The Real Democratic Challenge

There’s something happening here; what it is, is exactly clear. The President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, is concerned only with personal wins and his appearance of strength and power. Rather than focusing on what is best for the country and providing progress for the planet, he lives in a photo-op world.

Russian President Vladimir Putin kills people who write or say negative things about him. It’s quite likely that 21 journalists have been killed since Putin came to power in March of 2000. Kim Jong-Un’s regime arrested, incarcerated and killed American Otto Warmbier because he allegedly removed a political poster from a wall. North Korea has executed more than a dozen of Kim’s rivals, including his half-brother.

Saudi Arabia has slain more than 500 people in the last three years, and every investigation has linked the country’s Crown Prince to the extrajudicial execution of a Washington Post journalist. The CNN headline stated, “Trump says he is ‘extremely angry’ about Khashoggi murder but defends MBS relationship.” The beat goes on and Trump’s transactional personality will not let him challenge countries on human rights and injustices. He simply doesn’t care.

Taking Trump at his word, it’s clear that he feels more comfortable with dictators than allies. He speaks the language of a mobster and has an affinity for those who solve political problems with murder and oppression. If you think the Donald’s equivocations and nonconfrontation of the evil in the world with his throwaway line of “everybody does it,” then you are complicit. When will the evangelicals, moderate republicans and thinking democrats step up and restate the meaning of morality? Trump has desecrated American values both at home and abroad.

Watching twenty Democrats duke it out on stage at the debates last week made it apparent how the great number of candidates has made the process unwieldy, but something popped into my brain that revealed the true challenge. The Democratic party must cope with OLD WAYS vs. NEW IDEAS and stop the personalities from getting in the way of resolving issues.

Our founders used clear logic when they decided that a member of the House of Representatives had to be 25 years or older and a Senator had to be at least 30 years of age. They carried through with the rule that a President must be an American born person of 35 years of age or older. Of note, they never adopted a retirement restriction as some states have for judges. So, was it the idea of maturity that moved the framers to say age matters?

Let’s state some facts here. If elected to a second term, Donald Trump will be 74 years old. Joe Biden would be 77 years old if elected president and Bernie Sanders would be 78 if he won. On inaugural day 2020, Nancy Pelosi will be 80.

Donald Trump isn’t a bad president because he’s old. He’s simply a bad person and thus a horrible president. He’s a divisive hater and pathological liar. Age will never be an accurate determinant of quality of leadership. We learn this lesson every day.

There is evidence that the old ways of doing business gets things done in Congress. When former Vice President Joe Biden was attempting to express his political agility, he was accused of befriending racists. Biden had a horrible night on the debate stage when Senator Kalama Harris confronted his old record on school busing. The “new ways” are about more than busing and racial equality, but this is the price of politics. The old expression of eating its young doesn’t apply. This is more about the young casting out its old.

Some of the newly elected members of the House and presidential contenders are pushing a left-leaning, progressive agenda. Trump will use this against any Democrat running for President. He will paint them as leftist, socialistic and radical. Being the revisionist trying to bring back the past, Trump risks alienating younger voters who didn’t live through the cold war. The conservatives, evangelicals and power-hungry Republicans want to move the whole country back to the 1950s, while young Americans feel that they are owed something.

How do we progress as a nation? When state laws take away things like women’s reproductive rights, those under 35 years of age will see it as the OLD people dictating to the next generation. This glaring gap between right and left is growing. Moderates are silent for now, but they will have to take a side soon. An election is coming.

In a perverted, mind-blowing way, Republicans hail Trump as a change maker. A person who doesn’t do predictable things and is not a typical politician makes them feel good, even when it hurts them personally. As the farmer who got screwed with tons of soybeans that no one wants to buy because of tariffs, could they move their vote to a moderate, Midwest, positive Democrat?

Democrats would be wise to position Trump as old fashioned and wrong on healthcare, instead of bleating layered, detailed plans that dim the common man. The wealth gap is real, but those who are hurt from an unbalanced economy need reasons why the new ways are better than the old. Currently, the polls would have you believe that most Americans don’t want a second Trump term but many people, no matter what party, aren’t yet sure who will get their vote.


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