Two Words Say It All

I used to think people were superficial if they used short phrases and clichés to communicate. But then I observed that some people use common metaphors, analogies and word economy to share their thoughts. It’s not wrong, but in the spirit of words mattering we can detect true feelings and deeper attitudes by examining the words people use.

When Donald Trump was confronted by reporters before he left for Dayton, Ohio and El Paso, Texas, he was asked if he would support a ban on assault weapons. He quickly replied that he could see an appetite for “red flag” laws, but that there wasn’t a “political appetite” for banning assault weapons. And there, with those two words, President Trump revealed his true governing driver. He’s not making decisions or advancing legislation based on what is good for America, he’s concerned only with the appetites of those fat white men who support him in Congress. It’s all about guaranteeing adulation, rather than protecting the nation from the next mass shooting.

Trump has already heard from the National Rifle Association and they have “warned him” about going forward with any improvement to background checks. And as we have pointed out on these pages in the past, the NRA spent more than $30 million to help elect Trump; they control the President. The Donald is nothing more than a dancing puppet on the strings of a lobbying group. He’s totally in their pocket. How can this man ever promote reasonable gun control when he kowtows to every desire of the NRA? Just as the NRA is complicit in the deaths of citizens of the USA, Donald J. Trump has blood on his hands because of his inaction and inability to lead.

What Trump admitted on the White House lawn is that he doesn’t have the power, ability or desire to affect that political appetite. He struts about in his ill-fitting blue suits and unreasonably long red ties while doing nothing. He’s worse than a drunk uncle because he has the power to ruin the lives of 330 million people.

While Trump was going to Dayton and El Paso, ICE was rounding up 700 undocumented food processing plant workers in Mississippi. Many children weren’t picked up by their parents after the first day of school because mom, dad or both were in detention centers. No one needs to ask if Trump is a racist. It’s clear that he has a sick singular hatred of Hispanics. And why the disregard for children?

Who else would carry out such a destructive action, while claiming he was going to the sites of mass shootings to comfort the wounded and families of the dead? It was just another photo op, no different than shaking the hand of a known murderer and tyrant in North Korea. Donald Trump has no soul. He’s an immoral man with nothing but his money and fame.

This just in folks, from the Washington Post: “None of the eight victims of the El Paso mass shooting still being treated at University Medical Center agreed to meet with President Trump when he visited on Wednesday, the hospital’s spokesman said.” Clearly, the President was attempting to use these poor people as political pawns in a sick game of imaginary empathy. What piece of shit person would do this to anyone suffering so deeply? The hospital protected their patients, and that is how it should be.

Trump must truly believe that most people in the US are so stupid they won’t see through his lies and ruses. It’s not political anymore. It’s not a party thing. It’s human worth, spiritual unity and basic human values that are being attacked.

I know that presidential events must be crafted to make the leader of the free world look good. I get that. But when Trump claims that his rhetoric brings people together, and then blasts political rivals, maybe Representative Tim Ryan is right. Trump could be losing his grasp on reality and his mental acuity.

The shooting didn’t happen in Toledo; it was Dayton. The teleprompter showed Texas and Ohio. What else has Trump gotten wrong? Perhaps he has misread the America people. Not everyone treated the President like a “rock star” in Dayton and El Paso, despite the tweets of the White House communication people. These sycophants will have their day in court, or perhaps at the pearly gates, depending on what God they believe in.

If you kill my farm business with reckless tariffs, separate children from their parents and fire up an evil white supremist who then shoots people in this country, how can we possibly count on you to represent America on the world stage? I can truly say that Trump will never be able to heal the country, unite the people or ever be respected by this American. He’s just another puss filled blemish on the face of American politics.

Read About The Country We Love

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