Trump Didn’t Hire the Best People

We all want to believe that people who become presidents are men and/or women of integrity and decency. We trust that as they run for the high office in the land, and then win that same office, they hire people who have respect for law and order. If in that process leads to top notch bureaucrats who manage to get things done and run a country, great.

What we have with the Trump administration is clearly a group of bandits and crooks, with the jury still out on whether the top dog in this house has dirt on his own small, little hands. Clearly, the people Trump has brought into the White House are less than clean machines. To quote Trump himself, they are the bottom feeders in the swamp.

It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know how many people have left the government under Trump’s reign for many different reasons, most of them bad. Out of the 17 people who departed the government, there were three guys who left Donald Trump before the inauguration. Trump tries to ignore them with the snub of “coffee boy,” or crafting an illusion that someone who held the title “chairman” of his election committee wasn’t that important and wasn’t with the campaign “that long.” It’s all part of the Donald’s routine of dislocating himself from anyone who turned out to be a “loser.”

One could make the excuse that Donald Trump got some bad advice. For example, Paul Manafort, a former partner of Manafort political operative Roger Stone, had convinced Trump that Manafort would be good for his campaign. The fact that Manafort was willing to work for free ought to have raised alarms with Trump and his handlers, but it’s a well-proven fact that very little vetting went into any hires of the Trump campaign.

According to The Atlantic, “Manafort (and [Rick] Gates) had not disclosed the work under the Foreign Agent Registration Act. He should also have been aware of Manafort’s long ties to the Kremlin, especially through Oleg Deripaska. His campaign should have asked Manafort if he was indebted to Deripaska, as appears to have been the case. There’s no indication that Trump saw these facts as weaknesses.”

And to anyone watching, it’s clear that Trump doesn’t comprehend the danger of creating a trade war, or separating kids from their families at the borders, or deciding that LGBT soldiers should be discharged without bringing the Pentagon into the loop. Our idiot president cannot see that anything about Russia is bad for him or America.

When you hire Manafort (for free) you get Rick Gates, who is an admitted bandit and cheater of epic proportion. And those who try to distance themselves from the connections between all these people are simply not being truthful.

Another important person in the Trump campaign, transition team and national security team was retired General Michael Flynn. He filed a retroactive FARA (Foreign Agents Registration Act) disclosure, showing that he worked for the Turkish government while he was working for the Trump campaign. He also was engaged in a peculiar plan to build nuclear reactors in the Middle East, and he did not disclose a trip to a Russia and, oh yeah, a payment for a celebration of RT, the Kremlin-funded propaganda channel. And of course, while all this was going on, Trump kept saying that he had nothing to do with Russia and that no one in his campaign had any contacts with Russia.

Now we have some reason to believe that the NRA (National Rifle Association) was being infiltrated by Russians and they were moving money into their PAC to help Donald Trump get elected. Just take some time to know the case against Maria Butina. A federal grand jury charged her with acting as an agent of the Russian Federation without notifying the attorney general under 18 U.S.C. §951. Go look up that statute.

What this all points to is the very real, non-fake fact that Washington didn’t get better with Trump, it got worse. Things are more corrupt than ever. You can say this administration is more transparent, because we know about how Scott Pruitt was misusing the taxpayer’s money, but that doesn’t make it right. We know because of the Special Counsel that Manafort, Gates, Papadopoulos, and Flynn are, at best, liars like their boss. And we know because the “Free Press” in America and throughout the world is supercharged to get answers. Whether you think leaks are bad or good, the mainstream media is doing a great job getting their mitts on mud from the bottom of the swamp.

We need to throw out these bands of bandits and crooks… now. And if Trump continues to prove his failure to find good people, he will have to go because he is the reason bad people are getting into positions of power. Trump is the real problem.

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