Trump’s Final Road Trip

I couldn’t help noticing Donald John Trump’s schedule. After 1,141 days in office, with a grand total of 321 days playing golf, he’s headed to the southern border to brag about his 400 miles of almost finished wall. Mexico paid zero pesos for this unnecessary project and has zero interest in what will be the subject of this pathetic, broken man’s last speech. Trump doesn’t want to talk about the hundreds of thousands of American lives lost to COVID, the insurrection he caused at Capitol Hill on January 6th or the stark reality that in just a few days he will no longer be president.

The Real Alamo

Trump defended himself with his speech in Alamo, Texas yesterday. He won’t be at the actual historical structure, and that’s great news, but the irony of this location cannot be ignored. My father’s family came to America in the late 1600s. They landed at the James River settlement and then traveled through Dover, Delaware before settling in Lancaster, Pennsylvania where they became farmers.

Some of my lineage ended up in Tennessee and there is amazing family research that reveals that we are related to Davy Crockett. He died at age 49 during the Texas revolution at the Alamo in 1836. It’s ironic that our President will be in Texas bragging about his wall and its central aim of curtailing immigration or, as Trump puts it, keeping the “Bad hombres” from coming here to rape, murder and exploit us. Perhaps his stupid rhetoric and policies lowered the numbers of people who migrated north, but who really wants to enter the United States in the midst of a raging pandemic? Our southern neighbors are neither stupid nor killers; they are just immigrants looking for a better life.

Internet chatter has led the FBI to issue a warning about armed protests in all 50 state capitals and in Washington, D.C. during Joe Biden’s inauguration. Coupling that with the bloodshed at last week’s deadly siege at the U.S. Capitol convinces me I have been correct. The blog writings here haven’t been springing from a left-wing lunatic spreading fear about an unhinged president. I’m just a patriot who has been trying to warn you that Donald Trump is an evil, destructive, anti-democracy power-hungry demagogue.

Sometimes there’s a need to share the backstory of honorable people who fight for noble causes and creeds. Davy Crocket and the freedom fighters from Tennessee weren’t on a mission to free people in the “country” of Texas, they were involved in a deeply flawed and politically motivated land grab. Most of the people who moved to the Texas territory were colonizers eager to snatch up the land Mexico was handing out by the acre. To get the land, they were required to convert to Catholicism and sign up for Mexican citizenship. Few did what they agreed to, and instead hatched a plan to get rich growing cotton in the excellent Texas climate. Mexico had banned slavery, so the settlers turned to the US government to help them acquire slaves whose free labor would pave the way to their dreams of wealth.

The Mexicans fought bravely to save the land they felt was theirs, and Davy Crockett was killed in battle. The war cry “Remember the Alamo” was born and used to raise money for troops. The United States government annexed Texas in 1845 and the skirmish for slaves led to the Mexican American War, which lasted from 1846 to 1848.

Back then the newspapers of countries around the world destroyed the credibility of the United States because of its promotion of colonization and cheap land. With the insurrection at the Capital last week, we are once again losing the high-moral ground of democracy for the people, by the people. The citizens of the world plainly see our modern day version of Napoleon, but he’s taller, fatter, slimier and stupider. His name is Donald Trump.

This self-destructive man was told by his White House lawyer and the former Attorney General that he cannot and should not pardon himself. Sources say he replied, “If I can’t pardon myself, then no one will get pardoned.” At that, he picked his ball, went home and locked himself in his room.

The Walls of America

Trump’s obsession with walls provides a revealing, remarkable insight about the man. He doesn’t allow just anyone into his walled reality. Only those who come groveling and shoveling praise get past his locked door. Some have suggested to Trump that he doesn’t need expensive, ugly walls at the border, that fences would suffice. Ironically, we now have walls and fences around the White House, the Capital and the Supreme Court. Donald Trump has brought us an unwelcomed lockdown, and we will have more than 15,000 troops guarding the presidential transition next week.

The good news is that military presence will be a force ready to evict the son-of-a-bitch if he refuses to leave the White House. Today may be Donald Trump’s last official road trip, but no later than January 20th he will take his last trip on our dime to Mar-A-Lago, where he can melt back into the realm of “private citizen.” But please make no mistake, his dream of becoming today’s equivalent of Robert E. Lee is dashed. The National Guard knows what they are doing and will not allow any domestic terrorists into the halls of freedom.

After learning that several of the Capital Police are being investigated for aiding and abetting the terrorists, the thin blue line has faded a bit. What country is this? It’s time we sanitize all three branches of government. A great start will be expelling all the Senators and Representatives who tried to steal the election from the people.

Donald Trump is not an Aaron Burr, the man who killed Thomas Jefferson. He’s just an old, orange pumpkin who has TOTALLY FAILED as a president, a father and a person. At a bare minimum, he owes a deep apology to all of us. Short of that, LOCK HIM UP.

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The Wrecking Crew of Giuliani & Powell

Some people get thrown into the spotlight of American history even when they don’t deserve any oxygen. Still, we give them the glory, and by “we” I mean the ever-needy media with their cameras and microphones catching the mucus of lies that drips out of their collective mouths.

I lived in New York when the Twin Towers collapsed after the 9-11 terrorist attacks and saw the leadership Mayor Rudolph Giuliani showed to the entire world during it all. I also attended a seminar where he spoke about leadership. It was illuminating and inspiring, so he wasn’t always like this. By “this” I mean his recent highly partisan and hairbrained activities on behalf of President Donald Trump.

I think Rudy started to fall off the logic track when he ran for president and obsessively used the 9-11 attacks as the reason why people should vote for him. Rudy’s “hero” claims, however, bothered those who lost family members and friends during the attack. After his unsuccessful run, Rudy started practicing law and using his fame and celebrity to gain high paying contracts to “advise” nations and people around the world.

Rudy Bleeding For Trump

As Giuliani became closer with Trump, he began a sort of conspiratorial process, warping the details of actual happenings or completely fabricating others to keep him tight with our bulbous leader. He showed Trump how easily he could morph pure, outrageous lies into “facts.” Trump was just paranoid enough to believe he needed Giuliani by his side, and this gave “the mayor” a golden opportunity to manipulate the President.

While Rudy was in Ukraine, he took a few facts at face value and then created a dark “deep state plot” around them, Russian leader Vladimir Putin played Rudy to increase his hold on the 45th President. While he was being tried for impeachment in the Senate, the Donald went crazy looking for defense lawyers. He found lots of willing partisan has-beens to lie for him, like Jeffrey Epstein’s good friend Alan Dershowitz.

Along that path, Trump picked up Sidney Powell, a lawyer from North Carolina with a connection to many cases and comments that blended right into the conspiracy-driven notions of our demented President. During a recent press conference held at the RNC in Washington, Ms. Powell showed her real skin.

Sydney Powell

Powell’s unsubstantiated conspiracy theories about election interference were disconcerting, even for some Republican supporters of Trump. Sidney claimed there was a “deep state plot” to frame Trump’s disgraced advisor Michael Flynn and, as his attorney, she was involved in getting Flynn to reverse his guilty plea.

Sidney Powell has promoted personalities and concepts associated with the QAnon conspiracy group. She has discussed a supposed effort involving international Communists, “globalists,” George Soros, Hugo Chávez (who has been dead since 2013), the Clinton Foundation, thousands of Democratic and Republican officials, including Trump ally and Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, to rig the election in favor of Joe Biden. Soon enough after spewing her falsehoods, she became the victim of the “cancel culture” of Fox News.

While making the rounds at all the pro-Trump media shows, Sidney Powell laid the foundation for her own demise. Tucker Carlson didn’t like Tucker’s approach, and he attacked her during a ten-minute monologue at the top of his Fox News show saying, “What Powell was describing would amount to the single greatest crime in American history; millions of votes stolen in a day. Democracy destroyed. The end of our centuries-old system of government.” He further disclosed that she became “angry and told us to stop contacting her” when his producers invited Ms. Powell to appear on his show and share her evidence. After that, the Trump sycophants attacked Fox News and their boy Tucker because he wanted to expose the evidence. Why?

The “cancel culture” that Tucker Carlson decries every night is very much alive at Fox News, and for years Rupert Murdoch has employed that approach to those he doesn’t like, just as Trump has. So, what would be more important to Trump? The opinions of Rush Limbaugh, Mark Leven and the far-right loonies, or his desire to overturn the election results? Ha! Do I have to ask?

Man Doing Brain Measurement

Last night, November 22, 2020, Sidney Powell’s Wikipedia page was suddenly updated: “Trump campaign lawyers Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis issued a statement that Powell is “practicing law on her own” and is not (or is no longer) a part of the Trump legal team.” According to The Washington Post, “The Trump campaign cut ties with Powell because she was seen as harming Trump’s broader legal efforts, and that President Trump disliked the coverage she received on Tucker Carlson Tonight.” So, score another point for Tucker, who clearly must be the actual President of the United States.

Thus, we’re down to Trump’s two loyal lawyers, Jenna Ellis and Rudy Giuliani. Their legal arguments are just sanitized versions of what Sidney Powell was saying. When a lawyer of the sitting Republican President attacks a loyal Republican Governor of Georgia because the people of his state voted for Biden, I guess that is a road too far. Not that I would go out of my way to defend Brian Kemp, the voter suppression king of the south, but he signed the document that gave Joe Biden the state because he was doing what he is legally bound to do. He followed the law and didn’t cheat.

The ugly effect of Giuliani on the Trump presidency harkens back to the words John Dean said to President Richard Nixon during Watergate, “I think that there’s no doubt about the seriousness of the problem we’ve got. We have a cancer within — close to the presidency, that’s growing. It’s growing daily. It’s compounding. It grows geometrically now because it compounds itself.” Those are the actual words that Mr. Dean spoke to Nixon. Giuliani is a cancerous growth on Donald Trump’s legacy and presidency, but there is no one brave enough to make the rotund orange leader understand.

Sidney Powell was thrown under the bus because Rudy didn’t manage her, as if anyone could. They simply dismissed her because that’s how they roll. The American public has fired Donald John Trump, but he hasn’t yet received the word. He’s a fool surrounded by suckers and dupes, stark proof that Trump never took the job seriously. He’s just a spoiled brat game player on the playground, but he holds nuclear weaponry. He must be neutralized and removed, ASAP.

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