believed the United States should do whatever it could to protect Israel. Trump gets that right, but what he fails to see is that Neo-Cons have no time for Nazis, the KKK or white supremacists. They feel only a need to protect the world from “evil doers.”

Not only did Trump dislike John Bolton’s outspokenness on many issues, he also figured out that Bolton was attempting to move into the “more important” position of Secretary of State. Trump hates people who are too aggressive. Bolton believed that Mike Pompeo, Trump’s boy, was looking for the exit ramp to run for Senator in his home state of Kansas.  Perhaps a miscalculation on his part, but in the end Trump needed someone he could spank for his stupid idea of doing a Taliban smores party at Camp David. Anyone other than Trump must always be blamed for something the press points out as asinine. I guess that is why we have a free press.

Bolton didn’t go quietly into the night. He quickly rebuked Trump, claiming he resigned and wasn’t fired. I’m not sure why that matters, but I do know that Trump never wants to be perceived as someone who has trouble working with people, even though the guy can’t work with anyone.

Over a hundred top people in Trump’s administration have been dismissed or resigned. As one of my favorite Trump loyalists said, “Well, at least he gets rid of the bad people.” WHAT? Those are all his people and he’s the reason they got into the White House. Once again, Trump claims he solved a problem that he created. What a douchebag.

I have never understood why civilian government appointees would be more militant and more eager to march into war than well-trained pentagon leaders. Who are these people who seek to use the military might of America as a political tool? Donald Trump would start a war if he thought it would guarantee his reelection.

This presidency will ultimately be seen as Trump declaring that EVERY DECISION he made was his decision. Those in position to give advice were only as valuable as the level of adulation they presented to his thin-skinned, narcissistic veneer. When an insecure person declares that they “took their own advice” on an important decision, we are in trouble. Who says that? The third person must hold more power than the person who is speaking. Now I am worried.

Trump is not the president for America today and he shouldn’t be the president tomorrow. As the world changes, it’s extremely clear that Trump will not change. He will never understand the world for what it is. He has damaged our standing and effectiveness on the planet. He is the biggest loser. Maybe his next reality TV show can be named Fat President Shrivels into Dust.

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