Trump Must Stand Down, Work on Transition

One of those phrases people say too much is “change is the only thing that is inevitable.” Of course, nothing stays the same. Without change, humankind would have been wiped out long ago. Today, once again, we are all facing the reality that change is underway.

Politics have been likened to war, but people die in war. The coronavirus was compared to the flu, but many more died from COVID. With this opening, I would like to address the 70 million people who voted for Donald Trump.

Dear Fellow Americans,

First, I know how you feel. Yes, that might sound hollow, but it’s true. Right after Barack Obama was elected president in 2008, the Republican Leader of the Senate said that his sole focus would be making sure Obama was a one term President. That comment troubled me. I thought it was not only highly disrespectful to the millions of people who voted for Obama but also unproductive given that Obama just happened to be the first African American elected to the highest office in America. See, politics is somewhat like war.

After the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln directed his generals to let the Confederates return to their homes unharmed. That was more than gracious; it was a healing moment. Sadly, it didn’t help Lincoln because he was assassinated by a hardcore Southern radical.

You are in the rapture of hero worship, which is a real thing. Heidi Schlumpf wrote an article in the National Catholic Reporter nine years ago titled Dangers of hero worship. Heid wrote, “As humans, we love stories. That’s why Jesus told parables, and why his own story has fascinated for centuries. Let’s just be sure to put our worship where it belongs — on God.” This is also my message to those who have invested so much emotional energy in Donald Trump. They gave his campaign tons of money and their purchase of flags, signs and stickers to show their loyalty created a moneymaking industry. Donald Trump is not God. He’s just a man with a large and convincing pitch.

Trump has lied to you so much, and I can understand your difficulty comprehending facts. You didn’t compare his words with any reasonable data. You could have done that, you had TV and an internet connection, but you failed yourself by relying on the words of others on Trump’s approved list. I watched a ton of Fox News during the election returns and was mystified about them calling the state of Arizona for Biden so quickly. Just like stubborn Trump, Fox would NOT take their projection back to a pending status. Yes, their partner, the Associated Press, motivated the forecast but it was a prime example of forcing a fact rather than waiting for the truth.

Perhaps I have digressed. This letter isn’t about the news channel you watch. It’s a sincere attempt to lead you to reality. The same process that declared Trump a winner in 2016 was used this year, but because Trump cannot accept the outcome you won’t either. The Donald is dictating what you think. How is that American? Believe in the country first, not him. It’s supposed to be America First, not Donald Trump.

Lots of Trump administration workers will lose their jobs within the next 70 days, and then on January 20, 2021 they will all be gone. Oh, you will still see them on TV and hear them on the radio, but they will no longer be affecting your life. I hope you will find your way to working with Joe Biden for positive change. It will be futile to continue riding around in your ISIS-like pickup trucks with the flags of your fallen leader. He has been fired from his job and won’t be around too much longer, despite his false claims to the contrary.

I don’t want to be vindictive or obnoxious. I have already heard from Trump supporters who have asked that I stop calling people “racists” and making fun of Donald Trump. They are asking me to respect the man. Really? I respect those who have earned it. I don’t respect Trump, but I do respect and care for all who voted for him. You have been greatly abused and disrespected. It’s now time for you to break free from this powerful person who wants to control you. Can you?

I have confronted some serious attitudes out there, true resentment. Last July I published a book titled How To Hire Great People. Most people thought I was crazy to write a book about hiring people when so many were being laid off from work. I have always promoted the book as something positive, a work that can help managers become better interviewers so they can find the great people who need work.

I had a surprise earlier. I knocked on one of my neighbor’s doors to give him a copy of my book. He works in finance and I figured that if he liked the book, he might recommend it to his clients. I handed him the book, smiled behind my mask, and said enthusiastically, “We’re coming back in this country!” He replied harshly, “If we even have a country.” I was taken aback, but quickly added, “Did you see the stock market?” He immediately blocked, “That has nothing to do with Biden.” I acknowledged it was triggered by the wonderful claim from Pfizer that their COVID vaccine is 90% effective. As I left, my neighbor said, “That’s all Trump.” I walked away feeling like I took something from him rather than giving him something that took me a year to write.

Why do intelligent people like you believe that electing a moderate Democrat like Joe Biden will make the United States of America crumble? 70 million people are still caught in this web of deceit. Why?

I hope that all those Trump flags can be recycled to make tents in refugee camps in other countries. Perhaps that fabric, no matter where it was made, can do some good. You might want to hang your flag in the garage and hope that the prodigal son returns. I hope you won’t. It’s not too late to liberate your soul. Don’t get pulled into a dark and violent set of values that stand against the Republic. You have a choice. Please join with us, all of us, and let’s get back to making and keeping America great. We want you to work toward the common good. READ MORE, talk less.

And finally, know that we love you. Because Donald Trump received no real love from his sadistic father, he used you in an attempt to get what he needed. Please stand up, while he stands down. Be an individual, a good citizen, and help heal the divide. We will never tell you to go back to where you came from. We will always embrace you. Just stop with all the conspiracy shit, it makes you look dumb. It’s not you. It’s the fake dogma that’s dragging you down. Seek peace and unity, or just be quiet. Peace.


Dwight C Douglas

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