The Flaws of the President’s Personality

Just look at who we elected America. There are people on the right and people on the left. Some people are right, and others are wrong. The question of whether we hired a normal person as the leader of the free world was answered long ago. Donald Trump shows his weaknesses and flaws every day. He wanted to be the big act in the big tent and the opening act of this crazy circus, but is this painted elephant truly good for America?

The tweet from Sunday (5-20-2018) shows this man’s inability to work behind the scenes on any aspect of governance, “I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration!”

With ten grieving families in Texas, we have a president who changes the subject. He wants to force reporters away from asking about North Korea. He’s angry that people on TV are making fun of him about his pitch for a Nobel Peace prize. As we know, the Donald cannot contain himself when he feels like he is being attacked or that people are questioning his every opinion. Some of his ideas are outright insane.

By trying to use the Justice Department as a spear against his “enemies,” the Donald has crossed the line of how a president should conduct business in the White House. But his followers don’t care, they are just watching a bad TV show. The funniest part of the President’s tweet was this part “…and will do so officially tomorrow…” as if what he tweets is some out-of-body experience that has nothing to do with his “official” position as President of the United States. He doesn’t comprehend that when he tweets, he is making policy. It’s funny, in a frightening way.

In the end, will we find out that Donald J. Trump was so defensive through this investigation of Russian interference in our election because he knew that he had some involvement? Maybe he thought he was pulling off some great scam, like he always did in business. What he inherited, however, were the pressures and power of the presidential office, not some deal he can walk away from. It surely doesn’t seem like he is he ready to do this job.

It’s kings who invoke the phrase, “I hereby demand,” only they use the word decree,” and this is the beginning of the end. There are many from the opposing party who are attempting to nudge this guy out of office. Then there are people from the far right and far left who cannot ponder any thought without their filters blocking any logical sunlight. America wasn’t built to have presidents impeached. We can slap their hands, we can take a ceremonial vote, but no president has ever been impeached. That would be the final act in this circus and would surely bring down the house.

The real question is what would be left as we fold up the tent and put away the beams and chairs? Would the nation get back to normal with someone like Mike Pence as President? What about the North Korean deal? Would Kim Jong-Un want to meet with the second-string player? Would Mike Pence just pardon Trump and his family?

We hear that President Trump is a “transactional” president. I used to think that was a good term, until I dug into the meaning. Now I see it as a flaw. Transactional means relating to the conducting of business, especially buying or selling. Can a president be an affective executive thinking that every action and decision is based on buying and selling? That would mean that deal making supersedes diplomacy and that winning a deal is more important than governing. The con that was played on the American people was that government would be better with a successful businessperson running things. How did that work out, America?

Trump is using his role as president to benefit himself. He attacks Amazon because its founder, Jeff Bezos, owns the Washington Post which is critical of the administration. He ordered the Post Office to increase Amazon’s postal rate to get back at Bezos. Now he is clearly using the Justice Department to interfere with the investigation into his campaign and Russian interference in the election. He has rolled back regulations at the Environmental Protection Agency to get back at Obama. He exited the Paris Accord and the Iran Nuclear deals because they were not his inventions. He has never read most of the agreements he walked away from.

His attempts to destroy Obamacare are another example of getting rid of anything that was created by his predecessor. It’s a not a conflict of ideals or ideas, but rather a war against Obama and Hillary Clinton. When does it become his presidency?

Trump played president right after the Parkland shootings in Florida with a White House photo/video op. He said he is going to do something. Then he had dinner with the NRA and did nothing he claimed he would do. He LIED TO THE SURVIVORS and insulted the families of the fallen by going to the NRA convention with a pledge to protect the Second Amendment, thereby showing he had no true empathy. Now he has another school shooting to ignore.

His rants, raves and insanely inappropriate, maybe even illegal, tweets continue. The Great Orange Leader’s goal is to trash the Justice Department. If this scandal ends up in the courts, Trump will discredit the Judicial branch. And when the army comes to extract him from the Oval Office, he will tell us that the U.S. Army is an arm of the deep-state. He’s a paranoid, unstable lunatic. The sooner we get rid of him the better. He’s bad for America.

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