Judges, Juries and Shotguns

Trumpean Language and Attitudes

It doesn’t take long for the news cycle to bite its own ass. You see, we must quickly move on. We are driven to get that next story on the air or on the front page. Our country demands the speedy dissemination of information. The strong, wise people who started this enterprise known as the United States of America were driven to emulate what they left in England, where people find truth every day by reading newspapers.  We should be thankful that America was founded by a bunch of writers. Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams and even George Washington loved to write and see their words printed on paper.

We have a headline writer in the White House. You may have heard his name, Donald Trump. He never bothers to illuminate his “fan base.” He wants them to see only the bullet points. He places policy or opinion, lie or fantasy, into 280-character blasts and blows them out to the world on the internet. He’s a fourteen-year-old boy sitting on his toilet believing he rules the world. He knows that words matter, but he cares not if they are true.

The cable news channels can talk endlessly about President Trump’s next pick for the Supreme Court, but that institution has already done their damage. Think Citizen’s United, cake maker, union busting and travel ban. Regardless of the imperfect concept of the Supreme Court, we must follow them. But the real test coming up is whether, when challenged by an aggressive “executive,” will they give him more power, or curb the blatant abuse?

No one ever claimed that our system of a President appointing justices for life was a good idea, but what is happening in America is clearly the opposite of what people say it is. Here’s what I mean. We claim to have no bias in our institutions, but they are all biased. I can say that on “moral convictions” I cannot support Donald J. Trump, but I can’t stop paying my taxes because of that “conviction.” They would come and arrest me.

Jarrod Ramos

Now we have another shooting in Annapolis, Maryland at the newsroom of a local daily newspaper. Five people died. We don’t know whether the ongoing legal battle and grievances the shooter had with the newspaper were the primary drama, but this writer wonders out loud if the ongoing language of the President didn’t add some fuel to the shooter’s desire to cause harm. After all, if the Free Press is “the enemy of the people,” as Trump shouts at his rallies, could that be justification for an attack? Has the Donald figured out a way to brainwash our most mentally vulnerable citizens? Hey, he did win the election.

When this killer is brought before a jury, will they see him as a willful actor in a passion play of revenge? Will the judge manage a fair trial? As many mass shooters await their day in trial, do we go back and tell their stories? Does the press give us a clear reason why someone would commit such a terrible crime, or do these shootings simply fade with time?

One of the issues that the Supreme Court might decide in their future sessions is the death penalty. We have heard Donald Trump call for the death penalty for drug dealers. He seems to think that executions are good. What a guy, huh?

In 1989, Trump took out a full-page ad in a newspaper in New York to urge the state to bring back the death penalty and execute the “Central Park Five.” It turned out that those falsely accused and incarnated men were innocent. They were set free after DNA evidence proved they didn’t commit the crime. This is an excellent reason why Donald Trump should be as far away as possible from deciding our laws. Our Great Orange Leader is no more qualified to pick judges than he is to be President.

The good news? Trump didn’t personally create the list of potential Justices. Some of the most conservative judicial review people have assembled a group of those judges who can clear an FBI investigation and please the far-right evangelicals. I am sure their decisions will be vetted and determined if they are of sound judicial mind, or not.

The reason those evangelical “holy” men give Trump a pass on pussy grabbing and lying is because they believe this is their chance to make abortions illegal again, to get the Lord’s prayer back in our schools and to eradicate all gay rights. The puritans are in charge and Trump is manipulating them for votes. In our dysfunctional society, the minorities are ruling the majority. The White House is a disgrace to the founding fathers.

With this latest shooting, we will once again go through the drill of finding out where and how the shooter got his weapon. We will mourn the five newspaper employees gunned down at work. We will talk about their wonderful lives, loves and families., We might implement better security at the nation’s newspapers and TV newsrooms, but we will do nothing about guns and mental health. Remember, even the offices of Charlie Hebdo in Paris had a security door.

We will probably learn that innocent people died because of what they wrote and published. Five innocent men spent more than a decade in prison because of the hate and rancor of people like Donald Trump. Five Supreme Court Justices will determine the laws of our land. Perhaps a lifelong court appointment should be decided by more than a president. If only Congress was up to the task of rejecting judges who carry with them political memberships that affect their decisions. They will not go against this President. He has bullied them into submission or resignation.

When the founding fathers defined our system up on paper, there were NO political parties or far left or right agendas. There existed only the American agenda. The sooner we get rid of Donald Trump, the faster we will get back to a real America being truly fair for all agendas.

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