Denying Doesn’t Work Anymore

Why do we apply the term “gate” when naming many American scandals? The handle first appeared when the offices of the Democratic National Committee in the Watergate apartment and hotel complex in D.C. were burglarized on June 17, 1972. When the investigation revealed that the burglary was ordered and then covered up by high-level officials in the administration of President Richard Nixon, that scandal became known as Watergate. Nixon later resigned over the matter. In post-Watergate America, when a coverup or corrupt acts by people in high places get exposed, we often add the expression “gate” to the name of the misdeed.

Watergate, Washington, D.C.

With the releases of more and more Bob Woodward tapes of his interviews with Donald Trump, we now know the President of the United States was complicit in a coverup of the seriousness of COVID-19. We heard Trump telling Woodward the virus was extremely dangerous, while not only keeping that fact from the American public but presenting a deeply positive spin that led many to conclude the virus was not a big deal. After 194,000 Americans have died from the coronavirus, it’s not believable that Trump’s cheerleader routine helped anyone.

I can only wonder if Herman Cain would still be alive had he been more careful with the virus. There are many people who refused to wear a mask because that’s what our President told them to do. In a video clip, a young man at a public location was asked why he wasn’t wearing a mask. He replied, “Well, if the President isn’t wearing a mask, why should I?” The lemmings have been following the rotund, orange pumpkin over the ledge. It didn’t have to be like this.

Woodward’s tapes reveal more than the COVID-coverup; they expose Trump’s lack of empathy and the need for him to talk more than listen. When answering the question about how the white privileged class relates to African American fears, Trump accused Woodward of “drinking the Kool-Aid.” What does that mean? Trump was suggesting that caring about equal rights for all Americans, systemic racism and the Black Lives Matter movement is the result of ingesting a poisonous elixir. Trump has once again shown that his north star is not concerned with helping people of color or focusing on civil rights. He has classified empathy and sympathy for the movement as a liberal conspiracy. The man seeks and feels nothing other than the adulation of others.

It was not funny hearing all the Trumpets on TV last weekend using the phrase “fog of war” as an excuse for the President’s overt lies and misdirection at the beginning of the pandemic. Bob Woodward called Trump the “dynamite,” leading any thoughtful person to believe it’s not the fog we should worry about but rather the explosive ready to detonate in our faces.

The sales pitch that our 45th President was simply being calm and attempting to avoid a public panic doesn’t hold water. Trump told us that COVID-19 was just like the flu and we would be able to extinguish the “little flareups” and “embers” of the virus. In reality, Trump’s malfeasance was more like pouring gasoline on the embers. Running around the country holding rallies and exposing his own voters to the virus has been more important to him than executing a powerful plan for mitigation.

Trump and his minions cannot admit that he’s a goddamn liar. Sending out campaign surrogates and economic advisers to claim that Trump did the right thing by misinforming the America public is an affront of intense proportions. He and his mouthpieces need to be compelled to testify in a thorough investigation. A price must be paid for harming American citizens.

As for Donald Trump, there are those who have sipped the Kool-Aid and believe that he’s a deity here to save humanity. Funny, but the savior is luring his faithful to the mountain of crosses. For this metaphor, think about Roman soldiers with their cats o’ nine tail as the virus. As I have barked through my rally megaphone, “HE’S GOING TO KILL YOU!”

Woodward & Trump

For more and more people, the leaks, lies and misdirection are no longer working. In Bob Woodward’s new book Rage, the leaker is the President himself. He talked at length to a seasoned and astute reporter and got it all wrong — a display of sheer stupidity. Donald John Trump a fool! I wonder what secrets his loose lips have given to foreign leaders.

Before the Woodward book was released, Trump was tweeting it would be “fake” without knowing its contents. When asked about Woodward, the Donald claimed he knew little about his work. WTF? The singular reason Donald gave Bob access was because he knew his past critical work and wanted to con him into writing a pro-Trump book. He was angry about Woodward’s first Trump book called Fear and, as they say in golf, Donald wanted a “mulligan,” a do-over. Trump has also said he should get a third term because he was treated so poorly in his first. What Kool-Aid has he been drinking?

I ping-pong between thinking the Donald is a daft dupe or a conniving criminal, but maybe I need to think outside of the box. Why can’t he be both? He has no sense of history, an inability to keep facts straight and a lack of courage to do the right thing, especially when it might hurt his image. He’s utterly transactional and cannot be trusted. Everything is a win or lose game for our President. If Americans cannot determine what winning means to the man why should they trust Trump to oversee anything?

Trump said the goal of dealing with North Korea was to get them to denuclearize, but the result was a more powerful nuclear threat. Trump was played by a young, fat tyrant and he lost. All that remains are dozens of embarrassing love letters between Kim Jong-Un and Donald Trump. Think of the delusion of a football coach who is speaking with the press after a significant rout, “We did a fabulous job today. What a success!” When a reporter points out that coach’s team lost by a score of 49 to 3, the coach yells, “You should be ashamed for asking that question.” Really?

I am done with this nonsense. Trump is a loser and a con man. Period. Let’s eject him on November the third!

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Trump’s White Privilege Revealed

There are times when the great, orange hype-master in the White House makes a gigantic stink about something hardly anyone knows about, and by rebuking it he creates not only a viral event but also makes more people aware of that very thing he wants them to ignore. Such goofy thinking!

We have had starts and stops with racial matters in America. There are times when we make some progress, then other times we fall back and trample our “better angels,” the ones President Lincoln turned to at times. One of the things I have learned is the more I study our presidents the less likely I’m inclined to hoist them onto a huge glory pedestal.

Thomas Jefferson

When we heard the recorded conversations of Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon, their uncensored language about “Jews” and “colored people” was dreadful. I read some of the things Dwight Eisenhower said after he had a few drinks, I was stunned and saddened. It was nothing less than racist language and a continuation of “established” racist views held by many Americans. I’m sorry to burst any bubbles, but racism is the norm in America, not the exception.

When the New York Times launched their 1619 Project in August of 2019, I assumed it was a marketing ploy to increase readership. It commemorated the 400th anniversary of the first arrival of enslaved Africans at the English colonies of mainland North America in August of 1619, thus the name.

If you want to dive more deeply, you can learn more here. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have heard that these articles have been met with much controversy. The entire undertaking is not riddled with lies, but it is being challenged and maligned by historians of every ilk and political persuasion.

One of the most challenged premises in the 1619 Project is that American independence from Britain was a way for our new country to maintain slavery. In fact, the slave trade wasn’t outlawed in Great Britain by Royal Assent until March 25, 1807, but a man was freed by British Chief Justice Lord Mansfield. That ruling in 1772 stated that that “no master ever was allowed here (England) to take a slave by force to be sold abroad because he deserted from his service… therefore the man must be discharged.” And so James Somerset, a slave, won his freedom. The founding fathers knew that this only applied to England and not the 13 colonies, but they heard the footsteps of freedom. They worried that they would be next.

Remember we debated and concluded that we needed to break away from King George in 1776 over a long list of grievances clearly stated in the Declaration of Independence. You can read that legal document here.

Some people get hung up by certain aspects of our justice system, like the notion that someone who lied once means everything else they say is tainted. Ask Michael Cohen. If you write something, especially if it has the sheen of a scholarly work, someone will challenge you, if not in a letter to the editor then in a court of law.

Some choose to fight the battle based on an adoring viewpoint that our founding fathers were righteous and driven by the Magna Carta, rather than being money-oriented and goaded by wealth and profiteering. Don’t ignore human nature here, folks. Many historical accounts demonstrate that the white planters hyped a revolution because they wanted to make sure they kept their land. For example, a unique 215-foot-high rock formation in Rockbridge County, Virginia, along with 150 surrounding acres, were purchased from King George III of England by Thomas Jefferson on July 5, 1774. Jefferson knew the monument would have significant value (as a tourist trap) and he named it Natural Bridge.

When America was a colony of Britain, the settlers developed their own governments in each state, loosely based on what they knew from their motherland. Our founding fathers were still British citizens who believed their deeds, documents and demands of common law should not be abridged. King George brazenly decreed that none of those documents would be honored. This pissed off the landowners and founding fathers so, yes, it’s true that economics was very much a driver in the liberation of the 13 states.

One of the ways our rich, land-owning white forefathers kept the laborers and non-Blacks in line was taking away land from freed Black slaves or indentured servants and giving that land to white men. A bond that was massaged with Christianity, white privilege and pro-slavery kept everyone on the same page for a revolution. Could our founders have spread the word that if we didn’t break away from the mother country all our slaves would be released to burn down the suburbs? That is hard to know, even for the New York Times, and I hope I’m correct in thinking that stone has already been unearthed by at least one of our many newspapers and writers.

Did the early power brokers and self-proclaimed intellectuals know that Great Britain was going to outlaw the slave trade in 1807? How can one know the future? Maybe they had advice from people like Ben Franklin, who lived primarily in London until 1775. After Franklin completed his role in the Continental Congress, he moved to Paris. The things a man will do to get out of the house! Ben was supposed to keep France on our side and provide loans to keep this country solvent, and it wouldn’t have been beneath Franklin to spread some useful lies. France didn’t declare slavery illegal until 1848 however, so the idea that Uncle Ben could have told us about the future demise of slavery is not credible.

Most Americans don’t realize that the King, or Queen of the United Kingdom is also the head of the Church of England. Back in the late 1770s, King George had the power to declare the slave trade dead, but he didn’t. Now, let’s return to today’s America.

In July 2020, Republican Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas proposed the “Saving American History Act of 2020.” It prohibited K-12 schools from using federal funds to teach curriculum related to the 1619 Project. Tom Cotton says, “The 1619 Project is a racially divisive and revisionist account of history that threatens the integrity of the Union by denying the true principles on which it was founded.” While this “cotton-picking” Congressman from Arkansas pisses on the Frist Amendment, I would add that his belief that he, and he alone, can save American history is audacious and laughable.

Mr. Cotton didn’t go it alone. He was able to manipulate one other person to take up the sword against a newspaper. This week, Donald John Trump stated on Twitter that the Department of Education will investigate whether California public schools are using the 1619 Project as part of their school curriculum and, if they are, they will “not be funded!”

It wasn’t just Tom Cotton who pulled the wool over Trump’s eyes, it was also Tucker Carlson, the Joseph Goebbels of American media, who broadcasted a major show on the 1619 Project. Now, the President thinks that words on a paper are more dangerous than Russia, North Korea and the global pandemic all rolled into one. Things Tucker Carlson has said and proposed over the years leave no doubt in my mind that he is a racist. Cotton, on the other hand, should know better.

The real reason Trump is fighting so hard against the 1619 Project is because he sees racism and America’s racist history through the lens that Fred Sr. implanted in his deficient head. Like a bad software update, these prejudices make the Donald unable to understand anything that challenges his white privilege.

According to NPR, “Trump won just 8% of the Black vote in 2016 and current polls show the vast majority of Black voters backing Trump’s Democratic rival, former Vice President Joe Biden.” African American women vote more than Black men, but the key question is will Trump’s efforts against the 1619 Project make him look like a white plantation owner, wanting to keep the facts of slavery from the young Black and white voters out in the street protesting? Or maybe he’s just another racist waving his white sheet… yet again.

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Trump Election Night Chaos is Possible

I viewed a disturbing program on HBO’s Axios about the potential of a “red mirage” on election night. If you haven’t seen the story, watch it here. This so-called mirage is based on the projection that more than 40% of Americans will vote by mail because of the pandemic. Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of a company named Hawkfish, first presented this theory. Hawkfish is funded by Mike Bloomberg to support Democratic candidates, but the company’s precise agenda is unclear. Their website presents a dazzling array of imprecise buzzwords that paint a fuzzy picture, but here’s a quote from Mendelsohn, “We are sounding an alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump.” When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be some day after Election Day, it could be that what happened on election night was truly a “red mirage,” I hope the news networks are aware of the potential and have their heads screwed on tightly to prevent such a disaster.

This “red mirage” could happen if news reporters, eager to get and hold their audiences, hype early returns which show Donald Trump and Mike Pence winning in many states. People will go to bed on election night believing the Donald got his four more years but when all legitimate votes are finally counted, perhaps as much as a week after November 3, it might be found those election night predictions were just a “mirage” and the true winners are Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

We all know that Donald John Trump is an anxious, impatient child. We know on election night he could possibly make a bizarre pronouncement of victory. He truly will believe if he speaks the words, they will be true. It’s not inconceivable that he would try to declare that any votes counted after he anoints himself the winner will be invalid. That would certainly be scary and create a constitutional crisis. If you think this is bullshit, see how long he’s been able to stonewall his tax returns. He might use his legal goons to keep the results away from us for months.

Dear News Executives:

You have an election night responsibility beyond your standard operating procedures. Just as you wouldn’t purposely create panic due to a virus or natural disaster, you certainly wouldn’t want to force a constitutional crisis by announcing incorrect election results. So, what exactly should you do on election night? I have some suggestions.

First, you must inform your audience that this is not a sprint; it’s a marathon. As much as you would like to have a grand conclusion on election night, that won’t happen. All media outlets should have a “gentleman’s agreement” that they will not call a win until each state’s secretary announces their winner. I know this will take discipline on your part, and should you feel reluctant, remember how foolish you looked with the Gore vs. Bush fiasco All of you need to manage the expectations of the viewers while ignoring any conspiracy minded elephant in the room.

You might want to consider changing the format of the reporting. Instead of a reporter jumping between multiple screens with small bits of data, use the old radio concept of “weather on the tens.” Radio programmers used that concept so their audiences would know they would hear the weather forecast every ten minutes. It kept folks from tuning out before hearing the day’s weather. Your election coverage could be presented as 2020 RETURNS, EVERY TWENTY MINUTES. Give us short updates and promote the fact you’ll stay on the air until the final ballots are counted. No matter how many days that might be.

I know you will be tempted to use exit polls to embellish the coverage because the results will be slow in coming, but I urge that you DON’T. If you predict an outcome while ballots are still being counted, you will not only play into the conspiracy theory that our election is corrupt, fixed or rigged, but you could confuse the voters. Yes, as much as your million-dollar graphics, skillful on-the-fly pundits and experts should be seen and heard, they will not be helpful if they announce that a particular candidate was victorious when they were not.

The “red mirage” being talked about is a real possibility and you have a responsibility of making sure Americans believe you and trust that the election results are real. Your brands have suffered damage by the acts of the President, the Congress and Russians. You can repair your reputations by becoming beacons of truth and accurate information. As I have said to my neighbors, we may never agree on talking points, but we must agree on facts. It’s your job to deliver verified truth so that the word “retraction” is never needed.

Every four years we hear, “This is the most important election in the history of the United States.” The divide between viewpoints ensures that many people will be angry with the results. Perhaps on this one you should avoid the crossfire and ignore the temptation to be sucked into the hyperbole and misdirection of being first with the results. Please, just give us the facts.


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The Confidence Man Cometh, Again

You cannot say a challenge is resolved before you fix it. You cannot solve a problem by pronouncing it conquered. And you cannot wash away this pandemic by pouring wet, little lies over it. Donald Trump believes he can lie his way back into office. Is America really that dimwitted and demented? We are only seventy days away from the answer.

During the opening day of the Republican National Convention, the New York Times put matters in perspective by writing that the campaign will “…engage in sweeping revisionism about Mr. Trump’s management of the coronavirus pandemic, his record on race relations and much else.” They also laid out a dystopian picture of what the United States would look like under a Biden administration, warning of a “‘vengeful mob’ that would lay waste to suburban communities and turn quiet neighborhoods into war zones.”

Here we go, people. Donald Trump wants you to believe America is going down the drain. If the intent of the Republican party was painting a more optimistic picture, then what the hell was that? What I find most disturbing is not only blaming others for what has happened in the last four years but also the constant disassociation with reality. I am not a zombie and I am not on SOMA (for all you H. G. Wells & Aldous Huxley fans).

Let’s take some of the con-man’s words and deeds and put them to the test. Are people rioting in certain cities? Yes. Why? Because African Americans are seeing videos of police shooting Black men and women. Why? Could it be that there is systemic racism in our police departments across America? It does seem many people of color are being snuffed out at the hands of white men. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, which is part of the National Institutes of Health, “the fatality rate is 2.8 times higher among blacks than whites” during interactions with police officers.

The Republican sales pitch is that COPS are right, and DEMOCRATS are wrong. Really? Why does that surprise anyone? Donald Trump has some deeper motivations that you can either ignore or investigate. If Donald Trump’s party of one sincerely cares about African American rights and societal changes, why are there so few Black voices supporting and echoing him? Oh yeah, there’s Tim Scott of South Carolina, but for the life of me I cannot reconcile his myopic view of the civil rights of Black people. However, we’ve seen this before and my Uncle had a term for it.

The prophecy that electing Joe Biden will destroy western civilization is an extremely strange way to pitch a fraud. Most con artists tell you how great your life will be if you buy what they are selling. The Donald’s positioning at the convention was totally defensive and negative. It was like a bar fight where one of the survivors comes out the carnage to announce, “Well, yes, my mother, father and wife were killed in the fight but I am the winner. I’m still standing.” It’s not the lack of empathy; it’s the unbelievable quote of the bloodied survivor justifying why he couldn’t save more people, “Hey, they were there on their own. If I didn’t get out of there the death count would have been much greater.” Yes, 177,000 people have died from COVID, but let’s remember what Donald Trump said, “It’s going to be just fine. One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.” He bragged that if we had less than 100,000 deaths it would prove HE did a fantastic job. Really? He also said, “This should have been stopped in China.” Okay, but why haven’t WE stopped it in the United States?

Trump never scrutinizes the effects of his actions and policies. He simply moves on. Achieving a goal is part of leadership but I see no accountability. Trump went so far as to say he takes no responsibility. Wow, who is this guy? Even Jerry Falwell, Jr. faces the truth and is honest for a couple of hours before crawling back into his deep, secret place.

Another Republican talking point is voting for Democrats will make America socialist. I find this funny. The guy who is attempting to gut Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is trying to lump Biden supporters into a “socialist bucket.” There is no altruism in the party of Trump. There is only selfishness and screeds lacking empathy. If socialism is so bad, why did Trump allow the national debt to get so far out of control? If socialism is so evil, why did he sign bailout bills that gave away billions of dollars to companies, organizations and buddies? The money he handed out was a raid on our national bank. Donald somehow believes that donations will keep people from going back to jobs they no longer have. It’s just another ludicrous lie. People want to work safely.

Mrs. George Conway

Now, let’s pull in for a close-up on the ludicrous harangue that Democrats will destroy the suburbs. Trump’s tweet about affordable housing was so racist I cannot understand how Republicans can credibly support the man. The President of the United States tweeted, “I am happy to inform all of the people living their Suburban Lifestyle Dream that you will no longer be bothered or financially hurt by having low income housing built in your neighborhood. Your housing prices will go up based on the market, and crime will go down. I have rescinded the Obama-Biden AFFH Rule [Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing]. Enjoy!”

One of the great TV comedy characters of Key and Peele was Luther, President Obama’s anger translator. His role was helping get Obama’s messages out to African Americans. Please allow me to channel that routine by showing the way Luther would have written that tweet, “Hey WHITE PEOPLE, I know you really don’t want Blacks and trailer trash moving in next door so you should be KISSING MY ASS because I just changed the law that will keep those lowlifes that DEMS call “PEOPLE” out of your clean, white suburbs. YOU OWE ME.”  

Donald Trump has spent his life far removed from the suburbs. He is out of touch on the true meaning of that term. When he uses the outdated word “housewives” to attempt resonance with suburbanites, he sounds like a guy from the 1950s.

Check out the stats from Gwinnett County, Georgia A SUBURB OF ATLANTA. The racial makeup of the county’s population is 47.4% White, 28.5% Black, 18.8% Asian and 28.5% Hispanic, meaning 75.8 of the Gwinnett County population is non-white. Are Republicans happy about Trump’s declaration of “purifying” the suburban neighborhoods of America? Putting this in perspective, Donald Trump will need tons of votes from that 75.8% slice of that county to win. What a misguided strategy. Oh well, we need a new president. Donald Trump’s myth that he’s been the greatest President since Abraham Lincoln is the biggest, STRONGEST and most RIDICULOUS LIE that has ever been articulated, and Trump knows articulation. He uses his left hand to do it.

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Trump’s Terrible Weekend of Death & Fear

I cannot imagine what my emotional state would be if one of my siblings were removed from this earth. Death is an all-powerful notion we humans respect and revere. It was sad to learn that Robert Stewart Trump died last Saturday. Robert is Donald Trump’s younger brother and he’s believed to be a direct opposite to his erratic and self-serving brother. Robert benefited greatly from the Trump fortunes and even worked for his brother, running the Casinos in Atlantic City, NJ.

Unsuccessful Casino

To put this story in perspective, know that the Donald blamed Robert for the failure of the Taj Mahal casino. Auditors claim the casino lost millions because of mismanagement. Donald Trump berated Robert in front of other employees and Robert simply walked out of the room, just like the big, orange presidential pumpkin does when confronted by the press.

Robert patched up things with Donald after his big brother started running for President, which netted Trump an endorsement from his little brother. Robert was about 6’5” while Donald stands at 6’3”. I’m sure that difference bothered the Donald. To the President’s credit, he visited his brother in the hospital the day before he died, then played golf on Saturday.

People are being critical of Trump for that leisure while his brother was living his final hours, but isn’t that consistent? Donald Trump went to a movie with his sister Elizabeth when his older brother Freddie was on his deathbed. I am disturbed by all the hate, vitriol and lashing out about Trump on social media. Hey, he’s afraid of dying and has a bizarre idea that his death will come when someone poisons him. Paranoid?

While 170,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19, Trump is laser-focused on his campaign and not the health of American citizens. His new virus task force spokesman, radiologist Dr. Atlas, must be reading more tea leaves than X-rays by claiming virus fear is a product of the media. Do radiologists know anything about viruses?

I am struck by the electioneering being done by loud, angry and spiteful Trump supporters at some of the early voting locations in my county. The Biden supporters will have to walk through the mob to vote on November 3, but hopefully we will get a resolve on the post office drama this week. Trump broke the USPS, and if he doesn’t fix it I am hoping another criminal charge will be added to his permanent record in January.

What is it about Donald Trump that compels him to break things? He is like the spoiled kid losing in Monopoly and throwing everything off the board, toppling the table and yelling, “CHEATER, CHEATER!” as he runs back to mommy — a mother who had no time for him.

I have said to anyone who will listen that the best thing for this country would be Donald Trump or one of his immediate family contracting COVID. I am not saying that I want any of them to succumb, but the reality of this virus cannot be fully understood until it’s on your front porch.

Most conservatives don’t understand the normalcy of homosexuality until one of their kids comes out of the closet. A parent then has three choices, disown, embrace, or deny and only one of them is good. We cannot depend on Trump and his flunkies to make good calls during this pandemic; they just aren’t smart enough. They deny and disengage, but the facts and figures are everywhere. They cannot disown their behavior and inaction. Hey, 170,000 people are DEAD!

I just finished reading, Michael Beschloss’ book, Presidents of War and the more I learned about the men who held the office the less I liked each of them. I am amazed at how many people don’t simply say they dislike Trump. Instead they use words like, “I cannot tell you how much I hate the guy.” Wow! In a weak moment the other day Trump said, “I guess people don’t like me.” There, out loud he admitted his greatest fear, being rejected. I guess all the Democrats and anti-Trump Independents have become Trump’s dead father. Why does he need so much attention and love?

Trump is unprepared for the office of President, unqualified to deal with trade and unable to cope with science, truth, statistics and fatalities. Out of the five Fred and Mary Trump offspring, only the women survive. Yes, swipe intended. The little whiny baby in the White House has no empathy in the tank. He’s a spent little man.

The moment of truth is arriving. There will be much chaos and arguing and debate about whether Donald John Trump is worth saving. He’s not. I wonder if Maine’s Senator Susan Collins now thinks Trump has “learned his lesson” after the impeachment. He hasn’t. Can Trump deal with death? Probably he’ll post a tweet and move on, thinking, “Well, at least it wasn’t me,” and that is terribly sad.

If Trump loses the election, will he be able to concede and walk away like an honorable man would do? He’s running out of people to pardon, but who knows what his reaction will be. Will he become the only president in history to be hauled out of the White House by the D.C. Park Police, or worse, by the military? That would be so totally disgraceful. It would be the ultimate proof he cares more about himself than America.

Why do we have to deal with the Donald? Well, we made a mistake and we must fix it and move on. I am not afraid of the Trump flag wavers giving me the finger, but I am angry that even those sycophants had to endure this idiot. I took a stand in 2016, and I am not going to give it up. HE’S AN IDIOT! And as I drove by the Trump protesters, I put my bullhorn out the window and chanted, “HE’S GONG TO KILL YOU! HE’S GOING TO KILL YOU!”

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For those too busy to read

Most people have one of two viewpoints on John Bolton. Some see him for what he is, an intelligent neoconservative (neocon) while others view him as a self-serving public servant who decided that he knew better than Donald Trump. According to his book, The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir this Bolton curmudgeon is always right and has the power to back sell. In diplomatic terms, his righteousness attempts more to impress and less to illuminate. That being said, there is value in reading this book. For those on the left, it reinforces all the previous memoirs and hatchet jobs. For those who follow the neocon religion, you will see that Bolton is just as recalcitrant as Trump. If you call anyone who confronts President Trump’s petulance and lies a traitor, you will only get steamed.

One of the best quotes in the book is Bolton’s reaction to the way Trump typically handled communication. Bolton said, “As was often the case, Trump had truth mixed with misunderstanding and malice.” One of the low points in the tome is Bolton’s defense of his statement that we should employ the “Libyan model” when dealing with North Korea and Kim Jung-Un. In fact, after Muammar al-Gaddafi got rid of his nuclear capabilities the Arab summer came. The two have nothing to do with each other, but in the latter Gaddafi was run out of office, captured by a mob and murdered on a road. Bolton uses the Latin “post hoc, ergo propter hoc,” which means after this, therefore, because of this. The use of Latin throughout the book is a literary trick. He inserts arcane words and phrases to stamp his IQ on the text rather than aiming for effective and understandable writing.

Throughout his book, Bolton posits an incredulous vision of the past. Of course, the supreme leader in North Korea heard the phrase “Libyan model” and assumed that America was going to take away his bombs, overthrow him, then kill him and unite the peninsula. The walk-back in the book is flimsy.

Bolton clearly highlights one of Trump’s worst habits, not listening. Certainly, one can keep their mouth shut while not listening, but Bolton points out a different situation with Trump. When someone starts talking, the “leader of the free world” rudely interrupts and filibusters until everyone submits to his will and parrots his opinions. Bolton claims his role was keeping Trump from disastrous actions. He also shares his harsh criticism of the Trump term, “My Generals.” It can best be said that Bolton had a pure Napoleonic complex and viewed himself as “protecting” the nation from an ill-prepared president.

John Bolton’s book is noticeably big. Its 592 pages seem to cover every event that happened while John Bolton was Trump’s “Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs.” Hmmm, his title is just about as long as the book. It’s written in diary style and follows the timeline of the way events unfolded. Don’t expect any descriptive passages based on visual observation. The book mostly focuses on the dialogs of its main characters.

Caution, in its initial release this book has many semi-typos. This is probably the result of too many hands touching the work. The White House wanted much of it to be redacted because they said it contained extremely sensitive, classified information. That’s doubtful. I think they were concerned about how the book’s details make Trump look bad.

Most of the book covers what Trump said, and how he handled leaders around the world. Those accounts are embarrassing not only to Trump, but to all of us. We elected an idiot. Trump’s lack of discipline with and execution of the duties of his office is stunningly glaring in this book. I came away from each chapter thinking the 45th President is so misinformed that he’s dangerous.

Who should read this book? The person who first comes to mind is Donald Trump. It’s John Bolton’s big reveal of all those times he didn’t speak truth to Trump’s face and the information he didn’t share with the oversight committees in Congress. If only Trump could read, perhaps he could begin to understand how people feel about him. Of course, it would hurt his feelings, but at this point who gives a damn?

A legal specialist might suggest that much of what is in Bolton’s book is hearsay, but at least he has conveyed those things he “thought” and “witnessed.” It would have been so much better had Bolton testified during the Impeachment Trial. Those involved in supporting Trump during that debacle should study this book and then ask themselves, “Why am I supporting our imbecile president?”

I highly recommend this book to any young person who is thinking about going into government, law or politics. It clearly expresses not only how governance should NOT be conducted, but how things SHOULD work in our Executive Branch. What I took away from this book is that Bolton believes Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush and Barack Obama are not as smart as he is. Each of his opinions is highly filtered through his own ideological prism. While at times he can be objective, his sense of humor is sarcastic and heavily dosed with ad hominem.

There are some descriptions in Bolton’s book that make me question if he wrote the opposite of what he believes or was just being sarcastic. Most of the time my conclusion was the latter, but anyone could easily misunderstand his position. I have an impression that John Bolton is just as recalcitrant as his former boss. He’s also a “save his own ass-type” with a lengthy chapter on Venezuela, which is Trump’s and Bolton’s personal “bay of pigs” embarrassment. Bolton blames everyone else for the failures, just like Trump blames Bolton.  Bolton admits that he combined the pandemic healthcare group with the biological warfare group, claiming that made them more efficient. He says they did their job on the COVID-19 case but that the real problem was the empty seat behind the resolute desk in the Oval Office, a clear attempt at his own vindication.

Now that we have psychological details about Trump’s life in the new book by his niece, Mary L. Trump, Bolton’s tome will be pushed aside and slowly dropped from news coverage. For a true news freak and political junky like me, Mary L. Trump’s book is amazing. A person trying to figure out who to vote for in November will view the book’s content through their own filters and prejudices.

If you want to save your money, you could wait until Bolton’s book arrives at your public library, if it is still open during the pandemic. To me, John Bolton has confirmed what all others have said before. When your critics think you are bad at what you do, and everyone who once worked for you thinks you are stupid or foolish, what more do we need to know? Many who have any sort of conversation with Donald Trump feel that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Bolton’s book simply confirms this.

Bolton says he won’t vote for Trump or Biden in November. Although Bolton wants us to think he’s some great “patriot,” he will waste his vote on someone else, like a “Bernie-bro.” I had no respect for John Bolton before I read his book and that hasn’t changed. He’s just another person who was tormented in his youth, spent his life being a good student with an excellent IQ and worked over and over to prove himself. He may be getting back at those who scorned his intellect, but he is in no way helping America. He’s helping John Bolton. At best, the book is a B-minus. It has some pictures at then end, but still, Trump will never read it.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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Red Racism, Blue Anger and White Power

We speak English in America, but it’s not British-Oxford English. Our speech is simply American, and the reason we have a different patois is because of a bunch of words on a piece of paper called the Declaration of Independence written in 1776. I grew up in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, which has some strange words and arcane ways of speaking. For example, we would urge someone to clean a space by saying, “Red up the room.” It was a bastardization of the old Pennsylvania Dutch, “Make ready the room.”  Then there’s the wonderful Pittsburgh word “gumband,” better known as a rubber band.

I have been accused of saying some stupid things, and my response was always, “Hey, I’m from Pittsburgh,” which was like saying, “Don’t mind me, we are all stupid.” Perhaps that’s not the best foot forward when trying to seem like you aren’t dumb.

In Pittsburgh, Black people, or as my father called anyone of African American roots “colored people,” lived in a neighborhood called “The Hill District.” When the city was young, many Jewish merchants had shops in this section of town. As the neighborhood changed, those of the Jewish faith moved further east to a place called Squirrel Hill. Today, those neighborhoods are remarkably the same as they were when I lived there fifty years ago.

I grew up in a totally white suburban town named Brentwood, and I believe this stunted my understanding about race and America. Once I got to college, I was exposed to a whole new world. In my everyday life I was engaging with African Americans, and it was rewarding. I was never afraid or against anyone of that race, but I was not at all knowledgeable about the “black experience” in America back then. I knew we were different, but I never viewed that as limiting. I thought it was just another life lesson.

One of my good friends in college was a guy named Ron Chavis. I always enjoyed being with him and, incidentally, he was African American. Ron was probably one of my first Black friends and we have been lifelong buddies ever since. One day, I was walking past a bus stop where Ronnie was waiting for the bus. Next to him was an older white woman. We exchanged greetings and then Ron said, “Hey, brother, I want you to meet my mother.” I’m sure I must have looked surprised because I thought he was fooling around, but it was indeed his mother. My small, little 19-year old mind couldn’t comprehend that since Ronnie was a Black man, how could he have a white mother. There was my first confrontation with my own baked in racism that was seeded by ignorance. Another lesson learned.

In the early 60s, a comedian named Lenny Bruce was the first real “shock jock” of the standup stage and his act made us aware that words are just words. His liberal approach to language led to many arrests of the funny man, and his persecution was more than a complex. While he was appealing a four-month sentence for a charge of obscenity, Bruce turned to heroin, a common drug with jazz musicians and actors in that era, and that drug killed him. The charges were eventually dropped. Lenny Bruce confronted many societal norms like sex and religion. One of his favorite lines was, “Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God.”  I can’t imagine what Lenny would have done with the Black Lives Matter movement, but I can envision him making fun of it and urging the brothers to get guns and kill the motherfuckers.

As a 4th of July gift of sorts, I got an email that urged me to forward it to ten friends. The opening written by someone I don’t know who was trying to explain how white people are being unjustly accused of racism in America. He included the transcript of the standup routine that Michael Richards did that got him banned from show business. In case you forgot, Richards played Cosmo Kramer for eleven years on Seinfeld. The racist rant “Kramer” tried to pull off was said to be a reaction to people coming late into the venue in 2006. I believe the reason Lenny Bruce “got away with” his language was his clever, intellectual way of writing. In short, Richards is no Lenny Bruce and the old maxim should be applied here, If you go over the edge, it’s got to be really funny!

I understand when people are challenged for their beliefs and undertones of actions and language. I do not like it when an African American in power attempts to put down their workers by accusing them of “white privilege.” Now before you get your underpants in a knot, you should know the meaning of RACISM. It’s prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against a person or people based on their membership in a racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

So, the color of your skin or membership in a group doesn’t determine how your words and actions are defined and interpreted by others. If I am antagonistic toward, say, the AMISH, I could be a racist. They are Caucasian, and I am a white man, but in this example, I would be a racist. We must learn what the words mean before we define ourselves. One person can never know what is in someone else’s heart. My mother and father didn’t believe they were racist, but they were. I did not judge their ignorance, but I strived to figure out why they thought and spoke in racist ways. Why did they teach me so much about the Bible and our fabulous democracy, but never instilled a loving attitude toward people of other cultures or ethnic groups? Maybe it was just a reflection of their parents’ beliefs.

I bristle when I hear people going overboard and reacting defensively in racial discussions, especially when the word racism bothers them. I can hear a subtle hint of white privilege in what they are saying but they don’t even realize they have a chip on their shoulder. When a white lady pulled a gun on a Black lady at a restaurant recently, the video revealed she yelled, “White people are not racists.” I laughed and thought, wow, she knows every white person in America?

I’ve lived in the south for half my life and if you asked many of my neighbors over the years, “Which race is smarter, White, Black or Asian?” Lots of these God fearing, church going folk would say, “Asians are smart.” WHY? Why would they say this about Asian Americans but not AFRICAN AMERICANS? It’s not a trick; it’s the ugliness of RACISM.

We should be all working together to cure our abundance of boiling anger and hate. Our country is 244 years old today and I love AMERICA. I love our freedoms and our system of government, even when it’s stained by partisan bullshit and lies. If you give the people the truth, they will do the right thing.

We are different. We don’t look alike, but that is not a weakness, it’s a strength. We are white, African Americans are black and ah, … what color is an Asian? If yellow popped into your head, it is dripping with the RACISM you didn’t even know you have. I am not asking you to agree with me, I am asking you to think about who you are as a person.

American greatness will be judged by what we do next, not continually justifying the sins of our past. For those who have no slaves in their family trees, you will never understand the grievances, fear and anger of those amongst us. They don’t want to look at the confederate monuments and flags. It hurts them.

Excuse my freedom of speech here, but you should fucking know what those colors really stand for in our flag. Historians say, RED symbolizes hardiness and valor (some say blood shed for our freedom), WHITE suggests our purity and innocence (newborns don’t know prejudice) and BLUE represents vigilance, perseverance and justice. And those are the only colors you need to focus on today.


The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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The Folly of Trumpean Politics

I noticed something in 2002 when SARS hit, and then again in 2009 with the coming of the H1N1 virus. Asians who lived in big cities were wearing face masks. I’ll admit I chuckled then about their worry of catching a bird flu, but now I get it.

Healthcare should be the number one focus the American government. When people cannot work everything else goes to shit. If this global pandemic has taught us anything, it would be that, yes, we are connected and global and our imprudent, populist president cannot change this reality. Always remember that the military is driven by human beings, and a virus that plows through our population will challenge our readiness to defend the country. It’s the commander in chief’s responsibility to protect our nation, but he’s too busy arranging rallies.

Doctor Fauci finally admitted the reason that the Center for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health didn’t advise mask wearing early on was stoked by fear that healthcare workers would run out of protective gear. He knew US stockpiles lacked a sufficient supply of PPE. This is more than a smoking gun. It’s proof that Donald Trump lied about the pandemic and his advice to not worry was total folly. It’s a coverup that Doctors Deborah Birx and Anthony Fauci helped facilitate.

The old “I told you so” works only when written in a cover-your-ass memo after the fact. More Americans were exposed to COVID-19 because we were not told the truth. It’s a little like the finger pointing that took place after 9-11. The agencies tasked with protecting us were able to demonstrate the lack of sharing, collaboration and communication, but nowhere in that analysis was there thinking about prevention against it happening again. It did, and the coronavirus proves we have a serious lack of leadership at the top and our trillions-dollars of resources are not properly being used to coordinate our government agencies. Trump should never have been the spokesperson of the effort against COVID. He’s just too brainless to understand or handle it.

As happened in the JFK assassination and the 9-11 attacks, ego, turf and political bullshit are in the way and lives are being lost in this pandemic. Unnecessary death never looks good on your resume. Donald John Trump only makes things worse with his off-center viewpoint that it’s all about him. It appears he will continue to fly around the country hosting dangerous rallies, directly exposing his team members and voter base to COVID-19.

If we believed we could be brought to our knees by a virus, wouldn’t we have had sufficient stockpiles of masks to blunt the disease when it came ashore? Trump never thought it would happen to him, but he failed to understand that he’s not America, we are. His disregard of the advice to wear a mask at the start of this insane ride is utter proof he has done more harm than good in our crisis. He’s like the teenager in the backseat urging his drunk buddy to drive faster and faster during their late-night joyride. Then, just when the driver thought it couldn’t get worse, the bully in the backseat screams, “Turn off the headlights!”

Deer in headlights

Trump hates virus testing because it reminds him of how deeply damaging this global pandemic is. The orange, overweight cheerleader wants us all to simply think “happy thoughts” and re-elect him, but the citizens of this country are analyzing, thinking and drawing their own conclusion. Many of those in Trump’s base know he’s lying, but the sycophants cannot seem to articulate the reality. They fear the virus and hope Trump is right. He isn’t.

With two perfect storms collide, we hear repeated use of words such as “unprecedented,” “uncharted” and “unknown.” We are witnessing the despicable result that many predicted would happen if Trump was challenged by situations and events his feeble mind can’t comprehend. He gets an “F” grade for the way he’s handled both the COVID pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. He’s on the wrong side of history and will never be able to dig himself out of this mess with his tired political tricks and mudslinging. He can no longer blame others when blood is dripping off his little fingers. What is his goal? Does he want to inflect everyone who works for him with the coronavirus?

Unfortunately, we will soon see states who pushed their openings too quickly falling back, slowing their openings and, once again, enforcing draconian measures to stop the spread of the virus. MASKS must be worn when going out in public. Wait-people in restaurants must wear masks or they will do more than kill their businesses; they will kill their customers.

All of us want Americans to get back to their jobs, but we must create safe places for our workers and customers. With all the smart people in the US who profoundly understand these things, why are we letting a lard-ass lunatic ruin America? John Bolton is right; Trump is unfit, and a second term will flatten the curve of our economy, further tarnish our world status and damage the health of the people who call the USA home. Again, I ask why is this man president?


The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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The Ever-Slowing Trump Show

I want to be perfectly clear before we get started. The title for this post was borrowed from a Washington Post article of two excellent writers, Philip Rucker and Robert Costa. When I read Trump rallies in red-state America — and faces a sea of empty blue seats, that phrase jumped off the page because it’s an objective and accurate description of Donald Trump’s messaging.

Sunday morning, after Trump’s “big rally” in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the never-Trumpers and zealous Democrats quickly pointed out that what the orange man hyped as the “biggest rally” ever turned out to be small crowd that didn’t fill the arena they had leased. The outdoor pre-speech was scrapped at the last minute, its stage quickly torn down and the two-dozen people lingering outside sent away. To some this might be hailed as a “sea change,” a term Shakespeare anointed in The Tempest written in 1610, but hold your horses. Let’s look more closely.

Computer social media strategist and consultant Brad Parscale stole Facebook data to help Candidate Trump in 2016, and the President rewarded Parscale by elevating him to Campaign Manager in 2020. I have always thought Parscale was just another hacker, like Edward Snowden, but he’s clearly not as good as Snowden. He got tricked this weekend. Badly!

Parscale failed to realize that the design of the campaign website to accept requests for tickets didn’t know if the requestors intended to attend the rally. His team used a database of applicants’ cell phone numbers to determine if they were real. Where did they get that list? Well, the answer is simple. Former US president Barack Obama signed a law in 2016 which required FEMA to design a system enabling the president to send mobile phone alerts in national emergencies. The Trump campaign used this database, but don’t wait to hear Trump thank the former White House inhabitant.

Sure, Parscale and his cronies thought they were brilliant while harvesting all those names and email addresses from the database, but as they were basking in the glow of large numbers they failed to comprehend that two forces were at work. The campaign mass mailed Trump supporters directing them to the Tulsa rally site. Many of those hard-core supporters clicked the link and signed up. Maybe they thought they were getting a free red hat or just supporting the old man. Next, a mass of young people organized a “grass roots” effort to request tickets when they had no intention of attending. They knew exactly what they were doing, just like a group of activists flooding cable TV talk show surveys.

New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweeted this, “Actually you just got ROCKED by teens on TikTok who flooded the Trump campaign w/ fake ticket reservations & tricked you into believing a million people wanted your white supremacist open mic enough to pack an arena during COVID!” AOC clearly knows the inner workings of social media.

Parscale’s first response was a stupid claim that protesters had blocked the entrances and metal detectors at one entrance were not working. Reporters on the scene saw no evidence of those inane claims. Trump has never understood the potential of social media being used to create distorted and destructive data. Bolton is right. Our president is totally unfit for office. Payback is a bitch! Will Donald Trump’s income tax returns get posted on WikiLeaks tomorrow?

Genius Brad Parscale failed to understand that the internet is open, free and exploitable. Yes, you had a million requests for tickets, but something else was going on. The Tulsa Fire Marshall released the numbers of those who went through the metal detectors at the Bank of Oklahoma Center and the count was only 6,200 people. With a central stage configuration, BOK Center holds 19,199 guests. Do the math and understand that’s 33% of the venue’s capacity. Pull the camera back and realize that only .62% of the people who said they wanted tickets attended the event. In other words, there just weren’t enough Trump supporters to fill the arena. They didn’t come.

The excuse that the news media created a panic that kept people away, was ludicrous. The fear that Trump birthed with his screaming about ANTIFA was the source of the nervousness. Being the birther that he is, fear mongering comes easy.

Trump’s long and windy speech Saturday night included his COVID-19 phrase “Kung Flu,” which Asian Americans find highly racist and insulting. Then, out of nowhere, Trump claimed the fundamental problem with the virus is “too much testing!” If this is true, our nation has a long way to go before getting out of this pandemic mess. Will Trump’s loyal, ass-licking state governors direct their health departments to stop testing? What a fucked-up piece of advice! The administration talking heads on the Sunday TV talk shows told us that Trump was just joking. Really? This just in, Arkansas hasn’t published case data for two days, could that be a result of the President’s words?

What I found most disturbing from the Tulsa rally was another display of Donald John Trump’s obsessive behavior. The President spend time trying to explain why he walked so slowly down the ramp at West Point. He has been ridiculed for that walk and the awkward way he drank a glass of water. Of course, the way one walks and drinks are not presidential requirements, but let’s return to Shakespeare and one of his most famous lines, “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”  The more Trump tries to explain away critiques, the worse he makes things. He is truly not a smart man.

The Shakespeare line about protesting too much was from the play Hamlet. Remember how that play ends? Hamlet stabs Claudius with the poisoned sword and then forces him to drink poisoned wine. Claudius dies, and then Hamlet dies immediately after achieving his revenge. If Trump dismisses Brad Parscale, will another outsider-looking-in give us a clearer picture of the malfeasance and treason in this presidency? How can there be so many disgruntled former White House people? Is the fucking clown car empty yet? Sorry, but there is at least one clown left.

Trump has no problem going after his enemies, even if it will permanently end his chance of redemption. Trump will throw anyone under the bus and blame them for his incompetence, and that apple doesn’t fall to far from the tree. Witness this Sunday afternoon CNN headline, “Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump ‘pissed’ at Trump campaign manager over his rally crowd size predictions.”

Trump will make any dissident drink the poison and die if he believes it will make him look better, but better than what? When the President of the United States uses the word “success” to describe more than 100,000 American deaths and 84 million people are out of work, things must get better. Let’s all vote to make sure HE WILL BE GONE IN 2021.

If you read this book, you can see why all this happened to us.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

Get the Kindle Version HERE. Or order your paperback edition HERE.



Ultimate Confrontation with Truth is Coming

For the first thirty years of my life, I didn’t think I would ever be a father. I was unmarried and too busy being successful. Then I took a spouse and managed to have four great kids. I have a fantastic relationship with my ex-wife and an ever-present and caring connection with my kids, even though I live far away from them. Part of this has been facilitated by technology and another part by cooperation and understanding of the importance of family. No matter what, it’s always family first.

Typical American Family

The father of any family must exhibit some degree of leadership qualities, regardless of his style or background. Over the years, with “women’s liberation” and progressive feminist viewpoints adopted by mainstream America, the leadership of many families is a cooperative experience. Of course, a single mom must adopt the role of both mother and father. Each year, we celebrate a Mother’s Day and then a Father’s Day. I’m not sure why we need them, but each is a nice gesture and acknowledgement.

This week’s abundance of news has overwhelmed my brain. I guess that’s what we get with Donald John Trump. Thankfully, some of the reports are good for the family of America. The Supreme Court gave the DACA kids a reprieve for now and they also decided that transgender or gay people cannot be discriminated against in the workplace. Yesterday, a judge decided that there was no way to block the new John Bolton book, which has already shipped to merchants. What will happen next? Will the Trump White House ask the Justice Department to arrest John Bolton?

Ultimately, Trump and his minions will have to deal with the ever-enlarging number of people within the government, military and judicial system who are pushing back, pointing out the president’s boldfaced lies and delivering decisions based on law and facts. You know, the truth.

Trump is like the deadbeat father who likes only some of his kids and does everything he can to intimidate, bully and piss off the others. He gives money to the kids he likes, while pushing the wife and his other kids into the shadows. This metaphor is not to say that the Donald is a bad father in real life, but I do believe the man does not feel love unless the spotlight is shining on him.

It’s incomprehensible that the President of the United States would place thousands of his fan base at risk of being infected with an incurable disease. Trump is doing nothing intelligent to keep the COVID-19 virus in check. He’s moving into an immoral denial of reality and creating an ultimate death cult. This evil man has no problem endangering his most loyal voters. If dominating the news was the only thing that mattered, then Trump would be king. In reality, Trump is more than negligent; he’s an appalling miscreant.

Why can’t I respect him? Just as you don’t need to respect a bad father, you don’t have to get down on your knees to worship a president who is unworthy of that office. The people who attended the Tulsa rally wanted to show their support for Trump, but their inarticulate reasons for not fearing the virus are convoluted. One Oklahoma woman said, “Well, I know there is some risk, but I have my health. I’m not worried.” There you have it, folks! She has all her arms and legs now, so why not jump into the alligator-infested pond? By the way, those gators haven’t eaten for a month.

Bloomberg Photo

Here is an important question. Is Trump using the Department of Justice to go after his enemies? The Friday night press-release-termination of Geoffrey Berman, US Attorney for the Southern District of New York, has restoked fears about abuse of power shared by many of us and our government leaders.

Berman issued a statement, “I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning, my position, to which I was appointed by the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. I will step down when a presidentially appointed nominee is confirmed by the Senate. Until then, our investigations will move forward without delay or interruption.” In typical “New Yorker tough guy style,” Berman raised his middle finger to the DOJ and to Attorney General William Barr, who is his boss. By Saturday midday, Mr. Berman did finally step down, but the controversy will not end there. Another investigation is needed.

Donald Trump behaves like a mafia boss, taking out the people who are investigating his friends, donors, operatives and made men. The more leaks we have about Trump’s behind the scenes behavior, the more we see truth in John Bolton’s viewpoint that Trump’s actions are not for the country but solely for himself.

We must confront the many lies, liars and losers that have surrounded Trump over the last four years. Our founding fathers focused on the structure, laws and possibilities of our country, not on the dark, negative side of partisanship. Back then, the US was designed for, and delivered freedom to, only a certain class of citizen. If one was not a male, a landowner or white, they had no voice in this new land. Over time, we have changed the rules, the laws and even the Constitution to make this country better for everyone.

Abraham Lincoln would have laughed at Donald Trump saying he’s done all this imaginary stuff for African Americans. Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin would have asked him to leave Philadelphia’s Constitutional Hall in 1776. Trump would have been pushed aside by the 40th President because Ronald Reagan didn’t have time for long, meaningless conversations. Former Presidents Carter, Bush, Clinton and Obama do not take the orange baboon seriously. President George H.W. Bush, before his death, made it clear that Donald Trump was not to be invited to his memorial, which speaks volume about our inane, embarrassing leader.

Every father has an unwritten agreement with the universe to keep his kids and loved ones safe. Donald Trump has asked people to die for him. Dictators do that, but holy men don’t. They say Jesus died for our sins, but God never asked us to give our lives for a political rally. Why would he? His doctrine is love of all people. Trump loves a person only if that person loves him. It’s not America First; it’s Trump First. Sadly, until he is removed from office, it always will be so. What a selfish bastard!