In My Humble Opinion

No Matter What Trump Says

The first time I saw the characters IMHO in a text, I wondered what it meant. I was a little embarrassed that I didn’t get it immediately. Of course, I had to be told the meaning of LMAO as well. I wonder if President Donald J. Trump would ever use IMHO, not because he doesn’t have an opinion, but because he is the least humble person we have ever elected president.

After watching Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondence Dinner (4-28-2018), I feel compelled to answer a few questions some people might be asking. HEY, all you people who think Michelle Wolf went too far, ask yourself this question. Does Donald Trump go too far? When someone is NOT politically correct, why are they so wrong? The Leader of the FREE world says that P.C. is bad for America. Did anyone hear that?

Michelle Wolf is a FREAKING COMEDIAN. She is supposed to piss us off and point out how silly and self-important we all are. It’s a little like Trump lambasting Jon Tester for disclosing Dr. Ronny’s nickname of “Candy Man.” Trump was angry and said how low it was to call someone names. Really, Donald? What about Rocketman, Lyin Ted, Crooked Hillary, Little Marco, Low Energy Jeb, Al Frankenstein, Mr. Magoo and on and on. It’s time someone demonstrated the pain that personal attacks create. Wolf is from Hershey, and you expected SWEET? Ha! I say, “You go Girl!”

The discussion about the First Amendment on the cable TV news channels is hilarious. The White House talking heads seem to be agreeing with the news heads that an apology is in order. Give me a freakin’ break! This ongoing misdirect that somehow the press is “unfair” to the President is funnier than some of the jokes that came out of Wolf’s mouth. Yes, she crossed a language barrier with several of her terms and subjects, but this will roll off the backs of hardworking citizens as just another demonstration of “those Trump haters.” Why would those from the 4th and 5th Estate be asking for a mea culpa from a comedian?

The other day Donald Trump made a statement with the Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel, sitting at his side. It was so alarmingly stupid and so unconnected to logic that my mouth fell open. Our president said that the reason people don’t like him is because he is doing a good job for America. He was trying to say that no one in another country will like him because he must get what America wants first. Unreal!

I wonder if any objective person can see their way to asking this simple question, “Why do people hate our country’s leader?” If I learned that a large percentage of my readers hated me, I would probably say, “Well, F.U.,” and urge them not to read what I write. One cannot worry about what people think when trying to present their thoughts, words or craft. That is why comedians and comedy writers will tell you that any filter on their brains will stop their funniest stuff from getting out. But that is not good advice for the President of the United States. He is not doing a show. He’s supposed to be leading our country.

Some loyal “basers” will not walk away from Donald Trump because they truly believe that he is the best thing that ever happened to America. Some people worship him. There, I said it. And, in my humble opinion, with the evangelicals giving this blasphemer cover they are much like tyrannical communists believing the “end justifies the means.” Hey, it’s their words. They will look away at his sins if they get another chance at making abortions illegal and having judges who pray before a vote. If you had any thought that the big, rich mega churches will protect democracy, keep praying. They only care about the turnstile at their door and raking in donations. They are the money-changers.

The fact that a comedian can get on national TV and say the things that Michelle Wolf did, is not only a great example of freedom of speech but shows that if you give someone a platform and they use it you have no right to whine and do that Monday morning quarterbacking thing with your not-so-humble opinions.

America’s public discourse is at its lowest level because of people like Donald Trump lying and using the First Amendment as a protection against sanity. As I have written, repeatedly, Trump’s biggest fault, and the Achilles heel that will eventually do him in, is his LYING. We cannot have a President who lies and disregards facts. It disrupts the daily duties of government. We waste too much time seeking a higher truth and debating the facts. Trump is disliked because he is a liar. Face it, we have a president who lies, constantly.

According to Politico Magazine, “Trump seems to lie for the pure joy of it. A whopping 70 percent of Trump’s statements that PolitiFact checked during the campaign were false, while only 4 percent were completely true, and 11 percent mostly true.” We know these percentages haven’t gotten better since he became President.

A Quinnipiac University poll from last November showed, “Thirty-seven percent of voters thought Trump was honest, compared with 58 percent who thought he was not.”

Figures from the Morning Consult’s survey said that, “Only 37 percent think Trump is ‘stable’ while, 51 percent don’t. Thirty-six percent think Trump is ‘compassionate.’ Fifty-three percent don’t. Sixty percent think Trump is ‘reckless.’ Only 29 percent don’t.”

So, when a 32-year-old female comedian gets up and blasts away at what she dutiful notes is a corrupt system of liars and lifers in the bureaucratic system of government, she is saying the same thing that got Trump elected. She slapped the media and their coverage, while also being rude to those people we are supposed to respect just for what they do. The irony and hypocrisy here is pulpable.

Why did we have to respect Sean Spicer when he was behind a podium, but we can totally disrespect him once he lost everything after lying his way to the top? Why can’t we disrespect people for who they really are?

Spicer was the MC at a wax figure reveal of Melania Trump at a museum last week. Trump ruins people which is a major disgrace to this great country. No compassion, no truth, no leadership, just a fat orange ego.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

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Can Donald Trump Save his Presidency?

There is something sickening in the unseasonable winter winds blowing up the east coast, hitting both Washington and New York City. Those who voted for the President of the United States learn each day that he is not quite what they thought he was. Those of us who have never supported him are finding that he is much worse than we ever believed.

As James Comey continues his book selling tour of the media landscape, we cannot see what is on the horizon for Comey, but it’s becoming clear that Donald Trump is going to have to do more than tweeting to escape his self-inflicted credibility problem. He has entered the labyrinth, and in the end, he will have no one to guide him out.

First, let’s look at the story that got less coverage because of the high courtroom drama taking place in New York. While everyone was focused on Comey and Michael Cohen’s mystery client, Trump was up to his old tricks with Russia.

Nikki Haley, the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, said that additional sanctions would be placed on Russia because of their involvement and lack of preventative action in the chemical attack by Assad in Syria. While French President Emmanuel Macron took credit for convincing Trump to keep some troops in Syria, Trump took his eye off the ball back home.

Mr. Trump changed his mind about pulling out of Syria. Now he has changed his mind about imposing Russian sanctions after naming them in the announcement to bomb Syria. What is going on here?

Underneath the announcement of additional sanctions that were to be announced on Monday (4-16-2018), our Great Orange Leader must have heard Putin’s footsteps coming up the hallway because he quickly rescinded them. Once again, Trump is more interested in placating Putin than confronting that leader and his misdeeds. Could it be that the Russians have something on Trump as Comey suggests?

With Trump’s “attorney,” Michael Cohen, being under criminal investigation, the Donald is acting more like someone who has something to hide rather than an open, transparent person. Trump was quick to Twitter with more than 100 words condemning the seizure of Cohen’s data with the cry, “Attorney-Client privilege is dead!” Then Trump sent in his new personal attorney to argue for protection of his communications with Cohen.

What took place in New York yesterday was the same kind of circus we have been subjected to again and again with this White House and President. We learned that Michael Cohen had only three clients in the past year. One, Donald Trump, who he protected with a hush-payment to a porn-star. Two, top GOP fundraiser Elliot Broidy, who he shielded from a damaging paternity P.R. nightmare with a payment of $1.6 million to a former Playboy model. Broidy resigned from his post at the RNC after the settlement was revealed. If you are keeping score, a one-night stand gets you $130K, a ten-month affair nets $150K and impregnation goes for $1.6M.

Three, the mysterious client that Cohen and his attorney attempted to cloak turned out to be Fox News channel’s Sean Hannity. As soon as this revelation hit the fan, Hannity was quick to point out that he was never represented by Cohen in any legal matter and never paid him for any advice on what he said were real estate matters and involved no third parties. Hannity, not a true newsman or journalist, never revealed that he was a Cohen client, even when helping him through his nightly harangues about the FBI raids on his TV show which, according to Variety magazine, tops 3 million viewers.

What does it mean to be a “client” of a lawyer? The attorney-client relationship is created by an agreement of representation. It can be verbal, but usually is detailed in a written engagement agreement. It’s important to point out that a lawyer has ethical duties to prospective clients, current clients, and former clients. You don’t have to pay an attorney for representation, but whether you are a perspective client, a current client, or a client from the past, your communication with that lawyer is protected. There is an exception however, the privilege cannot be used to conceal a crime. As a person of privilege, Donald Trump has used that advantage in his business career to work around rules, laws and regulations. While Trump continues to go soft on Russia, Russians and Russian interference, America is seeing one of the worst side shows in its history.

We have learned about “taint” teams and how the law works with the clear message that no one is above the law. With all the daily “BREAKING NEWS” reports, we have a sense that this President cannot exist without chaos and confusion. He even seems perplexed about what he has and hasn’t said.

Does he really believe that the sanctions he requested were not supposed to be executed against Russia? It’s the old case of the boss who yells and screams at his workers, “Who’s stupid idea was this?” and the workers reluctantly answer, “That was your idea.” The closed-minded boss can only deny he ever proposed the idea. Trump paints himself into the corner all the time, proving that he is truly UNFIT to be President.

James Comey claims the President is “morally unfit” to serve but gives him a pass on the mental piece of the puzzle. One day, he says no one has done more to confront Russia, then the next day we get this from his talking sour-head, White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, “Sanctions were merely under consideration.”

In August 2017, long before the Syrian chemical attack, Congress passed a measure to add Russian sanctions. Trump signed it, and then ignored it. Right after signing, Trump said, “The bill remains seriously flawed — particularly because it encroaches on the executive branch’s authority to negotiate. Congress could not even negotiate a health care bill after seven years of talking.” Even though Trump signed it, he was more interested in putting down Congress instead of taking up the battle against Russia.

For the 60% of Americans who don’t believe this guy, Trump would have to disclose everything about his business and financial structure to save his presidency. He would have to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of doubt, why he gives Putin a pass. Right now, he appears to be the Manchurian Candidate. You might want to watch the movie.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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Trump’s Creeping Corruption

When Donald Trump ran for President he promised us he would “drain the swamp,” which was a terrific marketing slogan. Part of the 10-square miles that make up Washington, DC was built on swampland so the language worked. What Donald didn’t comprehend was that once the water was gone he would have lots of angry alligators ready to take him down.

Surveying how Washington works, you find out that one cannot just come in and push all the institutions, customs and traditions aside. I’ve never thought of Donald Trump as anybody but a third-rate entertainer who is addicted to the roar of the crowd, the smell of the grease paint (or orange makeup). He doesn’t take anything seriously until he doesn’t get what he wants. Then he uses the claws of lawyers and influencers and pouts like a little spoiled brat.

As the clock ticks, we learn more and more about Donald Trump and his associates. Today (7-21-2017) it was disclosed that Exxon Mobil violated sanctions by doing business with Russia. The company, which at the time had Rex Tillerson as its CEO, was fined $2 million for this infraction. Immediately, Exxon Mobil announced that they would sue Steven Mnuchin and the Treasury Department, which Mnuchin heads. How can this be happening? During Tillerson’s confirmation hearing he was asked about this. So much for extreme vetting. Under any other administration, the now Secretary of State would be asked to step down during this lawsuit. How can he testify against the very government that employs him?

Ties with Russia seem to be woven into Trump’s words, actions and deeds. We have stopped sending arms to the rebels in Syria, which is what Putin wants us to do.

If the United States returns those two seize properties that were allegedly used for Russian intelligence, we will see that Trump truly is Putin’s puppet.  We were warned this would happen.

If Trump deletes the Magnitsky Act, which puts sanctions on Russia for Human Rights violations, that is just one more give-away to Putin by Trump.

The lack of transparency about Russia seems more like creeping corruption than good diplomacy. The first thing I would ask Trump is this.  What are we getting out of it, Mr. Big-Shot-Dealmaker?

When Trump rambled on in his New York Times interview (7-20-2017), he seemed to threaten the Special Counsel that his companies, his family’s and his own private finances were off-limits. The accused doesn’t get to the block the investigator’s vision while seeking the truth.

Now we learn that Robert Mueller has sent a letter to the White House saying they must preserve all the documents, text messages, voice mails and correspondence pertaining to the 2016 meeting with Don, Jr., et. al. and Russians. The plot thickens.

And if Friday wasn’t hot enough outside, inside the administration just got hotter. Sean Spicer, the White House press secretary, resigned. He told President Trump he vehemently disagreed with the appointment of New York financier Anthony Scaramucci to the position of Communications Director. Will we see more rats leaving the ship?

Whether true or not, it has been leaked, probably by Trump himself, that his team of lawyers are discussing how Presidential pardons work. Aren’t they getting the cart in front of the horse here? You don’t talk about how to get out of jail before you are caught doing the crime.

As our great Orange Leader disparages his Attorney General in the interview with the Times and seems to fail to understand the old yarn about not hanging out your dirty laundry.  He is circling his wagons with more loyalists. Trump being loyal to the people around him is one royal LIE.

The theme has been heard before from the Donald. If a legal mind or someone in the judiciary makes a decision against our 14-year-old leader, he wars against judges with his words. He is not fit to be President and something must be done.

The creeping corruption is slowing working its way to the very man who could end it all, just by telling the truth. Those who stay by his side will be dragged into this mess. Time to be a patriot and get away from this madman. Absolute corruption, corrupts absolutely.