When Do We Get a Real President?

Donald Trump can be an endearing little child, or to some, a spoiled brat. He seems to always be in conflict. Most observers are asked to take a side in whatever he spouts from his little round mouth. Why is that? Why does this man constantly incite argument and controversy? It wastes our time and energy.

At age 13, Trump was sent away to attend a private boarding school, the New York Military Academy. He was taught that men in uniforms were something special. According to the New York Times, Trump said “his five years at N.Y.M.A. matured him after rowdy behavior at a prep school in Queens, and that the experience left him feeling ‘that I was in the military.’” The school closed its doors in 2015, thus ending 126 years of straightening out young boys and building “great” men.

The comment that Trump thought he was in the military is symptomatic of the way he thinks about many things. He said that AIDS was his Vietnam, meaning that the chance of contracting HIV was like being shot in a foreign land. Trump avoided military service via several deferments based on alleged bone spurs in his feet. No one has ever seen x-rays that prove this malady.

Dreaming can be powerful, but there is no value in exaggeration, especially when we have a vital and keen free press. Our news services can quickly find the answers to any lie or misinformed statement. Mere seconds after Trump’s 4th of July speech at the Washington Monument, the press pointed out  that the Revolutionary Army did not take over airports (airplanes had not been invented yet) and the writing of the Star Spangled Banner was not associated with the Revolutionary War but rather the War of 1812. Trump doesn’t write his speeches. Someone else does and he’ll blame them.

Isn’t it ironic that Trump made the Pentagon ship in tanks from all over the country to sit between him and the people at the National Mall in DC, but hurricane fencing was put up around these powerful military machines? Really? Why couldn’t people touch them? They aren’t museum pieces; they are working war machines.

Trump’s obsession with the military not only forced billions of dollars into the budgets of our armed forces, but in a third-world kind of gesture of power he appointed Generals to many positions in his administration. Generals Flynn, Mattis, McMaster and Kelly were major appointments at the beginning of this White House. One of the great quotes came from Claire McCaskill, Democratic senator from Missouri, when speaking about Donald Trump’s cabinet. She said, “I call it the three ‘G’ Cabinet: Goldman, generals and gazillionaires.” But with Trump, don’t blink. The Goldman guy, Cohen, gone. All four Generals, gone. Only the rich people, Ross, de Vos and Mnuchin are still working for Trump. But even after dismissing the Generals, Trump has never lessoned his love affair with the power of being Commander in Chief. We should all mail him some plastic toy soldiers.

The hijacking of the 4th of July celebration at the National Mall was another example of Donald Trump spending money on what he wants without a sober vision of the blowback about the waste. He’s cheating the system in many ways, including the violation of the Emoluments Act, by using his position to increase his personal wealth. He never gave up ownership of his properties, and that should not have been allowed.

The military was put under the power of the president by America’s founders because the first guy to become president was a General. They knew that George Washington had a deep understanding about the workings of the military. Another brilliant move was giving Congress the power of the purse. By letter of the law, the President of the United States doesn’t control the allocation and spending of money. The military cannot run without money, but our Chief Executive has too much leeway in waging wars. The vague language that gives the president the ability to order actions based on their opinion that a conflict could harm our troops needs to be defined much more clearly.

With Mother Earth shaking California and raining on Trump’s parade in Washington, it’s apparent that considerations about climate change, rain, fires, floods and the cost of doing business need more reality. Why are we spending money for a Trump party when there are citizens really needing help?

The longer Trump lives at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, the more we realize that his bullshit, fibs, lies and conspiracy theories are hurting the US standing in the world. They laughed at the Donald at the UN, and we can only imagine what they say about him during their private conversations. We will learn more when they write their autobiographies, but for now, we know that Trump is NOT respected by our allies. And those who do not have America’s back, Xi, Putin and Kim, are playing this fool for everything they can get. Trump appears so naïve around these guys, it’s truly SAD!

The risky aspect of Trump’s narcissism and his bullying ways is that no one will tell him the truth. His advisors speak only the words he wants to hear. He keeps Peter Navarro around because he repeats what Trump says, over and over. Trump says the same things so many times that he believes his own lies. By firing strong players with informed views, Trump stacks the deck with ass kissing lackies who just say YES to whatever he suggests. I have a feeling that no one ever said to Trump in the Oval Office, “You’re full of shit!” which just might be what the doctor ordered.

Even after a Supreme Court ruling on the Census citizenship question, the Commerce and Justice Departments declined to press the issue. Trump then flip-flopped and had them rescind the settlement. This president continually sets up the potential of a Constitutional crisis because he prefers chaos over clarity. To Donald Trump, being right is more important than the truth. The man believes that if he can imagine something, he can order it, and we should all agree and do it.

He’s not often right, and that’s a fact. He’s improperly handling international trade issues, as time will prove without a shadow of a doubt. I have my uncertainties that Trump can ever be a fit President. I see him eventually melting into a pile of oversized politician-like clothing on the ground. All the good witches and evil witches will be laughing when it’s over, and then the country can get back to reality.


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