The Rot Trump Has Wrought

Why are things so bad? Well, anyone with half a brain will tell you that Donald Trump is the reason. I watched with intense interest as various Republicans spoke at Trump’s second impeachment hearing. Each of them admitted that what happened at the Capitol was bad and shouldn’t have happened. Some maintained that Trump should be held accountable for his language, but impeaching him would divide the nation. Oh, really?

Let me see if I understand. Someone inciting a riot and causing insurrection against the Congress of the United States, which also caused death, is a minor crime? What is this accountability you speak of my fellow Americans? Did you take the time to read the Constitution? Impeachment is the only way to hold a president accountable for high crimes and misdemeanors. You represent your voters, not some party boss or a broke-dick president.

President 2017 – 2021

I once had an exceptionally good lawyer counsel me about language I placed in an employment agreement. It would have given me the power to extract a pound of flesh had my worker violated certain rules. He asked me, “Would you want that rule used against yourself in the future?” The light bulb above my head flickered to life, “Gee, I never thought about it that way.” If Congressional members made a law that every president and vice president must disclose their tax returns 90 days before an election, it could affect them one day. That’s why we don’t have it. The members often serve themselves more than their constituents.

If reasonable people, even those with deep conservative pedigrees like Wyoming’s Liz Cheney and Kentucky’s Mitch McConnell, believe that Trump betrayed the oath of his office by urging a mob to march to the Capitol and wreak havoc, then what is driving the other Republicans to stand with Trump?

The purge is coming, because when something bad happens in America we all get sober and react quickly. Look at what happened after 9-11. Laws were passed, rewritten or ignored to get the bad guys. While that was successful, what was the cost? According to a Congressional Budget Office (CBO) report published in October 2007, the US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan cost taxpayers more than $2.4 trillion. Some experts believe that more than 507,000 people were killed in the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Let’s never forget that the umbrella name of that operation was Operation Enduring Freedom, and it was a total failure.

Operation Accountability isn’t going too well either. When discussion turns to the insurrection, Republicans quickly jump to the Black Lives Matter movement with its public protests and police brutality. Okay, the looters and shooters in those incidents are just as guilty as the marauders who invaded Washington, D.C. last week, but why compare two tragic events that are vastly different? False equivalencies are a preposterous way to debate any subject. Yeah, it’s terrible that the Romans killed Jesus Christ, but think about what his followers did to the rule of law. Donald Trump presents a “clear and present danger” to the Republic.

Had the January 6th attack been led by a foreign entity, Congress would have voted that very day to begin moving toward a solution. So, what resolution do we have for last week’s travesty? We’ve made a good start by finding and arresting the insurrectionists. Now, if only we knew where the leader of this STOP THE STEAL movement was hiding out we could prevent these radical, right-wing lunatics from doing more harm. There are those who say that impeaching, removing and arresting Donald Trump would make things worse. Great, let’s make it worse! Let’s flush the cockroaches and rats from the woodwork so we can see their faces.

Co-Conspirator U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik

Think of it this way. Remember back in school when a classmate acted out and the teacher asked who did it? All the other classmates became complicit by remaining silent. Then the teacher imposed a draconian punishment on the entire class, hoping the guilty kid would admit to being guilty. The purge is now underway in America, but too many self-serving assholes won’t stand up against Trump.

How might the purge unfold over time? First, more effective gun control laws will be enacted. Next, our own government will use the NSA to spy on all of us and use the Patriot Act to take away a little more of our freedom and due process. Every American should be mightily pissed off at these insurrectionists and work to cure the disease, not the symptom. Those Senators and Representatives who backed the ridiculous STOP THE STEAL campaign should be impeached. Now. They are modern day counterparts of Benedict Arnold and Aaron Burr and must be held accountable for their fraud and its result.

Ohio’s Representative Jim Jordan stood in the Capital and bragged about how great Donald Trump has been for America. He failed to mention the 382,000 people who died from COVID because of the failed policies and actions of the 45th President. He failed to mention the unrest in this country during the last eleven months that was mostly ignored by Trump. He is but one of the pitchmen for an immoral criminal who lied his way to the top of the Grand Old Party. A list of those elected officials who have been complicit apologists and deniers will be published.

This rotten fat man must be removed from office. Those who decide to “let it be” in a futile attempt to “heal the nation” will not please moderate Republicans and will certainly push the other side further away. Justice isn’t served by promoting a lie, seating a commission, or saying it’s too late to do something about what happened. Americans need action to see resolution, understand the facts and feel safe. Our immediate needs are total transparency and a purge of those who have pushed frauds, forgeries and fabrications. If our government is to move forward with a respect of freedom, we must hold this President accountable for his actions. Failing that, what will happen next time?

My heart is true. Donald John Trump should be charged, arrested, tried and convicted, earning the punishment the letter of the law stipulates: “Whoever incites, sets on foot, assists, or engages in any rebellion or insurrection against the authority of the United States or the laws thereof, or gives aid or comfort thereto, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than ten years, or both; and shall be incapable of holding any office.” Trump has been impeached for a second time. Hold the trial… now!

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