Trump’s Red Misogyny Spreads Across the Land

There was a time when Kanye West took the microphone on the stage of a Katrina Disaster Relief benefit and screamed, “George Bush doesn’t care about Black people.” Where is he now to stand up and say, “President Trump doesn’t care about women.” Oh yeah, he’s too busy wearing his red “Hitler hat” on TV, ineffectively trying to explain himself to everyone who made fun of his proclamations. In the end, evidence will prove that Mr. West has no worthy opinion about anything.

In Donald Trump’s world, men get to decide things and most, if not all, women with claims of sexual misconduct against any man, are NOT to be taken seriously. He mocks them, denies their accounts and to make matter worse, adds, “the Kavanaugh allegations show it’s a very scary time for young men in America.” The President of the United States went on stage at one of his redneck rallies and mocked the Senate Judiciary Committee testimony of Christine Blasey Ford. Our great Orange Leader doesn’t care about women. There, someone had to say it.

The group I would like to address today are the Republican women who go to Trump’s rallies and are complicit in the devaluation of women. If you have watched the HULU TV series The Handmaid’s Tale, you can imagine what would happen if those women, claiming to be patriots of America, stood by while Trump and his Supreme Court ruled against women.

The TV series is based on the best-selling novel by Margaret Atwood and is set in a place called Gilead, a totalitarian society that broke away from the United States and is ruled by a fundamentalist regime that treats women as property of the state. The justification for taking power over women is a plummeting birth rate. In the story, the few remaining fertile women are forced into sexual servitude, so that the powerful people in the land can procreate. The religious overtones and language of this plot shows that a society could be taken over by zealots, you know, like Islamic states. Only in this one, it’s the far-right Christians who have all the power.

There is a flaw in our current reality when good Christian people get sucked into the dogma of The Donald without any regard for the fact the he personally could care less about Christianity. He worships money. And if we take the latest reportage from the New York Times to be only half true, Trump was taught by his father and crafty lawyers how to cheat the system long before he was able to talk in whole sentences. Well, he’s still struggling with learning how to do that, but the fraud and deception is hard-wired into the Trump Organization. Surprise, Surprise!

The Trumps have been stealing from the U.S. Treasury for more than a half century. When we finally get to see his tax returns, it will likely become clear that he hasn’t coughed up his fair share of taxes, ever. Since playing fair and being treated fairly is such a common theme with Donald Trump, it’s contra to the very martyr complex this anarchistic moron embodies. But I didn’t vote for him, like the majority of America.

Once women side with the men in every instance of sexual harassment, misconduct or violent attacks, who will be left to pray for the casualties? The lifelong psychological burdens placed on these women are unimportant to these red state lunatics. When it comes to getting one certain judge on the high court, the end justifies the means with these ladies. And we thought that women had progressed in these United States. I guess the orange man trumps logic, equal rights and control of women’s’ bodies.

When the government becomes the vehicle for religious goals and rules, we are no better than those religious states we occasionally put down with our words and actions. Brett Kavanaugh is a pawn in the passion play of government taking away more power from both men and women. He doesn’t have to be the chosen person to get the job done.  There are many overly conservative zealots on the court already, just pick one and put him in there. Why are we making this choice about whether you believe a woman who says he’s not fit to be there? He’s proven that he doesn’t have the temperament and is way too political to hold the post.

I can’t help but wonder why our new Supreme Court candidate is not a woman. It must be hard to find a female jurist who would be a guarantee to overturn Roe Vs. Wade for the Evangelicals. I don’t believe in the Supreme Court. Why would a supposed impartial group of deciders have built in bias in its selection process? Can’t a president just find someone who doesn’t have political bias?

If only the women of America would come together and help the men decide these things. But, unfortunately, millions of women in this country are complicit. It’s all politics, and they don’t see the light until it happens to one of their sons or daughters.

If you mock Dr. Ford, you are dismissing the power your grandmothers and mothers gained with their right to vote. Do you dismiss Jerry Sandusky and what happened at Penn State? Do you dismiss what happened to all those boys and girls at the hands to the Catholic Church? Do you dismiss what happened to thousands of gymnasts treated by their so-called male doctor? Why would you laugh at Dr. Ford at your Trump rallies? Have you no decency?

We’re seeing the results of people looking the other way with this white washed investigation of Kavanaugh’s misconduct. This complicity needs to be brought into the purifying light of a new day. How do you believe a man when his con job takes away your rights and gives him more power? Donald Trump doesn’t care about women who don’t give him what he wants. You’ve been warned, sisters.

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