Mulvaney’s Overt Folly

Yesterdays’ happenings in the Trump administration should bother every living American. The arrogance, fabrications and blunders are getting in the way of our progress and security. The massive methane of White House bullshit is threatening the planet’s environment.

How long it will take to “get over” this calamity known as Donald Trump? The election of our orange monster has given Vladimir Putin everything he could have ever wanted. Trump is all talk and no brains and the people around him are mindless tools and fools.

Mick Mulvaney did his undergraduate work at Georgetown and went on to receive his legal degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He then won the South Carolina 5th District in House of Representatives, but not without controversy. Mulvaney’s campaign was funded by the Commission on Hope, Growth, and Opportunity, a group run by lobbyist Scott W. Reed, who was accused of violating federal campaign finance laws and disclosing false information to the Internal Revenue Service. Yes, here’s another swamp creature who slithered into the White House!

In front of the White House press corps, Mulvaney announced that Donald Trump has decided to “award” one of his properties, the Doral resort in Miami, the G7 Summit which will take place next June. He also brazenly declared that no one would see any of the bidding paperwork leading to that decision. This is clearly a violation of the Emoluments Clause, which restricts members of the government from receiving gifts, emoluments, offices or titles from foreign states and monarchies without the permission of Congress. Someone must step forward on Capitol Hill.

Mulvaney should have walked away from the press after his outrageous G7 announcement, but he’s just another grifter with no skill at self-editing. His phrase, “Get over it,” showed a contempt for law and order as well as a genuine belief that Donald Trump can do no wrong.

The Director of the Office of Management and Budget, who is also acting White House Chief of Staff, now tells us that political considerations are simply a part of foreign policy and we should “get over it.” Does he mean domestic or general politics? He’s just another buffoon communicator Trump has tapped to speak for him.  Nice work, Prez!

Mr. Mulvaney, you are a belligerent piece of shit. We will NOT “get over it” and we will remember your admission that the President of the United States asked another country to get involved in our elections in exchange for military aid. It was a quid pro quo and you knew it, which makes you and your fluffy little ass complicit. Get ready to  be thrown out of government, which will happen as soon as this whole matter of malfeasance is resolved, meaning Trump’s impeachment.

While the press room punk in the White House was playing out, two other Trump puppets were in Turkey surrendering to their President. The ridiculous photo op with Mike Pence, Mike Pompeo and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was just another stain on a diplomatic suicide mission. After the announcement of a 120-hour ceasefire, Trump gloated in Dallas about how he alone “saved civilization,” but there are major lies in this plan.

First, when is it proper for two countries to decide the fate of a third sovereign nation without involving them in the process? That would be like Canada and Mexico deciding what they wanted to do with the Washington State in the US. Erdoğan wanted to take a sizable chunk of land from Syria to force movement of Turkey’s unwanted immigrants, and guess what?. We gave him what he wanted and in exchange we agreed to lift sanctions. So, we gave them two things and what did we get? Art of the steal?

The Pence and Pompeo agreement gave the Kurds and their fighters five days to leave the land that Turkey planned to take over with force. This was not a ceasefire, It was nothing but a third-party surrender of civilization and claimed land belonging to our fighting allies.

Trump and Erdoğan caused this disaster, and history will write that the Turkish President played Trump and got exactly what he wanted. If only they had agreed to this before the invasion, 285 Kurds would still be alive.

It wasn’t more than a few hours before Turkey’s Foreign Minister declared the agreement was not a “ceasefire,” but simply a pause. “Ceasefire” is legal terminology with international meaning and standing, Turkey said it was just a “temporary pause,” meaning they can resume killing whenever they want without any penalty or face loss.

The headline in today’s Wall Street Journal says it all, “Fighting Flares in Syria Despite Hours-Old Cease-Fire.” Let’s be crystal clear, as our president says. Kurdish forces are to withdraw from a 20-mile-deep territory that will then be controlled by Turkey. Donald J. Trump handed that win to Turkey. How foolish Pence and Pompeo looked on the world stage.

The Turkish forces, along with unhinged militias in the area, will continue to kill people while our fat foolish president prances around America professing his success in the Middle East. He will talk about fulfilling his campaign promise to bring the troops home, but he doesn’t realize that he has produced unrest and uncertainty in a volatile region of our world. And with a new land bridge which Iran will surely use to get closer to Israel, Trump may have just sunk the chance of his buddy, Netanyahu, from forming a government. Too bad. I guess the Kurds and Israel and those who were keeping the peace just need to “get over it.” What a screwed-up President we have.

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