The Confessions of a Trump Supporter

I had the pleasure of sitting next to a real Trump supporter at a fund-raising event near my hometown last weekend. When she learned that I was NOT a fan of our President, she began gently while I came boldly forth and said he was stupid. She rebuked me and said he wasn’t stupid. We could have ended it there, but more logical minds prevailed.

I was caught by her phrase, “I feel sorry for him.” Being the glib and sarcastic person I am, I agreed and added, “He doesn’t understand anything about the way the government and politics work, and even if he has something good to accomplish he’s so destructive that he’ll never be successful.” She then went to the talking points that most partisans use, like the 2018 tax cuts, which as of this writing appear will deliver refunds 8.4% less than last year. Of course, if you have lots of money you benefited from the Trump tax cuts; the rest of us did not.

I had to ask why she feels sorrow for Trump. She said that everyone seems to be against him, and she didn’t understand why we all don’t just back off and let him to his job. I wasn’t about mention that if he is left alone to do whatever he wants America could be at risk. I didn’t ask her the question I should ask of any supporter, “Do you really want a President who constantly lies?” The answer is always the same, “They all lie.”

Then something happened that really surprised me. She quickly changed the subject and said that she likes Howard Schultz (Former Starbucks CEO) who might run for president. Once again, my partisan logic reminded her that a third-party candidate would simply help reelect Trump. She smiled and said, “I win either way.” Then I thought, OMG, educated, intelligent people in the rapture of Trump simply don’t understand how politics work in America. And this is the real problem with the electorate.

People see only what they want to see and hear only what they want to hear. People in Virginia must have regressive racism genes. They seem to feel that what Governor Northam is experiencing is mostly a joke from his medical school yearbook. Could it be that the Democrat and Republican politicians are attempting to normalize blackface? What?

During an interview on CBS TV, Northam called slaves “indentured servants.” That refers to a class of people who worked for a landowner or another individual, typically for a period of five to seven years, in exchange for an expensive passage out of Europe. How can someone at the level of Governor of Virginia be so stupid? Slaves are slaves, and they were stolen from their land and violently made to submit to a trip across the Atlantic Ocean with no say in their future. THEY WERE FUCKING SLAVES!

Without much of a push, I must blame Trump for much of what has surfaced in America today. He believes all one must do to get out of any tight situation is to lie and deny. I believe his methods are eroding our ability to look at ourselves in the mirror and grasp our own beliefs and values.

During the campaign, Donald Trump said he could shoot someone on Fifth Avenue in New York City and it wouldn’t affect his popularity. He literally thinks he can get away with murder. He’s a spoiled child-bully with no moral compass. As long as the money flows and the hate is condoned, we will never see Trump for who is really is.

Without so much as a blink, I say Donald J. Trump is bad for our country. I feel deeply sorry for all those people who just can’t grasp that this lowlife, overweight, political whore is the worst president ever.


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