Trump’s Tricks Wear Thin

Do you remember when you got into an argument with your parents and their final salvo was a single line that ended the dispute? Their words “…because I said so,” only made you angry and more defiant. In the final analysis, you realized they had a power over you that could not be challenged. Maybe that’s why you wanted to leave home as soon as you could. The escape from parental control is also why some college students do the stupidest things in their first year away from home. It’s a burst of freedom.

People in the media use the word “optics” when something just doesn’t look right. A sharp weapon of denial is built into any liar’s quiver. This morning (6-4-2018), on NBC’s Today show, Bill Clinton was asked if he would have handled the Monica Lewinski scandal differently in light of today’s #MeToo movement. Mr. Clinton, in his raspy style, pointed to the interviewer and talked about him not having all the facts. That is funny. Why would any fact other than Clinton lying about the whole thing matter? You cannot argue away a mistake by either blaming someone else or claiming a deep state conspiracy against you. Bill Clinton did, in fact, have sexual relations with “that woman.”

It is my contention that the way Bill Clinton mishandled his sexual misconduct while in the governor’s mansion in Arkansas and in the Oval Office helped Donald Trump. Clinton handed him a get-out-of-jail card for his “pussy grabbing” comment and helped his team dilute the claims of the more than a dozen women who claimed Trump mistreated them. Both men have sexual demons, delusional darkness and shitty chauvinism that follow them long after they leave the room. The best these power-hungry men can do is merely deny their actions.

Trump’s latest attempt at trickery is the game of telling someone else to make it all go away. He claims he is innocent, there was no collusion, and he embellishes the assertions with “no obstruction.” After saying he did nothing wrong, Trump used his goofy puppet-attorney Rudy to declare that he doesn’t have to abide by a subpoena.

In true Trumpean style, Giuliani claimed that Trump could have shot Comey and gotten away with it. In so many words, Trump’s legal team is saying that the President of the United States is above the law. I’m having a hard time finding that contention in the Constitution.

The assertion that the President could even pardon himself is one of the most idiotic allegations that has ever been made, and I am not alone in my pronouncement. Chris Christie, the former governor of New Jersey and federal prosecutor, said that, “It’s an outrageous claim, it’s wrong.” Christie added on ABC news This Week that Trump’s legal team, “…was trying to make a broad argument.” That doesn’t hold much water.

I have a lot of respect for Preet Bharara, former US attorney, who said that Trump pardoning himself would be an “almost self-executing impeachment.” Amazingly, Giuliani agreed with Bharara on Meet The Press (6-3-2018). So, why the ping-ponging opinions Rudy?

Here are the most logical questions for Trump. If you are so innocent of any charge or theory, why not clear the air, tell the truth and get back to your job of destroying democracy in America? Why the stone-walling? Who are you protecting? Why were there so many meetings with Russians and what happened during them? What is really going on?

Even a casual observer must think that Donald J. Trump is hiding something. Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, while taking about the recent tariffs that Trump capriciously placed on Canadian products, said, “…a year ago when I talked with the president about the possibility of 2-3-2 tariffs steel and aluminum, he agreed that it would be insulting to consider Canada as part of the national security concerns. So, for me, that really doesn’t make sense.”  

Canadians can be overly polite, and one could interpret Trudeau’s words to mean that President Trump cannot be trusted. Other nations cannot rely on what Trump says. His ruthless policies and knee-jerk reactions hurt our allies. Trump is the “jerk” in “knee-jerk” who lies to our allies in wars and trade.

The insanity of President Trump may lead him to think he has stacked the deck of the Supreme Court. But if the question of Presidential power gets to a vote with the Justices, the Donald just might be surprised if they don’t give him cover. Think about that. If the Supreme Court ruled that the president could not be held accountable for his actions and words and was, in effect, above the law, what would keep him from getting rid of the Supreme Court? And wouldn’t that be a wonderful end of TRUMP!

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