Trump’s Lies and No Recollections!

The wheels are coming off our democracy. William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States, should be impeached by Congress. Barr has exposed himself as an agent of the White House rather than the man the country needs to protect us from illegal acts and determinations. He’s a partisan hack under the power of the president and has lost all credibility because of his verbal whitewashing of the Mueller Report. And yes, any public official can be impeached by Congress.

But let’s back up; what is really happening here? William Barr is simply the result of a terrible, defective President. What we should fear is four more years of this idiot in power and the ideologs and anti-patriotic water boys working in this corrupt administration. What did the Mueller Report really show us?

From the beginning of this presidency, Donald Trump has surrounded himself with a bastion of mediocre, self-serving, self-dealing and misguided criminals. Some of these people have already been convicted and are headed to jail. Some of these poorly vetted individuals were brought into the Trump circle based on superficial Google searches. Yes, that’s in the report. They were given big titles when they were nothing more than eye candy for the campaign, frauds at best. Some of these losers came highly-recommended by lame braindead people who had no idea what they were doing. Judging by the number of high-level fools who have since left the administration, the Mueller Report highlights the fact that Trump is a horrible chief executive.

Next, it’s clear that Robert Mueller and William Barr are not on the same page. The contradictions between Barr’s assessment and Mueller’s document are appalling. Did William Barr even read the report? Rod Rosenstein will likely become known as the biggest political patsy in the history of America. If you read the report (GET IT HERE) you will learn about all the unethical and illegal acts that took place in the Trump administration. Don’t take my word for it, read the damn report. Mueller should have at least named Donald Trump an undisclosed co-conspirator in an illegal campaign contribution, you know, the one that led Michael Cohen to jail time.

The Mueller Report shows us that Vladimir Putin lied, and Donald Trump believed him. Unfortunately, the report also shows us that the President of the United States doesn’t know the difference between the truth and a lie. Donald Trump embarrasses America by continuing his dialog that says, bad guys are good, good guys are bad. When will someone from the other side of Congress stand up and scream, STOP SHORT-SELLING AMERICA!

One could second guess Robert Mueller in this as well. A huge mistake was NOT having Trump come before the Grand Jury to explain, under oath, what he did. Even if Mueller interviewed Trump, it may not have differed from his written answers where, more than 30 times, Trump said, “No Recollection.” Because Trump wasn’t summoned to the Grand Jury, like any other American would have been, he is now set up to believe he is above the law. This is troublesome.

There will be many detailed examinations of what is in the Mueller Report, and it is good that Barr has finally said he will give Congress a secret peek at the non-grand jury redacted portions, but the damage is already done.

Donald Trump is not going to be arrested or brought before Congress to explain himself. The 45th President of the United States will not be impeached. As Trump has said so loudly and clearly, “the system is rigged.” There’s one he gets right! The Republicans have sold their souls to the devil, Donald Trump. He has hypnotized the evangelicals, bribed Wall Street and demolished common decency, and many people just don’t seem to get it.

In a country that was created because a group of smart, independent men decided that a king could not be above the law, it’s unfathomable that we don’t have strong guidelines concerning a President’s legal standing. Should a one-off policy memo from Robert Bork at the Department of Justice be the definitive guide of law governing the accountability of our president or any other member of the Executive Branch? Shouldn’t we examine this under a legal process and make a firm statute accordingly? Why would we ever have a law that prevents a president from being arrested by law enforcement? We also need a ruling about candidates releasing their tax returns. As a country of law and order, we are failing in these important regards.

I would like to get a few things off my chest before my big finish. Why does Donald Trump get to say that his public words were just a joke or sarcasm? “Hey, I was just having some fun!” He’s the motherfucking President of the United States. I cannot believe that judges, prosecutors and 40% of the American public just laugh and go about their business. Why is it not treason when Trump appears on a broadcast in front of a crowd asking a hostile foreign government to hack into a computer system to get his political rival’s emails? Why are we so dumb as to not take this guy’s request as a legal statement of his actual intent? Why is the Justice Department being allowed to shield some Americans from prosecution? Where does it say that the President is above the law? Could it be that some judges and others in power assume Trump can’t possibly mean his outrageous statements? And after he signs an executive order putting those outrageous statements into policy, why don’t all his words matter?

In conclusion, rather than summarizing — a word that has been forever perverted by the stationary frog William Barr — let me rag on the Mueller Report just a bit more. In black and white, the Report shows the world that Donald J. Trump is a big, fat, fucking liar. He’s always been a liar and always will be a liar. In fact, he’s a pathological liar; look it up. So, I turn to you America, you beautiful shining light on a hill, and ask you this. Aren’t we a better country? Isn’t there an honest broker for democracy who can lead us and the world without deception and lies? We have a liar as a president. Donald Trump is also a cheat, a con, a racist, a xenophobe and, while I’m on the subject, he has a camel-toe neck. Take that you LOSER!


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