Is Trump Really Just a Dictator with a Long Tie?

What are we missing here? The fear of Obama brought together millions of gun buyers, who bought weapons. In case you don’t remember, that paranoia about our first African-American President coming to get your guns never happened.

The word spread quickly through the evangelical communities of our great land that the only party that would protect their religious rights has an elephant mascot. That myth drove their involvement in shaping the political landscape by making a move to the far right. There should be a separation of church and state, but evangelicals don’t believe this Jeffersonian creed.

The other group of people who voted and made Trump the 45th President of the United States of America has been frustrated for decades because of a lack of protection for their jobs and livelihood here at home. We get this and, yes, we probably need to repair this problem in the boardrooms of America.

We now have a leader who truly believes that he, and he alone, can fix all the problems which have ever been created by the past administrations. According to our Great Orange Leader, everything that has ever happened in another era was wrong and helped “destroy” America. Thus, the need for this one man to “make America great again.”

The positive, long-term results of some of Trump’s accomplishments are overshadowed by his obsessive need to attack and tweet. His narcissistic personality sets the media agenda and gets in the way of his smattering of leadership achievements. While most people focus on the firestorms and eruptions from this self-centered demigod, he has brought about major policy changes that will affect America in deeply negative ways.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: immigration. America has always had a strange relationship with the rest of the world. The first fact is that many people love America around the world. They watch our movies and TV shows and they want to come here. They visit for vacation and sometimes they just stay. Our border to the south is a minor player in what the administration calls illegal immigration and drug problems.  There are millions of people who have come to America on airliners from other countries. Trump uses the building of a wall on the Mexican border as a visual to demonstrate his desires. Let’s not forget that the American drug epidemic starts not at the Mexican border but in our local pharmacies with bad doctors over-prescribing.

The big headline in the Washington Post this morning (5-9-2018) said, “U.S. embassy cables warned against expelling 300,000 immigrants. Trump officials did it anyway.” The burden that will be placed on the home countries of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) people in the USA could be a diplomatic nightmare. Once again, Trump is using these executive orders to “clean up the neighborhood” without any understanding about how these moves could destabilize certain countries. War costs more than diplomacy and aid. That is what the Marshall Plan was all about.

Our Attorney General announced that families coming through Mexico because of the violence and unrest in their Central American countries will be divided and children will be taken away from their mothers and fathers. We seem to have lost our morality.

Trump is promoting an isolationist foreign policy. This President, without an end game plan, terminated DACA, walked away from the TPP (an agreement to reel in trade with China) pulled out of the Paris Climate Accord (an agreement to really clean up the world we live in) and now has ended the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), the agreement between Iran and the United States, United Kingdom, Russia, France, China, Germany and the European Union. This was a campaign promise that Trump made and kept, without any long-range strategy other than his little round mouth saying he wants a better deal. Trump even used old data presented by the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, as proof that Iran is in violation of the agreement. This was the Donald’s “WMD” moment.

Trump has gotten rid of more people in the first year of his administration than any other president. He has slowly weeded out common sense thinkers and replaced them with people who agree with him. The real question is whether his actions make America safer or is the world more likely to blow up into proxy and real wars? Sanctions returned to Iran will only weaken European and Asian nations relationships. If you drink the Trump Kool-Aid, you probably believe his huffing and puffing rhetoric will keep our house safe. However, history shows that most of what the U.S. has done in the Middle East has failed.

Speaking on the Daily Show, historian Jon Meacham was rather positive about the power of the Constitution and how even a dipshit like Trump will be controlled sufficiently by time and the rule of law. I am a skeptic, believing Trump will move forward with renewed vigor after getting the three detainees released from North Korea and seeing slight improvements in his approval scores due to an upcoming meeting with Kim Jung-Un.

And what is the meaning of Russian oligarchs and mega-companies depositing large sums of money into the Michael Cohen-Trump slush fund LLC right after the election? It signifies that Trump was either using his lawyer to collect “pay-for-play” fees from companies wanting something, or Michael Cohen was using his proximity to Trump to create a business. The fact that the same account paid hush money to a porn star was Cohen’s big mistake. If a quid-pro-quo can be proven, those payments are bribes.

We must keep our eyes on the prize here. The reward will be a strong democracy not tainted by the aggressive actions of an unchecked President. Trump will probably not be impeached without strong evidence that he was involved in a conspiracy with Russia, but the people must check his bullshit and lies with clear minds when they go to the ballot box. The government that runs the greatest country in the world is in the hands of an amateur who thinks he can do anything. We must not let him ruin what centuries have built.

With all the possible successes of a strong economy and movement in the world toward a more peaceful climate, maybe we can get back to protecting the actual planet. Or am I dreaming?

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