Perfect for Impeachment

We are seeing a clear pattern. Denying wrongdoing sends a message to any thinking person, “look at what is being denied.” There you will discover the infraction.

I was highly suspicious when the President of the United States said that his phone call shaking down a leader of another country for dirt on his political opponents was a “perfect call.” Let’s be clear. The involvement of any foreign country in our elections is not only highly unethical, it’s against the law. It is the very reason why Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation took place.

Bullshitters usually exaggerate and turn to hyperbole when they are caught in a lie. The easiest form of defense is to attack those who disclose a wrongdoing. We are far from “witch hunts” and “hoaxes,” as Donald Trump would like people to believe. This is a full blown coverup, and with each day we learn the president himself orchestrated this corrupt use of his office.

From his testimony, we learned that the National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert, Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, tried to make changes to the White House’s rough transcript of the July phone call between President Donald Trump and Ukraine’s President. Those changes never got into the summary and partial transcript. Making sure a transcript is accurate is one of Vindman’s responsibilities.

At some point during the call, Trump told Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky there were tapes of Biden. This part of the conversation was replaced with an ellipsis in the released transcript. The White House statement that the ellipsis did not represent missing words or phrases was a lie. Parts of the call where eliminated from the transcript before the text was moved to a special server. This is a cover up.

Many of the President’s tweets include ellipses. Could Trump have edited the partial transcript before it went out to the public? Maybe he keeps saying it was a “perfect call” because he sees it as a perfect crime. This is the same guy who used a sharpie to distort a weather map to cover his mistake about where a storm was headed. It’s clear that he drew the line. Everyone knows a sharpie is his writing and signing tool of choice. The evidence of his hand in the lie is obvious.

The Donald’s lies can easily be seen with the naked eye and he continually exposes himself with his words, actions and approaches. He’s nothing but a two-bit, sloppy street thug and bully without the knowledge, intelligence or moral core needed to lead America. He says the same things over and over, expecting people to believe him even when facts clearly show the opposite. All the smart people in Congress, both Republicans and Democrats, know that Trump is just a half-baked entertainer and con man. They see him as a fool while they attempt to exploit him for their party or own personal power. Those who backed Nixon to the end lost face, but they never lost their jobs. They just stopped talking about what they said before the impeachment.

Trump sounds like his unmanageable and malignant brain has been stuffed with endless lies by an evil hypnotist who has programmed him to endlessly repeat them. In a court of law, some of Trump’s comments about those testifying would be evidence of witness tampering and intimidation. Those behaviors are part of OBSTRUCTION OF JUSTICE and should be dealt with by Congress.

When Trump says he is the “most transparent President ever,” he is clearly lying. The weirdly bizarre thing about Trump is that he can’t use truth to his advantage. The press conference on the killing of Baghdadi had so many stupid, made up statements that it felt like a training video demonstrating how to spot a pathological liar and a person suffering from narcissistic personality disorder.

Trump trades in fear and hate, believing that secrets have magical powers to make him win. A thing is perfect when it is as good as it can possibly be. There is no way that the phone call with the Ukrainian President was perfect and the incomplete and the altered transcript plainly shows that. If Donald Trump doesn’t know the difference between something being “perfect” and something that is doing him harm, he is perfectly unqualified to be president.

Let me end with my deepest feelings about Trump. He’s a bad human being. He should not be president. America deserves a President who doesn’t lie. And when grown men and women keep saying how unfair things are, they should take their own advice and pull themselves up from their bootstraps and grow a pair.

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