Will Trump Make It Across the Quicksand?

The world will go on after Donald Trump leaves the White House. The ongoing diatribe from his little, rounded mouth that “only he” can fix things in America and the world is nothing short of a setup for his ultimate disgrace and embarrassment. He is just another politician who has tested the limits of lies and arrogance. One may think that the term “free press” means journalists can say whatever they want about the President, but in the end most of what has been printed is true.

Even the famous Steele dossier made claims which at first seemed preposterous but now we see they are very much true. If you carefully comb through that paper you will find that many “satellites” of the Trump campaign did travel to Russia. Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, visited Russia in August of 2016 and lied about it. One of the things I learned in the middle of this wretched mess is that a U.S. citizen can have one or more passports. Who knew?

Carter Page, an intermediary between Trump and the Russians, went to Russia. And even though Page claims that his travels were part of his consulting effort, his mention in the dossier confirms that its author knew about that visit and its purpose. Michael Flynn was paid to travel and make a speech in Russia. Photographic proof shows him seated next to President Putin at a banquet. We have learned that Paul Manafort took large payments from his Ukrainian contacts and, according to the Special Counsel’s indictment, fraudulently laundered those funds. Manafort was in bed with ex-Ukrainian President Yanukovych who, as stated in the dossier, “…confides directly to Putin” admits to authorizing kick-back payments to Manafort.”

There is no doubt that Russia had an effective pro-Trump agenda with their ordained interference in our election as well as their anti-Hillary Clinton actions. Mr. Putin didn’t want to see Clinton become the 45th President and Trump’s constant denials only add fuel to the fire that he is either extremely vain about his victory or paranoid about his actions. We’ve all lost count on the times he has said, “No Collusion.”

Which brings us to an NBC report of what Chief of Staff John Kelly said about Trump. They claim to have sources that say Kelly has called Trump “an idiot” several times. Well the last guy who they claimed called him a “moron” is gone so, it’s probably only a matter of time until Kelly gets shown the door.

Trump has enlisted the help of far-right Neo-Cons with his elevation of Mike Pompeo as Secretary of State and John Bolton as his National Security Advisor. These moves may not change Trump’s mind on what he thinks is the right thing to do, but it certainly gives him cover to say, “Well, these guys think this or that,” as a cover for any blame if things go wrong.

When one is an isolationist at heart they cannot objectively address global problems. Think of Woodrow Wilson and how he misinterpreted what was happening in Europe. By not getting involved sooner in that conflict and botching the Versailles Treaty, President Wilson set up World War II.

As one supporter said laughing, “Well, Donald Trump may be an idiot, but he’s our idiot.” The data that points out the disrespect for Trump is frightening, but the support will increase if he gets lucky in North Korea. Historians will be quick with the pen if the Donald gets played by “Little Rocketman.” It’s clear to me that the Donald’s animosity for the press and his constant verbal assaults on the media have pulled the spotlight in his direction. People are examining every little and big thing he does. Trump is getting what he wants and deserves, lots of closeups.

The partisan divide exploited by Newt Gingrich against Bill Clinton years ago, lives today as the blueprint for any party to get even, even if it means nothing gets done. And Trump’s lack of intellectual quality begs the question, “Who is really running this administration?” John Kelly may believe that he stands between the destruction of American values or the impeachment of Trump, but he’s just another fool on the bus.

John Kelly is an “Archie Bunker” who drank the military industrial Kool-Aid and thought he was seizing power when Trump demoted him from Homeland Security. In fact, the inmates are running the asylum and Kelly is just another prisoner. As Archie said, “Just ’cause there’s snow in the basement don’t mean there ain’t no fire in the roof!”

Oh yeah, democracy is burning and when the shit hits the fan will the Republicans in Congress have the wherewithal and balls to end this terrible presidency? Or, will we have to put up with this idiot for longer than we deserve? God save the republic.

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