Trump is Disrespecting Our Fathers & Mothers

I don’t know your age so you may not relate to my young years in a household where the stories of my father’s sacrifice during World War II were notable but not dwelled upon. A giant, 25-volume History of the War encyclopedia sat on a bookshelf. There was a time when we weren’t allowed to go through all of them, but eventually we got to see the pictures of extremely skinny people on the edge of death in the German internment camps. To me, the holocaust was all about those pictures; piles of dead bodies, clothing and shoes. I will never forget the mountain of shoes.

It is abundantly clear that Donald John Trump lost the November 3rd election. Without much surprise, Trump has declined to surrender to reality and reverted to his tired routine of suing his way out of a problem he created. It’s not very brave of him, but he’s never had to fight on a battlefield for the freedom of this nation. That freedom gave his immigrant grandfather a better life and his father a way to exploit the real estate market in New York, which put a million dollars in the Donald’s pocket before he was ten years old. Tax scam? Of course, but still a giant, silver spoon in the small mouth of a large egotist.

Joe Biden is calm with the resistance, and rightly so because he is in a solid place. He’s no longer “Joe Biden his time.” He’s the president elect who will become the 46th president but let me add this sidebar. Republicans be warned, if this situation is not resolved by January 20, 2021, the Chief Justice will be swearing in President Pelosi. Yeah, that’s’ right.

My father was away from his wife and new baby daughter for five years when fighting in Europe. My mother had to take care of everything in those days, and her years of hard work wouldn’t have been disrupted by a “bone spur.” Today is Veterans’ Day and most of us honor those who fought so hard for the United States, while Donald Trump disrespects them with his outrageous claims of election fraud and his inability to admit he’s been dismissed.

Charles Douglas, My Hero

In his total lack of comprehension about how the Supreme Court works, Trump believed that body would come to the rescue and “appoint” him President again. His naïve,  undernourished brain thinks that if he gives something he will automatically get something. I am so freaking tired of this stupid powerplay. I never want to hear the words “base” and “transactional” ever again. It’s damn simple. We have an election, citizens cast ballots, and whoever gets the most electoral votes WINS!

When someone brings a frivolous suit into a court of law, they divert the court and the judge from hearing more important cases. Such disrespect of the system means justice must wait for those sincerely needing judicial help. Any lawyer knows that the legal road begins with a charge, not an argument. A plaintiff must produce evidence that significant harm has been done.

A small, litigious person like Donald Trump believes that any harm to him is grounds for a multi-year battle that will waste money and time. But we have a nation to run and, as they say, “the people have spoken.” Every time I complained about this president over the last four years, I heard that hackneyed phrase “elections have consequences.” Okay, but I want truth and consequences, not lies and deception.

Donald Trump is a lowlife scumbag who believed that if we all rubbed enough xenophobia, racism and populous poppycock on our faces he would be President-for-Life. Well, Donnie, that ain’t going to happen.

The Republican party’s protection of the wealthy donor class is a boat with no engine, no sails, no rudder and no compass to lead them away from Trump. He will eventually cut the line and set them adrift. I keep hearing that Republicans must be careful with Trump because he’s going to be the head of the party when he loses the presidency. REALLY? Why would the Republican party want to be run by a loser? If it were up to me, I would find someone else and get rid of all the TRUMPS and ROMNEYS. The Republican party should do an autopsy to figure out why they lost.

Why are these grifter Congress people afraid of the mad man with the butcher knife running through their pantry? If they were smart, they would push Trump as far away from politics as possible. He’s going to be in court for the next five years and will have no time for silly Republican games.

As I have said from the beginning, Donald Trump is harmful for our country. He’s demonstrating his danger with every tweet and action. When the smoke clears, I am going to write a letter to every Congressperson who supported and enabled this destructive force. I have never wavered. After writing more than one million words about what is wrong with Donald Trump, I want to go on record. Trump is a LOSER!

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