Trump’s Denial of Umbilical Connection

Donald Trump has been railing against globalism for a long time. Perhaps he fails to understand the structural foundation of trade, or, worse doesn’t have the knowledge and facts a true world leader should.

As President, historians will note either what you did you to help people (Obamacare) or what you did to hurt people (#TrumpTradeWar). There’s nothing a person can do to change facts or repair their narrative. Trump just may be writing a one-term reality.

If you see the stock market as the sole indicator of economic stability in America, you are only half right. Only 50% of working citizens own stock, the rest usually hold debt. Trump is so far from middle-class reality that he cannot possibly understand the challenges of a working family. Rather than show empathy, he transmits tropes of hate and fear.

I’m noticing that the shelves at Target and Walmart seem to have less inventory. Some stores have reconfigured with wider aisles, so that fewer choices aren’t so glaring. There is a wait and see attitude regarding buying based on tariffs and customer demand.

Macy’s CEO warns that the trade war could force stores to raise prices and send a message to President Trump that his consumers do not have an appetite for higher prices. Brick and mortar retailers are nervous. Will American malls become the next shuttered structures, victims of globalism and bad trade policies?

Like a pregnant woman engaging in risky behavior, Trump is wielding significant damage to not only our economy, but to the world’s monetary structure. China is only part of Trump’s problems. The Donald’s bullheadedness is killing our farmers and the insulting act of throwing them scant domestic aid while their soybeans are rotting is shameful and un-American.

Trump’s use of Twitter as an economic weapon against the central bank and its chairman is beneath the presidency. He continually equates experts and hard-working people to enemies when they suggest a different position than his. Trump’s ego appears to be his sole priority and his fear of recession might be the only reality that gets his unfettered attention. He seems to comprehend that a bad economy will be sure death in the voting booth for him.

The Donald is going to kill the baby. He refuses to take the doctor’s advice because he thinks he knows better than anyone else. He’s bad for the environment. He’s bad for the economy. He’s bad for America. And, oh yeah, he’s a racist. It’s time to abort his presidency. We have a fool in the White House.

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