Our President Doesn’t Care About People

Donald Trump is not just another politician, he’s the very embodiment of all that is bad about the self-serving and double-dealing political muck of Washington. For all you assholes who said having a business man run the White House for positive change was a good idea, well look at what you got. Donald Trump doesn’t have the ability or desire to tell the truth about anything. Why would anyone take what he says seriously? He’s trying to be funny while simply confusing the citizens of this great land and leaders of other lands.

First, this draconian policy of separating families at the southern border is immoral. The miscalculation of this policy shows Trump’s naivete. He has created a hailstorm of criticism from both parties and important voices in America. He doesn’t care about children, especially brown children, and the different reasons given by his minions clearly demonstrates a lack of message coordination. Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, and United States Secretary of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, seem to disagree about whether these moves of separating families were designed as a deterrent. In fact, when Sessions announced the policy he said he hoped it would be a deterrent.

While these underlings with more power than brains have stoked the theory that Trump is using the children as a bargaining chip to forced budgeting for his wall, the President is using the event to blame Democrats. In a rare move, Trump is now blaming someone other than Obama. Trying to pin this immoral act on the opposite party isn’t working but, like a snapping turtle, Trump will hold on until the sun goes down.

Something else happened yesterday that, once again, shows this administration’s emotional reaction to governing rather than planning economic or diplomatic moves with the logic and experience of experts. We must now realize that whatever bad happens is Trump’s fault. He is the problem and he is in charge. No more excuses, Donald.

This weekend Trump was supposed to get a call from his new, best buddy, Kim Jong-Un, but it didn’t happen. Now we learn that Kim is making his third trip to seek the counsel of the President of China, Xi Jinping. Could it be jealousy that late last night drove Trump to announce more tariffs on $200 billion of Chinese products? This is going to kill Wal-Mart and many box stores that sell tons of cheap Chinese goods. Well, when the Wal-Marts go out of business they can use them to hold kids coming across the border.

The result of Trump’s chest pounding with new tariffs has created panic in the world markets. Even the Chinese are calling it a “Trade War.” Trump tries to sell it to his base with this line about the Chinese “raping” us. Does anyone else notice how often Trump uses the word “rape.” He has a strange fascination with that word, doesn’t he? Trump says, “You can’t lose in a Trade War.” Really?

While the Great Orange Leader’s personal animus for anyone who has more money or power than him might make for venomous speeches to get applause, people around the world are laughing at America. The dislike of Donald Trump is spreading faster than democracy.

Many are saying he’s not consistent, not dependable and his word means nothing. The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, declared to her trading partners, “The times when we could completely rely on others are, to an extent, over!” There is no doubt she was talking about Trump, and she is right.  

What we have learned is that political rally rhetoric and “I can fix everything” propositions should be heard and considered when we vote in our elections. Trump is the greatest example of a politician who is doing everything he promised. For some that is a refreshing change, but for others, it produces a strange guilt, “Oh, I didn’t think he would go that far.” Well, he did. And like an abusive father he wants you to hurt before he gives you love. He even used the word “hurt” when telling his fans that they would have to sacrifice now, for good things later. Why? Isn’t there a better way to do what he thinks will help America?

The Department of Justice and Jeff Sessions have pushed this “zero tolerance” by effectively blocking prison, judicial and immigration reforms. Sessions’ soulless, hard line views are changing America and taking us back to the racist fifties, and he gets camouflage for his actions by the President’s tweets. They both must be stopped.

Separating migrant families while communing the sentence of only one grandmother confuses people. Maybe Trump’s small heart changes every day. He bombed Syrian armies when their children were poisoned. Saying that he cares about children, while doing nothing to stop the evil practice of separating kids from their families at the Mexican border, is the true Trump. He’s a racist, a xenophobe and a heartless human being of the highest order.

The only way to end this peacefully is impeachment. I am not going to sit back and NOT say the word, IMPEACHMENT. This isn’t political, this is how we get rid of a horrible President. It’s the way to fix the TRUMP problem. 60% of Americans no longer want this man to be president. It’s time to work the system and start the revolution. Thank God we have the Second Amendment!

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