Trump’s Iceberg is Melting

As the blistering heat of one thousand blowtorches makes its way across America, leaving fires and floods in its wake, we hear nothing about these demonic occurrences from the commander and chief of America. As mother nature plays out her nasty dark side, there is the smell of revenge and the odor of partisanship wafting out of the orifice of power in the nation’s capital.

Somewhere in a small Midwest town, a farmer sits on top of this year’s soybean crop and wonders why he cannot count on China to pay a healthy profit for his yield. He now questions what seemed to be such a certain bet placed on a businessman from New York. Could it really be true that he was wooed by big talk which eventually took the shape of a retaliatory trade war that would bring him to his knees?

And now we get the news that Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump’s former personal attorney, is saying that candidate Trump knew in advance about the June 2016 meeting in Trump Tower in which Russians were expected to offer his campaign dirt on Hillary Clinton. This, comes from CNN, a source our Great Orange Leader condemns as “Fake News.” Are people perhaps feeling more confident to leak damaging information and data to that one network because CNN has become the apparent nemesis of the Donald? Is it coincidence that this is the same network his Justice Department appears to be punishing by stopping it from being part of an AT&T merger, even after a judge has found in favor of the deal?

All this talk of deal making and deal doing may be lost on the millions of people who voted for Donald Trump and are now seeing his rabid nationalism affect their daily bread. The world has left Trump and his ass-kissing experts in a heaping, stinking pile of America First for their well-established and connected globalism. All the clothing that Donald and Ivanka peddled in America was, in fact, made in other countries. In business they are globalists while in politics they are xenophobes. Ask the dozens of people who lost their jobs to yet another failing enterprise this family has shuttered. The Trumps walk away with all the money leaving others to pay for it.

Americans are strong-willed and sometimes blind, but once you take money out of their family budget to pay for “long-term” solutions, they get nervous. They see only next week’s grocery bill. The audacity of asking the citizens to be patient while you play your games with world powers is imprudent at best, and downright dastardly at worst.

The echo chamber on all the late-night comedy shows and news networks, except Fox News, reverberates that we have a liar for a president, ha! ha! ha! But the joke must be on us. We do see that Trump is being forced to fix what he broke, right? The meeting the other day with the President of the E.U. was nothing short of remarkable.

Within seven days, the President of the United States insulted the members of NATO, said that Europe was a “foe” and accused them of raping America. Now, he stands with Europe to work on repairing the damage his frothy little round mouth created. What a waste of 280 characters on Twitter, let alone the world’s largest economy.

When the final chapter on Donald Trump is written it will not be the story of a decisive leader who made America great. It will be a sad tale about a damaged man having not a grain of talent for real leadership, but a true gift of entertaining closed-minded people. The word “Statesman” will never be uttered in the whole book on Trump. A book, it looks like the Special Counsel is about to throw at him.

You see, in the land of the brave and the home of the free no man is above the law. And those conservative congresspeople who are attempting to wage war against the Justice Department are engaging in nothing short of obstruction of justice. By introducing a resolution calling for the impeachment of Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein, they are attempting to stop the special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election. Or worse, they may be trying to seize evidence in the case to give to Trump. That would make them parties to high crimes and misdemeanors. Do we smell impeachment in the air?

If I was arguing a case against the 45th President, I would create a matrix of guilt. Using the recordings from Michael Cohen, Trump’s tweets, meetings and timelines, along with the public statements that Donald Trump has made, I would show a definitive amalgamation of obstruction of justice, treason, jury tampering, witness intimidation and, oh yeah, violation of the Logan Act and the Emoluments Clause. This just in from NPR, “Federal District Judge Peter Messitte denied the Department of Justice’s request to dismiss a case brought by the attorneys general of Maryland and the District of Columbia. The Emoluments Clause bars any president from personally profiting from his dealings with foreign governments — or even U.S. state governments.”

Dumbfounded Donald could be made turn over his income tax returns as part of this case and the whole world will see the money trail. Will it lead to Putin and Russia or is Trump just a two-bit whore hustler who buys off porn stars while avoiding payment of his fair share of taxes, like most rich guys? He thinks he’s a wunderkind trader, but it appears that he’s nothing more than a narcissistic traitor. Mueller will turn up the heat and we know that something has got to explode. We have a lying, conniving criminal in the White House and it will be interesting to see who steps up in Congress to call for impeachment.

Michael Cohen is no choirboy, but he surely looks like he’s President Trump’s “John Dean,” with the truth in his hoister and recordings in his pockets. We gonna have ourselves another “Watergate.” Trump was right on that one.


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