Trump is the problem

I hate elections and campaigns. For one thing, it’s all the posters on every corner which, under law, cannot be taken down until after the election. Then there’s the ton of TV spots telling us not to trust the other guy. Because of a previous Supreme Court ruling, we don’t even know who is paying for some of these ads, but we do know they are filled with venom, lies and misinformation. Most people in America just shake their heads and grin and bear these lies rather than doing something about them.

Things will never get better while Donald Trump is the President of the United States. If I was giving Trump advice, the first thing I would tell him to do is shut up. He talks too much and he comments too early in just about every situation. He’s not only the worst President, he is also the worst client for any attorney. Maybe that is why his legal team is in constant flux.

The murder of a Washington Post columnist in Istanbul is proof that the alliances Trump has made and hyped are not in the interest of the United States. Clearly, the Crown Prince ordered the assassination of the royal family critic and our Great Orange leader showed his complete lack of understanding by his flawed messaging during this tragedy. In short, his big mouth blew it.

The Donald gets played by dictators and tyrants, while distrusting allies and proven honest leaders of countries needed to maintain the world order. Trump, like a hormone fueled teenager acting out, is more interested in disrupting things rather than getting things done.

The stock market is wildly bouncing day to day. Experts present theories, but deep down inside they know it’s all about the uncertainty of Trump’s actions. No one can predict the short term, intermediate or long-term effects of his tariffs on steel and aluminum. The global economies are so entwined that forensic investigators are needed to determine the origin of the various parts of each car a nation produces. Donald Trump has disrupted manufacturing in America, and not in a good way.

Our president yells at his rallies that he is going to push a 10% tax cut through Congress before the midterm election, when Congress isn’t even in session. Not to rain on the president’s lies, but we cannot keep cutting taxes and get things done in America. TheBalance.com web site says the national debt has seriously risen. “Trump plans to add $4.775 trillion, a 29-percent increase from the $20.245 trillion debt at the end of Obama’s last budget for FY 2017.” During his campaign, Trump pledged to eliminate the national debt in eight years. That was just another lie he pumped out to get elected. In reality, he has so far added almost $5 trillion to the national debt. What a liar!

Donald Trump believes that truth, facts and actual government stats don’t matter, and that’s what aggravates me the most. If I was in the House of Representatives, my most important criteria for Trump’s impeachment would be his constant barrage of lies. How are we ever going to eliminate the political scum of politics and government without making politicians pay for their lies?

Could it be that Trump’s claim of journalists being the enemy of the people caused Jamal Khashoggi’s death at the hands of the Saudis? Did the tax cuts that Trump gave to large corporations and the wealthy give them a green light to buy back stock without properly rewarding their workers? The stock market wobbles, and Trump sends out Larry Kudlow to say the reason is a fear that Congress would be returned to the Democrats. Really?

To create fear and uncertainly, Trump claims the caravan coming from the Honduras through Mexico is a Democratic plot. This man talks about mobs, while creating a gang mentality in his followers. All the bad that happens cannot be blamed on Obama or the Democrats. Isn’t Trump the President?

Will this man ever understand that history will chronicle the turmoil he promoted as president instead of the wonderful things he initiated during his time in office? When wages don’t increase, that’s on him. When journalists are harassed or killed, that’s on him. When the cost of goods skyrockets, that’s on him.

Trump wants only credit and points to a scapegoat when anything goes bad. This President blamed Puerto Rico’s financial problems and weak infrastructure for the hardships and deaths suffered on the island during a catastrophic storm. What kind of person does that? And now he wants to say that Transgender people don’t know what they feel. How does he know what they feel?

Trump is the problem. As things get worse, we must hold him accountable for his bad decisions, lack of leadership and harsh language that hurts our allies and helps those who want a less powerful United States. Under some definitions, our president is a traitor. And traitors must be prosecuted.

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