Fewer Talking Points and More Votes

If you have followed this blog over the last two years, you know we’ve been very critical of the present administration and full disclosure, Donald J. Trump becoming president was the reason we started, but let’s focus on you.

If you wonder what you can do about this mess, it’s simple. You need to get out of bed tomorrow and make your way to your polling place and VOTE! VOTE! VOTE!

If you want to keep the Donald in check, you must vote for as many Democrats as possible. Even though we do subscribe to the truth that ALL ELECTIONS ARE LOCAL, this election is more about stabilizing the whole republic. If there was ever an election to vote straight ticket, this is the one. The only way to control Trump and this madness is to put as many Democrats as possible in office.

If you are just a little uneasy about the rash decisions of Donald Trump, vote Democrat. If you have some fantasy of impeachment to cure America of this politician con-man, vote Democrat. And finally, if you don’t want Congress to continue to back the monster in the White House, then vote for people who will stand up to this reckless President.

To all those Jill Stein, Gary Johnson voters, did you learn your lesson? To all those Bernie Sanders frustrated non-voters, shame on you. To those who view this as “just a midterm election,” you are naïve. EVERYONE NEEDS TO VOTE THE SYSTEM. And the same thing I said in 2016, I say today, “a vote for an indie or write-in” is only giving the person you don’t want a path to winning. You don’t want bad people telling you what to do and attempt to replace our America with a racist-tinged ideology, then you need to get your butt out and vote!

It’s time to VOTE!

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