Trump’s Jingoistic Jungle of Fear

When the Ohio National Guard was called to put down what were described as riots at Kent State University in 1970, something went terribly wrong. On May 4th of that year, four unarmed student protesters were shot to death on the campus by the Guard. 13 other students were injured, and one became paralyzed for life. During the many hearings and court battles following the killings, the leadership of the Guard alleged that students were throwing rocks. Really, rocks against guns?

Now, in 2018, we have President Donald Trump saying if the people who want to claim asylum in the U.S. throw rocks at the border, they will be gunned down by the military. Ginning up fear, Trump has ordered 5,000+ forces to the border with Mexico to “defend” our country from what he has described as a dangerous caravan mob. Some followers of Trump say, “Oh, what is bothering you? He’s only joking around.” It’s not a joke when people die.

Trump’s extreme patriotism and aggressive, warlike foreign policy is mostly directed at friendly nations, rather than those who have desires to see America less influential in the world. When it comes to human rights, Trump hands a pass to the Saudis, Russians, North Koreans and even China while he looks the other way. By Trump’s inaction, he has permitted the Saudis to kill a journalist without any penalty. Perhaps he’s on their side?

If you’ve noticed, Trump has been focusing most of his campaigning energy in states with Senate seats up from grabs, not those areas where those running for the House might use his help. Our Great Orange Leaders knows the House can bring the charge of impeachment, but the Senate is where the case would be tried. Trump’s survival is more important than what might be best for America. The Donald has no ability to “Be Best!”

The strange rhetoric of the President complaining about the Pro-Trump mail bomber and the murders in a synagogue in Pittsburgh by an anti-Semite as bad things because they stole the momentum of Republican party was shameful. Has this man no decency and compassion for the people of America? Does he not care about those human beings who were killed?

Donald J. Trump is just another two-bit whore politician who thinks more about winning than actually making America better. The only thing Trump desires is control and command of a nation. He will do ANYTHING to keep his power. Lies and disinformation are his trademark. What kind of real American would play such a game? If we let the politicians lie to us at our front door, we give the money-changers a pathway into the Temple. Will we ever be able to trust anyone in Washington?

Now, more than ever, people should take the time to vote. This year we need to right the ship and give this administration some checks and balances. Because the people in the White House lie so much, there needs to be a majority in the House to have hearings on the issues at hand.

If Donald Trump orders our military to fire bullets at women and children seeking asylum in America, he will stake his claim to the blood thirsty dictator many people already see in him. Remember the words here. If Trump kills innocent people at the border, America will become just like Russia, North Korea and Saudi Arabia. Did you vote for that? Is that really the America you want? But do remember, Donald the Great will not go easily.

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