Trump’s Unsolvable Katrina

We have all heard the banal “thoughts and prayers” utterance so often that what was once a caring response now sounds limp and lifeless.

In an op-ed article called: “We have studied every mass shooting since 1966. Here’s what we’ve learned about the shooters” the writers spell out our challenge. If you didn’t read it, here is a link. If you want to know something about the people who wrote the piece, Jillian Peterson and James Denlsey, check here. I will now cover the major points with comments.

People who have committed mass shootings (using gunfire to wound or kill more than four people in a public place) have common points that we must examine. Many of the perps of these heinous crimes have suffered from trauma or exposure to violence at a young age. They may have experienced parental suicide, physical or sexual abuse, neglect, domestic violence or severe bullying. Each had significant breaking points in the months or weeks leading up to their act and all suffered a perceived grievance either in the workplace or in their personal life. They often study others who have committed these crimes in the past and use the internet seeking comfort and motivation from other like-minded troubled souls. The computers of offenders typically reveal they studied their targets and locations before taking the step. Peterson and Densley point out that 80% of these shooters got their weapons from family members, while the others purchased their guns legally.

The researchers offer solutions. One is making the soft targets less accessible, which to my way of thinking means more security people, more cameras and more invasion of our privacy. But just like we lowered the number of airplane hijackings by well-designed airport security, we are moving toward these kinds of pat downs in our society. We already security check at concerts and sporting events and this seems to keep us safer. Could malls be the next place we must clear a metal detector just to shop?

The writers of the study also say we must better control our weapons. Ahh, doesn’t that mean better and more gun control? Yes it does, and that means a bigger more interactive background check system with a constantly updated database detailing every purchase, even sales at gun shows. You know, like the databases used for drug purchases. I cannot fill the same prescription at two different pharmacies.

Another of their suggestions was making it harder for the damaged to acquire validation for their planned actions. This directly slams into the First Amendment protections of the Constitution. Are we really going to babysit the internet and engage in moderation or censorship, attempting to protect the frail minds of malcontents wanting to commit mass murder? On the surface it sounds like a good idea, but when our superficial president blames the internet, violent videogames and movies for the violence in our society, shouldn’t we censor him from promoting violence and hate at his rallies? Why does he get to censor when no one analyzes or edits him?

Remember, Donald Trump has said that he would like someone to punch a protester at his rally and even volunteered that he would pay the legal bills. What is the difference between Donald Trump and some asshole using the internet to put down immigrants and retweet Trump’s “invasion” theories about those seeking asylum? You see, Trump is the source of the echo chamber of hate. He retweets conspiracy theories that could promote violent actions against certain people. In fact, the Hillary Clinton pizza shop sex trafficking conspiracy lead to an armed assault to liberate the Washington, DC pizza joint. The Trump campaign promoted these hoaxes to get elected. Isn’t it ironic that a friend of Donald Trump, Jeffrey Epstein, was allegedly involved in sex trafficking?

Now, the same propaganda machine is promoting a theory that Bill Clinton killed Jeffrey Epstein AND TRUMP RETWEETED the message, aiding and abetting the volatile firebombing radical right winged messengers. Trump constantly sides with those who promote harm. When someone violates Tweeter policies and is taken down, Trump attacks Twitter… ON TWITTER! This is crazy. Now Trump is ordering the Federal Communication Commission to police public media, which puts us in dangerous waters. No matter which party is in power, censorship is UNAMERICAN.

If we need more control over sick minds, who will determine which of us are sick and who will treat the mentally troubled? If mental illness is the real “demon” here, then why did the government cut the CDC’s funding of gun violence research? And why do we spend most of our annual budget on military might and ammunitions? We spend more than $700 billion on tanks, guns and weapons of mass destruction, yet we are totally blind when it comes to healthcare, mental health and real threats within our borders?

Thousands of journalists, pundits and writers are publicly analyzing Donald Trump’s mental well-being and capacities. Some believe he has several serious impairments. This is no longer a joke. This President seems to side with Kim Jong-Un about whether he can violate UN policies of missile testing. Why?

Trump usually does the opposite of what he preaches. After meeting with the Governor of Alaska, Trump ordered the EPA to take away a law that protected the salmon runs from mining pollution. Trump didn’t drain the swamp; he is the swamp. I guess I won’t be eating Alaskan salmon.

Trump has a gun and arsenal and shows evidence that he is a danger to the entire world. If the “red flag” law passes on the federal level, a crafty legal scholar could use the same law to take away the Donald’s guns. And the FCC could ban him from the internet. The very legal bodies Trump uses to do his bidding and censoring could turn on him and spay this mentally ill dictator. Wouldn’t that be an interesting turn of events?

Here’s a simple formula. If you want to get rid of gun violence, get rid of the guns. If you want to get rid of stupid people saying stupid things on social media, get rid of social media. And if you want to get rid of hate, send Trump back to New York. But consider this, dear reader. When Trump is gone from Washington, hate, violence and white supremacy will not end. It’s all much bigger than Trump. Once Trump returns to the comfort of his black, evil tower of steel in New York City, we will still have to deal with the social contagions and desperate people doing heinous things. Trump and many of his appointees are the germinators of hate. They should be punished and removed ASAP!

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