Time to think about what is really happening 

This isn’t about winning; this is about America. We are seeing a president who is far beyond the norms of process and law in executing his duty as Chief Executive of the United States of America. If every witness pulled into the Congressional bright light of oversight claims executive privilege, we will never be able to maintain the checks and balances that are fundamental to our form of democratic government.

While Cable News and the multitude of pundits and self-proclaimed experts keep the conservation focused on an election more than 500 days away, there is a concerted effort by Democrats to bring the profound meaning of the Mueller Report to the American public. These hearings, interviews and pronouncements of Donald J. Trump’s guilt may net them considerable TV time, but in the end, they do not have the votes in the Republican controlled Senate to convict Trump of “high crimes and misdemeanors.” So, why all the fuss?

The worst part of Trump’s horrible presidency is that every Tom, Dick and Loraine now wants to run for the highest office in the land. Unfortunately, there will not be a Republican primary challenger to the President, but that is no great surprise. Republicans just want to win, and they will ignore any sins that get in the way.

Joe Biden is running for President and, according to the polls, he’s doing quite well. Perhaps this is just the America people saying they want a return to the past, the recent past when things seemed more normal and less controversial. Maybe the mandate of the next president is simply to make the citizens of this great country feel secure and more focused on important issues.

I would suggest that there is nothing wrong with having lots of candidates running for president, but sometime late in 2019 or early in 2020, the party should have a new Continental Congress boiling down the issues and constructing a strong, ironclad platform. All the Democratic candidates have great ideas, and each seems to have landed on one big idea to push. Bringing all those together under one strong manifesto would be the best way to resolve the issues going forward. This wouldn’t have to be complicated and surely a clearly written document might be a new and welcome means of dismissing Trump.

I would also recommend that we think of the voluminous pitches for president as bids for the Vice-Presidential slot, instead of the top job itself. This would be a great method to vet many of the 2020 hopefuls. The current downside is all the data and conversation surrounding so many topics is confusing the electorate. Sorry to say, but most people in the USA want short phrases, big specific points and emotionally driven resolutions to their personal problems and grievances. Newsflash, they have always been this way.

The fact that Joe Biden seems to be running against Trump more than running on issues shouldn’t surprise anyone. The fragmented marketplace of ideas is nothing new in such a complex and advanced society. Biden says, “This is a marathon” and everyone should know that much will happen from now through the primaries and on to the eventual election. Along the way, plan on seeing much more from Donald Trump’s big bad bag of dirty tricks.

Our president says incredibly stupid things every day. To send a message to Kim Jung-Un that he, as president, wouldn’t permit the CIA to use every trick in their bag to secure this nation against a rogue nuclear state is horrendous and harmful. Donald Trump continues to poison the intelligence community including the FBI, CIA, NSA and even the DOJ, and Stooge William Barr has poisoned justice itself. Barr is not the Attorney General; he’s a political operative for Trump.

My recommendation is not to overreact to the Trump games and slogans, instead, use the chaos to prove your point that the Donald is totally toxic. Democrats are not going to sway hardcore Trumpeteers and Trumpettes. Libertarians are not going to jump on the Biden wagon because they are constantly looking at the atrocities of government no matter what party. The moderate independents are unsure of their political position and could make a difference, but what are the major points of their agenda? They want to step away from the party system that prevents them from voting in primaries. Fourteen states have closed primaries that prohibit voting if you are not a registered Republican or Democrat. How do we fix this?

Trump is not a good president. The fact that his administration eliminates environmental, banking and business rules without any analysis of the effect is wrong. According to the Washington Post, Trump has espoused more than 10,000 lies since he became president, which is a degradation of the morals and values of America. The reckless use of his authority on trade and tariffs proves that he has little patience or desire to negotiate long-term solutions to truly make America better. The stock market is not always the best way to judge whether the middle class can progress and prosper, but Trump uses the ups and ignores the downs. To Trump, it has always been about winning, even if he must cheat to get there. What an ethically corrupt human being.

It will take some time to find the right person to beat Trump in the next election. The goal is not just to rid this land of President Trump, but to make truth the driver in governance and demand that leaders help all United States citizens. We will not get better in America until we have a whole president, a person who leads us all.


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