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It is amazing to me how disconnected Donald Trump is from in the citizens of America, but it’s even more troubling seeing how unconnected he is with those who work with him every day. If we believe reports, he might be more interested in his teams’ sex lives than whether they received the proper security clearance to be working with classified documents.

The story of Rob Porter, White House secretary, is just another example of this administration’s inability to find the right people, vet them properly and make sure they won’t become a public relations problem. One can get fooled by pedigree and college diplomas, but the FBI knew of Rob’s shortcomings and let the Chief of Staff, John Kelly, know about them. Can you believe the FBI did its job? Hope Hicks, another Trump private dancer, appears to be “involved” with too many of the Trump men and is on the Special Counsel’s radar. Should she also go?

According to CNN, “Senior aides to President Donald Trump knew for months about allegations of domestic abuse levied against top White House staffer Rob Porter by his ex-wives.” Now, no one likes a wife beater, but the grotesque defense of this public figure by those in high places is despicable. Even after we all saw a picture of one of Porter’s wives with a black eye, they continued the soft-shoe routine.

This “nothing-to-see-here” routine has become mighty old. I contend that Donald Trump doesn’t have the principled disciplines of a good business person because he never worked for a public company. In a sense, his private venture businesses made him isolated and ignorant about why good governance is good business. All of his success went to his head, not to a knowledge base he can rely on during today’s challenges.

Trump may want a splashy military parade, but he doesn’t want to admit that, after one year in office, the number of people who had to be shit-canned displays his abundant incompetence. If he wants to put on a uniform and go fight some of these wars that we still wage, he might be able to salvage some credibility. Right now, though, he looks like a little boy playing with his tiny toy soldiers, alone in a room, far, far away.

Rob Porter is just another one on the list of people who follow Trump not because they are gallant patriots but because they, too, have fallen for the con. How do we judge the people who will lie for this man? What will history show about people like Omarosa, Tom Price, Sebastian Gorka, Steve Bannon, Anthony Scaramucci, Reince Priebus, Sean Spicer, Mike Dubke, Michael Flynn and, now, Rob Porter? I predict they will become little footnotes in the story I am now calling The Great American Mistake.

Donald Trump as President is a mistake. As the stock market yo-yos up and down, the leader of the free world appears to be less in control and more out of touch than any president before him. He said, “… what the hell!” at a Prayer Breakfast in Washington. At least he didn’t use the F-word or say “shithole” again. But there is still time for more faux pas and indiscretions. Just like his kids, the Great Orange Leader has achieved the award for most out-of-touch person of the year. Maybe he’ll make the cover of DIPSHIT magazine.

I spoke with a gentleman the other day who works with stocks and trading. We were talking about all the partisan bickering and how it prevents things getting done. And then he said, “I just wish we could get back to moderation on all this stuff.” And I agreed. But with Donald Trump, he doesn’t care about moderating his views. He has no compromise genes in his body.

The true “black eye” on this administration is that fact they don’t listen to other points of view. The Trump Republicans, like sheep, wait to find out what the big guy is going to say before they articulate their positions. Whatever Trump says about the deal, they all align with and defend. When someone does something wrong, there is an unwillingness to simply tell the truth and move on. Any person who refuses to say, “I’m sorry” has a huge character flaw.

John Kelly has become today’s “whipping boy” on the Rob Porter crisis. But why is this even a crisis? As soon as Porter’s erratic and damaging personal conduct was discovered, he should have been eliminated from the team. John Kelly has already shown that he is nothing but Trump’s puppet, and he works every day attempting to fix the behavior of what most of his contemporaries believe is a disastrous human being in command.

This is not Kelly’s fault. Donald Trump probably knew about Porter’s past and simply didn’t think it was important. It’s been documented that Donald Trump has harassed and performed his own sexual misconduct on more than 19 women. Why would he care about what Rob Porter did to his two ex-wives?

The character of the man at the top continues to be exposed, but that doesn’t change anything. This is a President without any core belief system or a genuine need to follow the law. As John Kelly might say, Trump is an empty barrel. Totally absentee and asinine.


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