Trump likes Putin, Now Distrusts Xi

I can’t help wondering if Donald Trump is acting out fantasies planted in his head by two Eastern European bloc wives. Seriously, the Donald’s first wife, Ivana, was from Czechoslovakia. Up until 1990, that country was under Communist rule and regarded as a satellite state of the Soviet Union. Ivana was born in 1949 so she knows Red.

Trump’s current wife, Melania, was born in Slovenia, one of the six federal republics that constituted the country of Yugoslavia, which was under Soviet control until 1990. Melania was born in 1970, so she knows the strong arm of Moscow.

Mr. Goldfinger

Maybe Trump thinks that gold is power, and the big guy always gets the woman, based on lore of the James Bond movies back in the sixties. Think Pussy Galore in the flick GOLDFINGER. That film was based on the Ian Fleming novel of the same name. It featured Auric Goldfinger, a 42-year-old guy from Riga, Latvia, who emigrated to Britain in 1937 at the age of 20. Latvia was forcibly incorporated into the Soviet Union at the beginning of World War II and remained a Soviet controlled nation for the next 45 years. Fiction, yes, but the imagery supports Trump’s views of women, movies and power.

Michael Cohen, Trumps’ previous personal attorney, was once asked whether there was a motivation for Trump to play extra nice with Putin. Cohen responded that Trump wanted to build a big tower (Freudian erection) across the street from the Kremlin and he reveled in his natural, yet unhealthy, attraction to strong men. Maybe little Donnie is missing Fred, his tyrannical father. Maybe he views life through the eyes of the women who married him. Marla Maples was not an eastern European woman, but she and Trump were together less than six years.

Trump supposedly views President Xi Jinping of China as an equal and keeps saying how much they get along. Really? How can a man repeatedly regurgitate his perceived inequalities in the “rotten” Chinese trade deal Richard Nixon made, while bouncing around town saying how much he respects Xi? Isn’t it also ironic that the two nations we are talking about bestow the title of President on their leaders?

Russia created the concept of a president so they could look like a democracy, but they are not. Putin is one lifetime away from Czar. Why would a country that is, according to our own CIA, trying to denigrate Joe Biden and interfere with our elections get a pass from Trump? Putin would prefer Donald John Trump as president because he perceives him as a useful idiot. He plans to help get him elected and work the Donald to leave NATO, end all the sanctions and look the other way as he invades Latvia, Belarus and Ukraine. Putin wants to reassemble the old USSR. Donald adverts his gaze, of course, because he can’t admit there are “outside forces” controlling his win.

Now China, the big panda bear with claws, wants to get back into the money game and open trade with the USA so, yes, they are pro-Biden. They aren’t active with propaganda on social media to the extent Russia is, but they also have more to lose if they get caught. In a fit of rage, Trump might shut down all trade with China. Doing so would hurt the whole world, and everyone knows that except Trump.

Trump blames China for the coronavirus coming to America because, as he keeps telling us, “They could have stopped it.” Okay, but then why can’t he stop it here? We all know what wasn’t done by this administration to battle the pandemic on our soil. No matter how many lies Trump tells you, he’s not equipped to understand the real problems of America, let alone the world. Like Goldfinger, Trump foolishly believes that if he controls the gold supply, he controls everything. In his puny mind he thinks the stock market is the economy when it’s just a casino that feeds on the economy. Here’s a great place for all of us to remember here how well Trump did with casinos. And might I also remind our younger readers that Goldfinger, the character, was sucked out of a private jet at 40,000 feet.

While most of US media focuses on the dysfunctional, hypocritical, Senatorial maneuvering to elect the next Supreme Court judge, no one is focused on the bigger picture, the upcoming elections. Democrats winning back the Senate, or Republicans protecting their majority, is the true battle at hand. If the Senate goes Democratic, look out Republicans! In such a scenario, Trump’s reelection would almost guarantee that he would be re-impeached and removed from office. Of course, any Supreme Court justice acting against the Constitution could also be impeached. Even better, a Democratic Senate might increase the number of Supreme Court Justices to eleven, which would balance the court for the next three decades. If the Democrats become the majority in both the House and the Senate, Trump, Pence and all the other president’s men can be thoroughly investigated, and heads will likely roll.

Please don’t count your chickens just yet. Much can happen in a month. Never pluck a bird until you are holding it in your hands. Also, know that cleaning up Washington and reworking our post-Trump democracy will take at least a decade. Trump’s damage to the economy, the environment, healthcare and the trust in our government’s institutions has been devastating. Remember that Trump didn’t permit the release of the JFK assassination files. Why? What is in there? Full trust will come only with complete transparency. Can we handle the truth or would knowledge of the absolute truth only make matters worse?

Putin, Xi and Trump will all eventually die and then each nation will have a new boss. Donald Trump is not a good president; in my opinion he’s the worst. How many Americans must die of COVID-19 before Trump lowers his self-appraisal from A+ to D-? How many more will die? If the death toll rises, and Trump sticks to his A+ grade, it will be time for all of us to ask why he gets to grade himself. He has failed out of class, as if he had any class to begin with. It’s time for us to march him off our campus, forever.

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The Trump Divide Widens

One could argue that without Donald John Trump’s candidacy and presidency, we would have sailed along without committing to any particular position along the “left-right scale.” When I first joined social media, I listed myself on Facebook as a “radical Democrat.” When one of my posts was later rebuked by a right-wing hooey, I had a change of mind. The goofball stated that I had no credibility because of my political declaration. Perhaps I was being a weakling, but I deleted my political listing that very day. I would like people to hear me without prejudging according to my tongue-in-cheek quip from the past. In fact, because of Trump I’ve become more radical, not less. It’s all his fault!

The people who have joined the “cult,” as Michael Cohen calls it, possess neither the mood nor the mentality for a thoughtful discussion about why four more years of the orange pumpkin would be bad. See, I did it! I “disrespected” the man by calling him a name, because that is what he’s done to us, to me. I can argue intellectually to delineate the difference between a barb and a substantial act that might harm more that help people. On the other hand, most Trumpettes do not have the capacity or desire to take on facts that are against their preconceived notions. It’s such an ordeal to point out that those very predetermined opinions are incorrect. Trump is not a good guy.

I used to describe political polarity using the image of a giant circle, with 12 o’clock being at the top middle. As you move to the right, or to the left, you traverse the circle until the most radical forms of right and left meet at the bottom, near 6 o’clock. Think about it. Those in the ANTIFA movement are right next to the far-right Neo-Nazi and aggressive militias. Both are into violence and carry weapons they aren’t afraid to use. When local police departments endorse, support or look the other way with the far-right crazies, they are tilting justice toward that political segment. Where should the police department be on the political scale? I hope they would be in the middle, near 12 o’clock, but many aren’t.

The “Blue Lives Matter” campaign is not a cry for help. It’s a general defense of the institution of law enforcement. I get that, but call me a patriotic moderate when I ask why Blue Lives Matter proponents desecrate the US flag to underline their position? In the 1960s, it was an offense to create peace flags by changing the American flag. Why is it okay now? Aside from the fact that Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia claimed that burning the US flag was supported under our First Amendment rights, it bothers me when people change the flag. LGBTQ banners did so, and the day has passed when our flag colors were sacred.

At a demonstration in Tampa, Florida over the weekend, the rallying cry of the activists said America needs to be saved from the “destruction and division” being promoted by the left wing. They claim that the far-left is intolerant. Not only is that oxymoronic, it’s a childish reverse response, “No, you’re the idiot.” Unbelievably, the President of the United States has taken the liberty of telling millions of us which other Americans we are supposed to hate. Why? Because he believes that pushing radical people further into their political leanings will somehow help him. Sorry, but I don’t see how that helps at all.

Let me say this as clearly as possible. I would rather not have visceral, emotional reactions to the things Donald Trump says. I would like to see him go away after we elect a true moderate to the presidency, moving us toward healing without the daily desperation and heat blasted forth from the current administration. Trump’s deceitful tweets and proclamations zap energy from all of us, be we left, center or right. We all must decry his ridiculous claims and point out the hypocrisies, otherwise our silence justifies his insanity. Donald Trump is like the drunken uncle who keeps grabbing the young girls at family dinners. We can say he’s losing his mind, or laugh at him for being himself, but in the end he’s just a dirty old man, not President of the United States.

Sure, I tend to lean toward social programs that help people and keep the peace. The intrinsic inner core of my being is based on the Christian principles that we should love our neighbor and help those souls in trouble. Wow, I guess I am a faith-based “radical Democrat.” How can that be? Well, because it’s who I am. Who are you? People on the far-right have a kind of baked-in racism which manifests as a denigration of “lesser beings.” They honestly believe the old “pull yourself up by your bootstraps” to fix your problems, and don’t forget to add the demand, “don’t expect me to pay for it!”

I wrote a book titled “If God Could Talk.” God is a character in the book and, spoiler alert, he speaks. While doing so, he points out some fallacies of the Holy Bible. He’s quite a pro-life deity, and why wouldn’t he be? You can read the book, but I’m always curious about why the far-right and evangelicals are so hell bent on getting rid of Roe Vs. Wade when they have absolutely no desire to pay for the care and education of all those unwanted babies. Sure, adoption is an option, but that will never offset the large population bubble without a pro-choice law left intact.

Now we face a significant national debate about putting far-right conservative judges on the Supreme Court. Why are judges right or left? Why would it matter if there are three or eleven judges on the high court? Shouldn’t a judge simply read the complaint, apply the law and write a well-researched, deeply considered opinion? They know their words will be read for hundreds of years after, and they certainly don’t want to embarrass themselves and the court. The fact that any judge is known for their political leanings taints the court, lowers the faith in justice and gives the President of the United States too much credit. I am not suggesting that we all get a vote, that’s how we got Trump, but there must be a more pure, better way.

If I think your ideas are stupid, I am not necessarily against you. If I concentrate on your opinions, with a fair and balanced perspective, I can still like you while thinking your conclusions are shit. Should your beliefs be harmful to others, I won’t like you — the person. I don’t like David Duke, the KKK guy, because he believes white people are superior to Black people. I won’t shed a single tear when he goes “Bye Bye, in the Car Car.” When someone on the right goes too far, they are dangerous. When someone on the left goes too far, they are dangerous. A person can never be “too moderate.” Think about it. We need moderates right now, not people like Donald Trump, William Barr, Tom Cotton and Ted Cruise. They can all go pleasure themselves while reading QAnon posts. And God forbid any of “those people” ever get appointed to the Supreme Court.

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Trump’s New Ministry of Truth

I don’t know about you, but I hate it when someone tries to rewrite history. The latest Trump riff is he will fix America by controlling what our kids learn in school. As much as that may bother you, keep in mind that many school districts in the “red states” have been under the influence of stupidity for decades. There are school board members who have banned books on sex, homosexuality, the Civil War and religion. While you may not want your school’s gym teacher exposing your children to the “facts of life,” you might want to consider if your own biases and misinformation are not helping your kids.

Trump’s announcement of forming some kind of “1776 Commission” to investigate the latest conspiracy sprouting in his inadequate brain states that our kids have been exposed to left-leaning-learning that has made them disgruntled little protesters and never-Trumpers. Our bulbous president goes further by claiming he must point out the lies and elevate our Founding Fathers to a holy level. I am not sure what “lies” your kids have been taught, but now might a good time to sit them down and ask what they know about 1776. But don’t stop there, find out what they know about 1619 and why that year is significant.

I’m at an advantage and disadvantage because I am reading the book Stamped from the Beginning: The Definitive History of Racist Ideas in America by Ibram X. Kendi. This scholarly work on racism should be read by every high school student in America, but then, I’m not the president so my opinion probably doesn’t matter. I used the word “disadvantage” because I’m learning so much about our country and its leaders that I’m left in a simmering anger. That is not a good position for a thinking person trying to analyze current events, but all this pushback against the New York Times 1619 Project gives me the “advantage” of clearly seeing how uninformed Donald Trump and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton are.

Known Racist

I sent an open letter to Senator Cotton asking him to withdraw his bill S.4292 that attempts to censor those school districts teaching a deeper understanding of what slavery meant to America from its inception, not starting with the 1776 Declaration of Independence. Donald John Trump is proposing to erase all things racist that happened prior to 1776 so that we can paint our Founding Fathers as more patriotic and just. Nice try, Donnie Boy, but the facts exist and speak for themselves. You can read my letter here: OPEN LETTER TO SENATOR TOM COTTON

And in case you’ve been totally brain dead, a lot of bad racist things happened after 1776 and continue to happen in America. Why there was even a landlord in New York City in the 1970s named TRUMP, who banned African Americans from his buildings.

President Trump keeps telling us how bad everything is while babbling endlessly about how he will fix it all, but he has never presented or even suggested a plan for change. When he falls short, he blames the Democrats, the “deep state” or even himself. Yes, we have heard the Donald complain about the result of something he initiated, only later realizing and admitting the idea was bad. He becomes that boss who yells, “Who approved this?” only to have a co-worker remind him, “You did!” The sad news is no one in his administration has the balls to tell him the truth.

Racism is little understood by white Americans, even though they think they understand all its nuances. As we work our way through the slave trade of the 1600s, and the deployment of over 462,000 Africans as free labor by 1770 in the 13 colonies, we fail to comprehend the scope of this injustice. There were almost 700,000 slaves in the US in 1790 which was 18 percent of the total population or roughly one in every six people. And remember, Black slaves were considered three-fifths of a person when determining taxation and representation in the House of Representatives. Boy, I have always been a whole person; you?

Maybe Donald Trump wants to stamp out the fact that Thomas Jefferson took a 14-year-old slave girl to Paris with him. She was the daughter of a bi-racial union between his father-in-law and one of his slaves. Her name was Sally Hemmings, and she had at least six children fathered by Thomas Jefferson. Eventually, our third President freed all of Sally Hemings’s children, but he did nothing for the two hundred other slaves at Monticello. Nice guy. These are the kinds of facts that Trump would like to eradicate with his book burning 1776 Commission.

Trump said Democrats and the New York Times’ 1619 Project promote an inaccurate version of US history by over-emphasizing race and the legacy of slavery. The big, orange pumpkin emphasizes “patriotic education,” saying that his commission “will encourage our educators to teach your children about the miracle of American history and make plans to honor the 250th anniversary of our founding in 2026.” It’s funny to me that he made his speech warning of “left-wing segregation” at the National Archives, which is the very building holding all the facts and statistics to prove he’s dead wrong. By the way, Mr. Trump, it wasn’t a miracle to be raped, whipped and killed by white “supremacist” landowners.

Trump justifies confederate statues as “part of our heritage.” Those are strange words coming from a guy who was born and raised in the Jamaica Estates section of Queens, New York. We would have called him a “damn Yankee” in Georgia. He’s defended neo-Nazis, white supremacists and the KKK, while claiming he’s done more for African Americans than any other president, except maybe Abraham Lincoln. Well, there’s a fine Honest Abe shout-out, but Trump knows little of Lincoln. Yes, he was a Republican President, but the comparisons between him and Trump stop there. I can’t imagine what historians will eventually write about Trump; oh boy.

Far-Left Republican President

Yes, Lincoln created the Emancipation Declaration that freed all slaves, but the results didn’t happen all at once. Many southern border states continued their slaving ways for years in exchange for loyalty to Lincoln. We will never know what Lincoln would have done with reconstruction had he lived. Many historians are driven crazy when learning that many of the presidents after the Civil War openly regretted giving Black men the right to vote. Remember, women didn’t get the right to vote until 1920. If you would like a sober and uncensored view about how the south reacted to a freed Black man, here’s a quote from the NAACP, “From 1882-1968, 4,743 were lynched in the United States. Of these people, t 3,446 were black and African Americans represented 73% of all people murdered.” You did notice the dates, right?

In George Orwell’s timeless book 1984, our hero, Winston Smith, works for the Ministry of Truth where, as a writer, he corrects the archives and news clippings so that they align with what Big Brother and the government want to call “history.” I froze when learning that Michael Caputo, a Trump loyalist and information officer at the Department of Health and Human Services, changed the documents released by that agency so that their message would line-up with the misinformation Trump was promoting.

What happens to these people? Who is the lord of truth? It cannot be Trump. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the book 1984, Winston Smith is symbolically lynched. In the movie, we saw the character O’Brien, played by Richard Burton, torture Winston until he was a broken man or, as they say, a dead man. By using pain and brainwashing, the 1984 government erased the real man to make him into “one of them.”

Be careful, dear readers, you are seeing yet another cancer on the presidency of Donald Trump. He is certainly a racist because he goes out of his way to claim he isn’t. Look at his deeds and actions trying to revise the history of racism in America. Trump and people like him (Tom Cotton) believe that if they can obliterate racism, they will have no guilt for openly being racists. You can try to change history, Donald, but you will look foolish and terrible after all those left-wing writers disclose and describe your buffoonery. Sorry, but you certainly deserve it.

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Trump’s Gaggle of Goofballs

The lyrics in the chorus of the Beach Boys’ song Heroes and Villains features a bit of a round where they sing, “Heroes and villains, just see what you’ve done.” That is exactly the way I am feeling right now, some 47 days ahead of the 2020 Presidential election. If we could pull the camera back far enough to see the details of everything that has transpired in the last four years, we would be overwhelmed. For less than half the country Donald John Trump is a hero, but for the millions of the rest of us, he‘s nothing but a Villain of monstrous proportions. Oh, let me count the ways.

As detailed in my book Donald Trump: Repeal, Replace, Impeach, Trump’s inaugural speech knocked me into the mud of the swamp. This line made me immensely angry, “This American carnage stops right here and stops right now.” Most people didn’t capture the preceding paragraph, in which the incoming president talked about mothers and children trapped in poverty and rusted-out factories scattered like tombstones across the landscape of our nation. He declared that everything before his presidency was a colossal failure. So, Donald Trump signed on to fix a landscape littered with decay and to help people in need, but he declared those folks dead and walked away from them, just as he did with our country.

Who were the Heroes? They were the people who tried to keep Trump from damaging the nation. Who were the Villains? They were the cretins who pledged allegiance to the President, ignoring their civic duties to protect the US and its Constitution. Today I will look at this week’s fallen Villain, Michael Caputo.

Caputo is a strategist and lobbyist to Republican politicians. Early in his career, he was on the staff of longtime Rep. Jack Kemp of New York. Caputo was mentored by Roger J. Stone while being his personal driver. Michael also worked with Oliver North to develop propaganda in President Ronald Reagan’s “public relations” efforts in South and Central America. That project is best known as the Iran-Contra Affair.

Michael Caputo established residence in Russia in 1994 and became an advisor to Boris Yeltsin. Oh, it gets richer. Caputo worked for Gazprom and Vladimir Putin before 2000. After that, he moved from Russia back to the US. So, once again, we have someone working for the administration with considerable ties to Russia and Putin.

Michael Caputo

During the 2016 Republican primary, Caputo became a political adviser to Donald Trump and helped him win New York. Later, he was dismissed by Paul Manafort after Corey Lewandowsky left the campaign. Caputo then tweeted some derogatory comments about Lewandowsky, which he later said he regretted. Check.

Caputo also posted offensive and derogatory tweets about women and Chinese people, but he deleted those after becoming the top spokesperson for the United States Department of Health and Human Services. With all his dirty laundry one must wonder why he was hired. Heaven only knows, but could it be that Trump placed him there as a favor to Putin? Okay, that may be a road too far but, hey, it fits Donald’s attraction to Villains rather than Heroes.

Is it any surprise that demented soul Caputo broadcast an extended Facebook video where he mentioned a series of conspiracy theories, including the existence of a “resistance unit” within the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention trying to take down Trump? His broadcast also predicted that if the 2020 election is contested in any way there will be political violence in America. Caputo’s actions could be construed as doing Putin’s bidding.

The Department of Health and Human Services announced that its Assistant Secretary for Public Affairs, Michael Caputo, has decided to take a 60-day leave of absence to focus on his health and the well-being of his family. What is happening here? ABC News reported yesterday that Mr. Caputo has had a recent cancer diagnosis and, as a survivor myself, I wish him luck.

Alex Azar, Caputo’s boss, must be equally held to blame for permitting Caputo’s intensely damaging rhetoric to flow from his office during a global pandemic. This is what we get with Trump. His vetting is solely focused on whether a potential hire loves him, rather than examining if they have the skills needed for the job.

The more you know Donald Trump, the more you should fear. If Trump loses the election, he and his gaggle of goofballs may refuse to leave office, which would throw America into a dark abyss of doom which could impact for years. Michael Caputo shows you exactly who Trump is, because Caputo’s words reflect Trump’s beliefs. Both Roger Stone and Michael Caputo are talking about civil war, which is just what Putin wants.

Trump has declared the pandemic over. He cares nothing about graves and families torn apart by his inability to fight for us. He should be fired.

Think back to George Orwell’s classic book 1984 and then imagine how current events are worse. Well, you’re seeing that reality, Bucko. The most amazing Trump quotes from the Bob Woodward tapes relate to his desire for better relationships with despotic leaders. He admitted that the “easy ones” are leaders that he doesn’t, “…get along with as much. It’s funny, the relationships I have, the tougher and meaner they are, the better I get along with them, you ought to explain that to me some day, but maybe it’s not a bad thing.” Hey, Donnie Boy, you favor Villains over Heroes because you see yourself as a fully blown bad guy. Problem is, you fucking tool, the real bad guys will eventually get over on you and hurt our country. Why?

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Trump’s “Fake” Nobel Peace Prize

When elected president, Donald Trump claimed he would bring peace to the Middle East. One of the biggest challenges surrounding that goal is the profound and ongoing distrust between the Palestinians and the Jewish State of Israel. One might have thought that the 2004 death of longtime Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat would bring a first step toward peace for the region. After all, Arafat was the person who disseminated a still-prevailing narrative among Palestinians who deny Jewish history, such as the holocaust, and the legitimacy of Israel as a sovereign nation.

Palestine theoretically includes the West Bank, a territory that divides modern-day Israel and Jordan, and the Gaza Strip, land bordering modern-day Israel and Egypt. Instead of traditional, fixed borders, most regions have been drawn in the sand in years past. Wars, conflicts and overreach have changed those flimsily determined boundaries many times.

In the Islamic faith, the divide between the Sunni and Shia has pitted Persians against Arabs and Arabs against Arabs. Iraq sees Iran as a natural enemy because of a difference in belief about who has a right to rule Muslims. When Donald Trump declared that he would ban all Muslims from coming into the United States, he didn’t specify Sunni or Shia; his words were anyone of Islamic faith. It’s unclear how he would have determined a person’s religious affiliation at a US entry point, but Trump never thinks things through, thus the confusion at the airports and in the courts.

Mahmoud Abbas

It’s rather amazing that anyone of the Islamic faith would listen to what xenophobic, bat-shit-crazy, blathering-old-fool Donald Trump would have say about future relations between Israel and the Palestinian authority. Palestinians don’t recognized Israel, which has refused to accept Palestine as its own state. That is why it’s intriguing that Orthodox Jew Jared Kushner believes he could convince hard-core Arabs and Muslims that peace is possible.

Yes, both Jared and his wife Ivanka practice Orthodox Judaism. Ivanka Trump had to convert to Judaism in 2009 to marry Jared Kushner, which can be viewed in a positive light regarding Jared’s acceptance as a faithful servant of peace in the Middle East. In fact, the Kushner’s and the Netanyahu’s had a personal relationship before Jared’s rise to senior advisor to President Trump. That, too, is an advantage in this matter of agreements.

The strategy is to convince those Middle East countries that have NOT recognized Israel to do so now in order to help Trump. It started with the United Arab Emirates, and more recently, Bahrain. In case you don’t know, the “Emirates” is not Saudi Arabia. It’s a much smaller country located on the Gulf of Oman with a population of about ten million. Dubai, the Vegas of the Middle East is located there. Bahrain’s population is about 1.6 million, and it’s located on a small island in the Persian Gulf off the coast of the Emirates and north of Qatar.

It would be unfair to say the progress between these two countries and Israel is not a good thing. The first step in any viable negotiation is all parties admitting the existence of the others. When Trump moved the US Embassy to Jerusalem, much of the Arab world was skeptical and many cursed the deal believing our President didn’t care about their thoughts and feelings. Well, they were right. Donald Trump doesn’t care about what the Palestinians think. Trump wants rich countries to deal with this conflict, and the first nations that joined the coalition of diplomatic acknowledgement have been large US oil, money and power interests.

Moving the embassy to Jerusalem, was simply following international agreement. The embassy of a nation should be in that country’s capital city. A consulate conducts a nation’s business in a non-capital city.

This brings us to the announcement that two radicals in Norway have nominated Donald John Trump for the Nobel Peace prize for the efforts of normalized relations between three nations. The fact that Palestinians are not involved in these discussions and their waiting in limbo since 1948 casts serious doubt about the outcome of these negotiations.

The Gaza Strip, a 140 square mile area isolated by walls and economic sanctions by Israel, has produced some angry young men who are attracted to the viewpoints and radicalization of anti-Israel, anti-Semitic positions. Just as an out of work coal miner in West Virginia doesn’t care about what Bahrain does with Israel, these Middle East protestors with rocks, and sometimes bombs, don’t care about Jared Kushner’s braggadocio. They want jobs, money and a better life. Nowhere in all this peace prize hype is an explanation about how it all might help Palestinians. And this just in, hours after the agreements were signed in Washington, Israeli warplanes fired missiles at a site in Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip. And this is why this whole P.R. hype from Trump has nothing to do with peace.

When asked why the Palestinians aren’t part of these discussions, Jared Kushner simply slaps away the question and brags about his father-in-law. The Palestinians have nothing to gain by declaring these actions as a great feat. In fact, they continue to assert these moves as insufficient and unimportant to their struggle. I am always amazed by the Trump administration’s discussions without any representation or involvement of the sovereign nation. It’s like Kushner meeting with the owners of a meat factory to solve a labor problem without hearing from the workers. This is the ultimate example of the “owner-controller” class they live in.

This Middle East “peace accord,” with the headline that these agreements will “end the Israeli-Palestinian conflicts forever,” is purely hype and bullshit. Even if every Arab nation were to normalize their relationship with Israel, how can Israel cure the border challenges without recognition and involvement of the Palestinians? Most Americans don’t know that the 1,890,000 people who live in Israel are Palestinians. In fact, more than 60% of Israeli Arabs identify as Palestinians. There is no way that Israel would agree to a two-state solution without also moving more than two-million people to, ah, where?

Should I have a voice in the nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize, I certainly would NOT VOTE FOR TRUMP. He’s not worthy. Should Donnie Boy eventually win a Nobel Peace Prize for this, then Elon Musk should also get one for his nifty manipulation of the stock market. Hey, you gotta laugh at the audacity of this White House. They really do think 50% of the people in America are STUPID.

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Great companies hire great people. This short, easy-to-read book will help you recruit, review and refocus your new workers into the style and culture of your company. Motivating people to do great work will manage turnover and keeping good workers at your company will maintain your success. Employee inspiration makes a positive difference in our competitive world. HOW TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE covers everything, including testing, training, tricks and tips. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble strong teams with smart workers, and you’ll learn some time-tested techniques about how to keep them.

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The Truth About Far-Right & Far-Left Movements

Tomorrow is a sacred date in American history, and I hesitate to write this piece, but I feel compelled to connect some dots, dates and delusions. Can there be any doubt that Donald Trump is promoting and motivating the far-right to rally behind him with their pickup trucks, Trump flags and automatic weapons? If the President of the United States honestly believes that encouraging militias and their half-baked wannabe mercenaries into the streets to mess with protesters and far-left groups is a positive effort, then he’s not only an idiot but unfit for the presidency.

I can’t help seeing Trump’s young male supporters in trucks with their flags and guns and comparing them to troops from other places. Don’t we see the same picture with Taliban and ISIS groups patrolling the towns and territories of Iraq and Afghanistan? Or how about the new pro-Trump, anti-mask militias in places like Washington state, Wisconsin and Oregon? Those troops are not sanctioned to do this work. The have not be deputized and they should not be in our streets with guns because they make things worse, not better.

Trump thinks of these clowns as his army. I remember the remarkable NFL success of the Steelers in my hometown of Pittsburgh. One of the stars of that legendary team was fullback Franco Harris. During World War II, Franco’s father fought in Italy where he met his future wife, an Italian, thus the name Franco. That history produced the lore and fan base known as “Franco’s Italian Army,” whose wild fans wore army helmets displaying his number. It was playful and fun, and no guns were involved.

I believe that Trump visualizes losing the election but calling on these goons to take control of the country so he can stay in office. Donald would resist even if his golfing buddy Lindsey Graham were to visit the White House and cajole his departure. This is not a game, people. This is real. It’s plain that Donald Trump’s ego is tempting him to do dreadful things.

Just like the Taliban and ISIS, Trump’s “LIBERATION” groups are being motivated by dark and unamerican ideals. Yes, the concept of militias is supported by the Second Amendment but only if “well regulated.” It is disheartening to see local police and federal agents lending support and encouragement to these guerrillas. We must stop their lawless, murderous entries into cities, even if it’s their own city. Trump’s not-so-subtle call to action of these thugs can be adjudicated after he leaves office as a blatant form of obstruction of justice overflowing to voter intimidation. If I were a Grand Jury member, I would vote to indict this cretin.

Our society has a problem with how we apply justice. Do you remember when the Ohio National Guard killed four students on the campus of Kent State in 1970? Well, no one was ever charged in that action. There is a thin line between peaceful protesting and crime, and I wonder why members of some far-right groups can roam our streets dressed in camo uniforms, carrying long guns and waving Trump flags and be treated with respect and kid gloves, while peaceful protesters against racial grievances are beaten, pepper sprayed and pushed back.

Real Black Panthers

In 1966, it was legal to openly carry a loaded firearm in California. When the radical Black Panthers figured this out, they marched in the streets with rifles. They even entered San Francisco City Hall while armed, which inspired the state to change the law. You see, there are two standards. Most states with open carry laws do not discriminate against people of color, but their reaction to someone of color holding a gun is vastly more extreme. Black kids with guns get shot by police.

I don’t think those with flags and signs displaying their love for Donald Trump should be arrested. The moment they display a firearm however, they should be seen as a potential problem and dealt with differently than they are now. They are currently intimidating peaceful citizens with their guns.

Most legal experts will tell you not to pull a gun unless you are threatened. If you are not being in danger, raising a weapon is called brandishing. In essentially every US state there is a sharp legal distinction between a person pulling a gun for self-defense or doing so for another purpose. Even under a murky circumstance, all one has to say is that they felt threatened, and judging by the latest events it would be fair to say that either or both sides could feel in danger.

Leadership flows from the top, but our feeble President has placed himself in the middle. He’s rooting for the militias, while the real military is becoming less and less impressed with Trump’s actions and words. Donald John Trump is uncomfortable with the military and oblivious about how the Pentagon works. Military soldiers don’t like militias; they never have. Any notion that citizen groups must take up arms to protect the police and the country is stupid and ill-advised. Local, state and federal police don’t need any help to do their jobs and, contrary to what Trump has said, they are not wanting to go to war and spend lots of money.

The irony of Trump claiming that certain people in the Pentagon are spending money in corrupt ways did not sit well with Central Command. The President’s suggestion that they want to go to war and spend enormous amounts of cash is paradoxical, coming from the guy who brags about how well he funded them. According to Department of Defense records, on February 10, 2020, President Donald J. Trump sent Congress a proposed Fiscal Year 2021 budget request of $740.5 billion for national security, $705.4 billion of which is slated for the Department of Defense (DoD). Why would the Donald say anything about how the DoD spends its money? He’s an ignoramus.

One could argue that people riding around in pickup trucks draped in Trump election gear makes them guilty of voter intimidation. Our President is breaking his pledge to uphold the laws and protect the Constitution. We have a criminal in the Oval Office and gangs in the streets. Every action of Donald Trump only makes matters worse.

Brand New Book for the Recovery

How to Hire Great People: Tips, Tricks and Templates for Success

Great companies hire great people. This short, easy-to-read book will help you recruit, review and refocus your new workers into the style and culture of your company. Motivating people to do great work will manage turnover and keeping good workers at your company will maintain your success. Employee inspiration makes a positive difference in our competitive world. HOW TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE covers everything, including testing, training, tricks and tips. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble strong teams with smart workers, and you’ll learn some time-tested techniques about how to keep them.

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Trump’s Financial Dependencies

Until recently, the term “Tea Party” referred to the Boston Tea Party, a protest which took place in 1773. Colonists who objected to British taxation without representation “demonstrated” by taking British tea from docked ships and dumping it into Boston Harbor. The incident had a strange racist overtone because the lawless Bostonians dressed up as Native Americans, complete with face paintings. I’m not sure why the protestors would have wanted the British to think someone else did the deed, but those were strange times. The goal of “looting” and “destruction” was to make it clear to people in American and across the pond that our left-wing, radical patriots wanted change.

Did this rebellion work? Not exactly. In retribution, the British passed the Coercive Acts, also known as the Intolerable Acts. They closed Boston Harbor until those involved with the destruction paid for the dumped tea. They also tore up the Massachusetts Constitution and ended free elections of town officials. So, I guess they figured out they needed a revolution.

Donald Trump brags about not paying taxes because he, genius that he is, found all the loopholes. Instead of working to eliminate those loopholes, he believes it’s okay for rich people to cheat. How unpatriotic to not pay your fair share in this great enterprise known as the United States of America.

We all know that the Donald has no problem deceiving us. He used to say he was under an IRS audit and that is why America could not learn his financial records and monetary entanglements with multinational banks, investors and oligarchs. To whom does Donald Trump and the Trump organizations owe money? He must disclose his financial status.

There are extremely strict penalties for anyone leaking someone’s tax returns, and obviously that punishment stands as a reasonable deterrent. Mary L. Trump released some of Trump’s tax information. That material was part of the discovery process in her lawsuit with the family. Her late uncle, Robert Trump, did all he legally could to stop her from releasing the information, but it wasn’t enough.

The Republican party used to care about taxes and transparency. When they’re in office, however, they usually run up the national debt and give away more money than they take in, just like Donald Trump. It’s totally out of control now, and it might make some sense for the America people to know if this president’s wildly destructive tax changes, regulation purges and easing of environmental constraints aren’t evidence of the true weakness of Donald Trump. He doesn’t manage money very well.

Go back and see the path of red ink that led banks to assume all power of the purse in his companies. Congress has done a mediocre job of managing the economic fallout caused by the pandemic. They’ve put money in the hands of the big companies but have failed small businesses as well as the lower and middle classes. In Donald Trump’s America, many temporary layoffs will become permanent this week.

Sure, Walmart, Fed-Ex, UPS and Amazon are doing well, but there are some profound cracks in our economy. According to the Washington Post, “Yelp Inc., the online reviewer, has data showing more than 80,000 permanently shuttered businesses from March 1 to July 25. About 60,000 were local businesses, or firms with fewer than five locations.” How has this global pandemic affected the Trump Organization, a privately held company?  Let’s see.

Here’s a headline from the Canadian Broadcasting Company’s website, “Trump Hotel in Vancouver closes as company files for bankruptcy.” Most of the Trump properties are not owned by Trump. The boys sell their name and branding to other hotel and housing developers for a percentage of their profits. Over the last four years many of these properties are not doing well. Trump is an asshole and people don’t want to be associated with him.

Time magazine broke this story, “Companies associated with President Donald Trump and members of his administration were among recipients of small-business COVID loans, newly released data show.” Has the Trump family benefited from the Paycheck Protection Program? We need to see their financials AND Trump’s personal tax returns!

Corruption is a dastardly and dirty way to show love of your country. Trump loves only Trump, and that is where it’s at. He would rather lose the election than be forced to release his tax returns. Mark Cuban, a guy with a true business sense, believes that Trump refuses to release his tax returns because it would show, as Mark says, “He ain’t that rich.”

We all owe money. Some are still paying off their college loans. Many people carry a certain amount of debt on the little plastic helpers in our wallets. According to the most recent data from the Survey of Consumer Finances by the US Federal Reserve, Americans have an average credit card debt of $5,700. For some, their family debt lives in the $10,000+ range. It’s how many of us pay for things like dental care, home improvements and yes, even taxes.

If the Donald is deceiving the IRS, a department of the government he oversees, then how can we trust him with our money? In an op-ed piece in the New York Times, Tom Friedman wrote, “Biden should declare that he will take part in a debate only if Trump releases his tax returns for 2016 through 2018. Biden has already done so, and they are on his website.” Many political pundits and TV talking heads were quick to denounce the idea. They pointed out that Trump would make a big game of such a confrontation, not disclose his financials and skip the debate. Trump would say that Joe Biden was afraid to debate him and is weak and senile and blah, blah, blah.

The conman residing in the Oval Office will continue to stonewall any attempts at disclosing his money and debt. He’s a blind, little mole in a hole. He cannot bear to have transparency and sunlight show who he really is. The ill-fitting suits, the makeup, lies and deceptions show what a weak, fumbling coward he is. He knows he will be nailed as a failure should his financial material be released. The plain truth is, we don’t need to see his taxes to know he’s a fraud and fiasco. More than 180,000 of our brothers and sisters have died on his watch. Donald Trump is a loser.



Brand New Book for the Recovery

How to Hire Great People: Tips, Tricks and Templates for Success

Great companies hire great people. This short, easy-to-read book will help you recruit, review and refocus your new workers into the style and culture of your company. Motivating people to do great work will manage turnover and keeping good workers at your company will maintain your success. Employee inspiration makes a positive difference in our competitive world. HOW TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE covers everything, including testing, training, tricks and tips. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble strong teams with smart workers, and you’ll learn some time-tested techniques about how to keep them.

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Is the Free Press Bringing You Down, Mr. President?

It really helped America that one of its smartest founders was a journalist and newspaper publisher. Benjamin Franklin wisely knew that if a dictator controlled the press they could easily control the country they ruled. As a trained journalist and broadcaster, I studied people like Vance Packard who wrote The Hidden Persuaders and The Naked Society. He was a critic of consumerism and taught us lessons about how media can manipulate us into believing, well, anything.

From outlines of naked women in the ice of touched-up advertising photos for a soft drink to more nefarious “liberties” taken by marketers, the golden rule is, “If it moves product, don’t judge the lie; it’s just an exaggeration.” As Donald Trump has said, “People want to believe that something is the biggest and the greatest and the most spectacular. I call it truthful hyperbole. It’s an innocent form of exaggeration —and a very effective form of promotion.” Hey, I didn’t make that up. It’s in his book The Art of the Deal.

When Trump declares that a statement he knows to be false is an innocent form of exaggeration, his intent is deception. When he then pairs the word hyperbole, his claims are not meant to be taken literally. It’s putting lipstick on a big, fat swine sham.

I always urged my kids not to lie. I wonder what Trump’s evangelicals are saying to their children about the President’s lies. Now that we have seen the DNC virtual convention, there’s lots of denigration and exaggerations being tossed around. That brings us to our subject today, the lazy media in America and how they can’t resist “truthful hyperbole.”

First, Joe Biden is not in the grip of a mental meltdown. Clearly, the hashtag #TrumpMeltdown didn’t blow up Twitter by accident. It was the perfect time for people to tweet away to @RealDonaldTrump. Ironically, Trump is in court right now saying that his Twitter account is not official government business and thinks he deserves to block people from saying bad things about our poor little baby.

Even though the White House has said on many occasions that his personal account postings are official declarations, he doesn’t like to be spanked by people he doesn’t know. His Twitter account is official, of course. He’s threatened nuclear annihilation of countries, fired and hired government workers via the platform, and used the account to talk to his over 85 million followers. That case will never make it to the Supreme Court before the election and one could raise the point that when Trump becomes a private citizen after the election the account should be terminated by Twitter.

I confess that I did not watch all 12+ hours of the Democratic National Convention, but I did see all the major speakers and many of the inserts that were used to lay out the viewpoints of the party. I was shocked when I watched TV Friday night into Saturday when multiple critics were blasting the convention and its leaders because they didn’t talk about poverty and those most hurt by the imbalance of wealth in America.

I felt the virtual event was a refreshing way to experience a convention. There were no smoke-filled rooms, backstabbing factions and long-winded, self-serving speeches to make us turn away. An attempt to ignite a war between progressives and establishment would be all too easy. It would be like trying to pit the Tea Party clique in the Republican party against the new QAnon-racists in the party. Does the tea-party even exist anymore?

In a screenwriting class I once attended, the instructor taught us that drama cannot exist without conflict. Modern media outlets often create an artificial conflict and their efforts are transparent and do not create meaningful discussion. Right after the Joe Biden nomination acceptance speech, the commentators on CNN were positive and excited about the presentation, I wondered if it was a commercial for his presidency. True to form, CNN added their token conservative Scott Jennings to the mix. I felt sorry for him. He was outnumbered. I’m sure Scott is a nice guy and he’s a decent writer and thinker, but his comments were thin. I wondered why he was there at all.

Most of the left and slightly left of center media outlets are carrying a heavy guilt for not confronting Trump sooner. Philip T. Griffin, president of MSNBC and Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, are not just bending journalism to match their own philosophies, they are doing everything they can to get and keep ratings. They do research and they know about the anger of their base audiences. They can see the fear that most moderates and liberals have about a second Donald Trump term. The happy ending for their cumulative audience would be a defeat of Trump by Joe Biden.

We know that lately Fox News has been showing signs of not being happy about a few Trump things. I couldn’t believe that Laura Ingram said nice things about Biden’s speech, much to the chagrin of her guest, Don Jr. Some insiders claim that all is not rosy in the Rupert Murdoch empire. He’s lost one of his sons in management over the climate crisis and there are those who say that Murdoch is pissed off at Trump for botching the COVID pandemic. They will move slowly like a turtle, however, because most of their guests are full-fledged sycophants of the party. They can challenge those speakers only a little lest it becomes too obvious.

ABC, NBC and CBS, the old grand dames of over-the-air TV, are doing a good job presenting the facts and pointing out the weaknesses of government, but they too can only go so far. CBS’ Sixty Minutes and Fox TV’s Fox News Sunday present penetrating questions, challenge their guests and dissect the facts, but such gutsy, great journalism covers only a couple of weekly hours.

Speaking of the poor, the homeless, those poor Americans left behind, I was amazed how quickly certain networks jumped on this bandwagon of DNC critical reviews claiming the “show” didn’t present enough platform and details, you know, the boring stuff that people don’t watch on TV. Really, media?

While we have more than 175,000 dead Americans, social unrest, wretched government response to the calamity called COVID, twenty major wildfires in California and two large hurricanes threatening the Gulf Coast, are we really going to fault and over-discuss what happened last week? This is the headline they all should be focused on: Chris Wallace says Biden blew ‘a big hole’ in Trump’s ‘mentally shot’ claim with DNC acceptance speech.

Quoting Vance Packard, “The most common characteristic of all police states is intimidation by surveillance. Citizens know they are being watched and overheard. Their mail is being examined. Their homes can be invaded.”

Why did we let Donald Trump invade our homes? It’s time to turn him off, vote him out and let the Southern District of New York start their march toward justice.

Brand New Book for the Recovery

How to Hire Great People: Tips, Tricks and Templates for Success

Great companies hire great people. This short, easy-to-read book will help you recruit, review and refocus your new workers into the style and culture of your company. Motivating people to do great work will manage turnover and keeping good workers at your company will maintain your success. Employee inspiration makes a positive difference in our competitive world. HOW TO HIRE GREAT PEOPLE covers everything, including testing, training, tricks and tips. Follow this guide and you’ll assemble strong teams with smart workers, and you’ll learn some time-tested techniques about how to keep them.

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Not all that the White House says is true

Donald Trump is a damn bully and the best way to deal with him is to stand up to him. Aside from the on-going self-adulation, dislocated policies and dangerous theories, Trump has managed to confuse his experts, the leaders in the House and Senate, and bamboozle his employers, the American public. I am not a doctor or virologist, but I know how to read and research and today I’d like to bring some logic into the public realm.

As we nearly reach 144,000 coronavirus deaths with four million infected Americans, let’s look at the lies, the myths, the misdirects and the reckless musings of an idiot:

  1. The COVID-19 virus is a novel virus, meaning it has not been seen before and thwarting this evil germ will take techniques that differ from the way doctors treat a flu. The first myth from Donald Trump and many other crazy dictators and leaders around the world was that COVID-19 was just like the flu and not as dangerous. The numbers show otherwise. The global pandemic is twice to four times as dangerous. It’s just math, not myth.
  2. The idea of one country containing a virus might be a semi-valid criticism, and just like Donald Trump downplayed the virus at its start here, President Xi in China did the same. Their motivation was stock market stability. Trump’s over-stated fantasy claimed that he saved two million lives. He also said that keeping the death count below 100,000 would be a total success. What? If we could have confined the virus to those first hotspot states, Washington, California and the tri-state area of New York, we would have saved many of the lives that are now lost. It’s a damn myth that China could have stopped the coronavirus and we can’t either. Calling COVID-19 the “China virus” is like calling a mental disability the Trump syndrome.
  3. If you ignore a virus, it will just go away. Trump’s glowing statements about what he has accomplished when facts prove otherwise, make him look senseless. Here’s a great quote from the highly intelligent Ron Brownstein, “In some ways, Trump has become a prisoner of his own base.” He doesn’t test what he’s about to say against any other measure, than what those red hat heretics want to hear. The fact that Trump said, “If we stop testing right now, we’d have very few cases, if any.” Even a dead person, if given the chance, would muster enough strength to suggest, “It’s the death, stupid!”
  4. Keeping people away from work, entertainment and school is going to kill them just the same. Trump and his other propagandists have stated that if the economic shutdown continues, deaths by suicide “definitely would be in far greater numbers than the numbers that we’re talking about” for COVID-19 deaths. That is totally insane, but let’s not get confused by the sad statistics on suicides in America. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the tenth leading cause of death in America. We had 48,344 people die by suicide in 2018 and they believe there were 1.4 million attempts. In a world where Donald John Trump is so loose with the facts, why would he give anyone the suggestion of suicide as a cure for being confined at home? It’s downright dangerous, but the man never filters his words.
  5. We have heard the distortion by our President that, “99% of COVID-19 cases are totally harmless.” Excuse my French, but “C’est l’idée la plus stupide que quiconque ait jamais dite.” Translation, Trump is fucking nonsensical beyond belief. The facts: 15% of COVID-19 cases become “very serious” and as many as 5% can lead to death. When someone uses the word, “harmless,” the logical conclusion is it’s benign to most people. The jury is still out regarding the long-term effects of COVID-19 and the true percentages. When the word, “harmless” is used, it connotatively suggests we can let our guard down. We cannot.
  6. The latest myth that has crept into the speech patterns of Trump and his clueless sycophants in Congress and around the country is that young kids are not as susceptible to getting COVID and do not spread it as much as adults do. Now I am going to make this personal. My daughter has always worked in daycare and she has been around two-year-old kids for years. In any given year, she and her five-year-old daughter will get as many as five colds and suffer through whatever the current yearly flu might be. To suggest that it’s okay to allow kids to be exposed to the virus and then go home is a form of government sanctioned murder of our teachers and other school workers. Here’s some true bad news for our schools. The Secretary of Education is Betsy DeVos, a rich donor with no experience or expertise in education or medicine; she is simply a useless public servant.
  7. There are no quick fixes like using disinfectants, untested drugs or sunshine to kill the virus. For months we were fed the drivel it will go away as soon as it gets warmer. That lie was based not on specific, scientific COVID data, but on the experiences we’ve had with normal influenza. The successful path would have been rigorous testing to determine who was infected then keeping healthy people away from them. We are doing a terrible job with contact tracing, which could help stop the spread of COVID. If you must go out in public, you should wear a mask. Dr. Debra Birx should be ashamed for not jumping out of her chair saying, “NO, NO, NO,” when Trump suggested ingesting or injecting bleach could cure the virus.
  8. You can trust what is coming out of the President’s mouth regarding the COVID crisis. It’s all defensive posturing, political hogwash and very little useful advice. Any intelligent person watching this governmental cluster-fuck can clearly see that Donald Trump’s approach has made our situation worse, not better. According to Forbes magazine, “64% of Americans distrust what Trump says about the Covid-19 pandemic—including 46% who say they don’t trust him ‘at all’—while only 34% trust what he says.”

I just read something brilliant from Marshall Shepherd, Director of the Atmospheric Science program at the University of Georgia. He has coined the term, “Wishcasting.” This is what we get daily from Donald Trump. Mr. Shepherd amplified his concept, “People ‘wishcast’ scenarios in our minds, but they don’t jibe with what the science or the data is actually bearing out.” When we hear about someone winning the lottery, our first thought is that it should have been us. We don’t feel good for the person who won a million dollars. We “wishcast” our thoughts and prayers every day, but that isn’t how we solve a problem. You could buy a lottery ticket every day of your life and never win a million dollars.

Hopefully, this list of myths will not grow, but I suspect it will. By the way, that is not a wish, just an educated guess. A friend of mine just wrote that in her school district in Georgia, three of her co-worker principals are on ventilators and one high school coach in his twenties has died, I wished it were better there. I know that opening schools is just more “wishcasting” by Trump, who would rather kill some people and win another election then do what is right for America. That isn’t a myth, it’s just who he is.  

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

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“That’s not enforceable”

On national TV last night, President Donald John Trump used the words, “It will probably, unfortunately, get worse before it gets better,” and with that one phrase he invalidated weeks of words attempting to downplay the crisis, even going so far as calling the whole matter a hoax. He added, “We’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask, get a mask. Whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact, they’ll have an effect and we need everything we can get.” I’ll ignore the poor construct of the English language. but Donny Boy is going to piss off the far-right, and Fox News will have to rewrite all their anointment scripts and routines. Gee, do they now point out that Trump was wrong all along, or do they just smile and praise him for his quick action to bolster his poor poll numbers?

Many of our state governors have now created a lame-ass justification for their inaction on signing a law to mandate masks. “That’s not enforceable,” they say. Why? I have never seen weaker, less compassionate governance in America. Governors have no problem calling up the National Guard when a disaster hits their states, so why can’t they act to keep people safer? Is it because of a vague notion that people will comply with a regulation only if it can be compelled by law enforcement? What about seat belts, smoking in public locations and having a driver’s license? Heck, in my county I cannot cut down a tree in my yard without replacing it with a tree of equal girth. That could cost me more than $1,000, but is it enforceable? The county can’t possibly know every tree.

Trump will still NOT sign an executive order because he’s a chicken-shit president. I can imagine what Teddy Roosevelt would say if were alive, “It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed.” He did speak those words, and he was right. Trump has failed America by not trying to help us. What advice might President John Kennedy have given to Donald Trump? Perhaps, “There are risks and costs to action, but they are far less than the long-range risks of comfortable inaction.” Abraham Lincoln would whisper in the Donald’s ear, “The probability that we may fall in the struggle ought not to deter us from the support of a cause we believe to be just.”

Of course, what those leaders would say to Trump in private would likely contain harsh language and possibly profanity; well, maybe not Lincoln. I am curious how long Trump’s thoughtful stance on the COVID-19 crisis will last. Later today will he revert to whiny diatribes about how great things were before China unleashed this terrible “plague” on America?

Trump has decided that China created a pandemic to hurt him and will start to paint them as the enemy that he, and he alone, can conquer. The Donald insists he has a great relationship with President Xi. I would replace “great” with “dysfunctional” because Xi doesn’t tell Trump the truth. I am disturbed that no one from the media asks our president this question, “Why do you keep scolding Xi for not containing the virus when you have been unable to contain it here?”

There is no proof that any country can totally stop this virus. We saw what happened in Sweden. They killed a lot of older, weaker citizens in their mythical desire for “herd immunity.” We saw karma win in Brazil when their leader made fun of the virus.  Not only did their President get the virus, but their COVID data is horrible.  Brazil has confirmed 2.17 million known cases, with 81,597 deaths.

Trump blaming China for not “stopping the curse in its tracks” is verbiage for a speech but it’s not based on any science or knowledge about how viruses work. You cannot build a wall to stop a virus. Trump claimed to prevent Chinese citizens from entering the USA, but in fact many traveled here. Here’s a New York Times headline from April 4, 2020, “430,000 People Have Traveled From China to U.S. Since Coronavirus Surfaced.” They detailed 1,300 direct flights to 17 cities before President Trump’s travel restrictions. Since that so-called “ban,” nearly 40,000 Americans and other travelers from China made the trip. Their greeting upon arrival was spotty screening, at best. Trump is either lying or totally unaware of these facts. I’ll go with lying.

Donald Trump is incapable of understanding complex matters and situations. Someone should have taken the orange dumbbell into his private dining room and explained it this way, “Imagine that you have five men and five women sharing a cottage for a week of swinging and debauchery. You, Donald Trump, are one of the men. During the vacation you learn that one of the men in the party has a deadly venereal disease, but his identity cannot be disclosed because of a health privacy law known as HIPAA.”

Trump now considers his options. Should he get a nurse to come to the cabin and test everyone? He thinks no, because the more we test the worse it will seem. I’m extremely strong and healthy and I’ll use protection, but I don’t have enough for everyone so I will protect only myself. The next day the disease has spread to eight of the ten people. Trump thinks it’s going to worse before it gets better, but he’s fine because he’s protected. Next, he gets a fever and realizes he was the source of the sickness. He leaves the campsite to get help at a hospital. He asks another to explain the problem to all the campers so he can avoid facing them. Trump doesn’t even remember how many people he screwed.

I’ll end this post with REALITY. Trump’s change in tone has nothing to do with caring, empathy or knowledge. Kellyanne Conway wrote that announcement to counter the polling crisis, not the pandemic problem.

Trump is a fool. He’ll defund education, healthcare insurance and money for testing. He will attempt to close the CDC and will avoid all good tactics because he’s cares about himself only. God save the nation from this sloth with fake, thin skin.

The book that tells it like it is…

Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs: If you only read one chapter of this book, try “Take a Knee for America” and think about our never-ending conflicts between minorities and the police. I’m not asking you to take a stand but having a deep and honest conversation about why some people think the way they do would be productive. This is a book for the moment which seeks to start a conservation about peace. And if you are worried about social media, you really should check out the chapter called “Social Media Menace.”

Get the Kindle Version HERE. Or order your paperback edition HERE.