Trump’s Weaknesses Revealed Again

America is changing because of Donald Trump and the arduous journey back to normality will take years. I have long believed that Trump’s words and actions do not reflect his hardcore values. They’re just tools to get the job. He’s far more interested in winning than solving the problems of real people.

This brings us to the Supreme Court, which should be an apolitical body that interprets the Constitution and applies same to decisions which move the country forward. Everyone says the Supreme Court doesn’t write law, but that is bullshit. Its legally binding decisions are based on the religious indoctrination and political bias of its justices. Sorry, but that’s the truth. How can they possibly know what the founding fathers thought or meant, when much of today’s practices, terminology and language didn’t even exist back then?

In a 7-2 vote, the Supreme Court decided that a 40-foot, World War I memorial cross on public land in Maryland can stand. According to the Baltimore Sun newspaper, “The case began as a lawsuit by three people who live near the cross and the District of Columbia-based American Humanist Association, which includes atheists and agnostics. They argued that the memorial should be moved to private property or modified into a nonreligious monument such as a slab or obelisk.”

Now I know that this “important” decision hammers the First Amendment with the same tool that would have been used to chisel that cross into a slab, but reasonable minds get the point. Justice Samuel Alito wrote, “A government that roams the land, tearing down monuments with religious symbolism and scrubbing away any reference to the divine will strike many as aggressively hostile to religion.” That seems logical, but the Supreme Court is full of Catholics and Maryland is a state that has harbored both boats and Catholics for centuries. For the record, six of the Justices were raised Catholic and three came from Jewish homes. Perhaps you might want to reconsider if you believe they are free of their backgrounds and upbringings.

A chapter in my new book, Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs, describes what one sees as they travel our American highways. People are killed by the thousands each year on our roads. Almost 40,000 people die on our motorways each year, and memorial flags and crosses go up all the time. I feel they are more of a distraction and less things that should be protected.

Maybe I am being harsh on the cross, but I suggest that an Islamic edifice on the same land would not only be defaced but the Supreme Court would order its removal. Are Trump’s picks pushing religion?

They will argue that a monument holding words of a religion casts a greater shadow than a symbol alone. They will argue that crosses, which mark the graves of American soldiers, became a symbol closely linked to war. But shouldn’t the star of David, the symbol of Judaism, have equal standing and be added to the memorial? And what about an Islamic symbol, as well?

The Supreme Court had to decide if that monument should be taken down. It’s somewhat strange that their decision devalued the symbol of Christ. They are saying that the symbology of a cross is so widely used it cannot possibly offend. If this was a trademark case, the plaintiff would be up in arms. What will they do when a Swastika is erected on public land? Most people don’t know that symbol originated in the Hindu religion, although Hitler graphically flipped its perspective.

I get it. The court was dealing with only one cross and one lawsuit, but they have now paved the way for Christianity to gain more power over other religions in the US. They have said that the cross is not firmly linked to a religion. Oh, how they offend the Christians of the world. Will we now see more crosses on public lands?

The Supreme Court will never take off their robes and appear in court wearing T-shirts and jeans. They will never abandon their symbolism. Robes impart a sense of religious symbolism, like a church choir. The decorum of the court is paramount in maintaining law and order. Symbolism works where important decisions are made. Just like banning cameras from their court, the formal propriety of dress sends a message to those who must argue before them.

The Supreme Court will be tested again on the separation of church and state. I don’t understand why we have “In God We Trust” inscribed on our money. Why not put a giant cross on the new $20 bill? Why not say a prayer before every session of Congress? Oh wait, they already do that. You see, despite Thomas Jefferson’s thinking that it would be a good idea to keep God out of government, no one seems to know just how to do that.

The symbolism of racism, civil war, hate, white nationalism, the KKK, confederate flags and neo-Nazis are far greater threats to our freedoms than a cross on the side of the road in Maryland. If the Supreme Court decided to outlaw symbolisms of hate, they would be challenged by those factions using them. The bottom line is this. The Supreme Court has imposed their value system on us by deciding the presence or absence of blatant religious messaging in a symbol. Who gave them that power? The Constitution doesn’t support such a responsibility. Is it time to revisit, and perhaps restrict, the power of the Supreme Court?

A good President would try to balance the court. Along with consideration of the political leanings of candidate judges, shouldn’t their religious affiliations be examined as well? Why not have a Protestant on the court? How about an atheist? What about finding a judge who is gay or transgendered? You see, knowing how a prospective justice will rule on a woman’s right to choose is only one of many litmus tests that should be applied. If the Supreme Court cannot be unbiased, it should at least be balanced. The justices need to adjudicate things for what they are, not for what they want or imagine them to be.


Gold, God, Guns & Goofballs shows how we’ve wasted our GOLD on bad wars and corruption. While GOD is there for many people as a spiritual enrichment and the provider of glowing feelings, the truth is just praying and believing will not change our major arc. We don’t determine who gets a GUN. We aren’t sure if we have paramilitary groups ready to storm the White House or a White Castle. There is no control of weapons. The GOOFBALLS with the power constantly try to manipulate us into spending more money on bombs and tanks and wars. When all of our institutions are infected with neglect and fall in disrepair, we will only have ourselves to blame. This book is not an antidote for the left or right, it’s an accelerant to move the middle off their collective asses to go do something positive for America.

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Trump’s Vitriol Being Acted Out

We have been writing this blog since Donald J. Trump became president, and in many of these missives we have warned that when an extreme ideolog stirs up his base, bad things happen. Trump rallies show us just how violent people can get when they are urged to hate journalists or anyone with a different opinion. With Trump holding the highest office in the land, we seem to have a domestic problem. It’s almost as if Russia has their hand in this great divide of America. It’s exactly what they would execute if they had the power. Maybe they have the power.

President Trump has multiple personalities and all of them lie. When confronted, he tries to be “presidential,” but he continually tweets messages of negativity and hate. The Donald has his enemies list, and it’s become apparent today that the crazies are attempting to gain his love by doing bad things to those on that list. When someone sends bombs to former presidents, actors and news networks, we are at a serious crossroad. Something must be done.

Trump’s harsh rhetoric, stupid conspiracy theories and hate speeches have pushed the fringe element to the edge. It’s time for Congress to comprehend that Donald Trump is bad for America. Trump has never even started to bring America together. Instead, he has divided us and turned basic traditions, customs and laws upside down. His thoughts and actions are not good for our country. He mocks decent conduct and has abandoned the respect and responsibility of the office. He has not fulfilled his pledge to protect all Americans.

We will learn more about the pipe bombs being sent to former presidents, movie stars and a news network, but Trump has can no longer brag about the lack of terrorism in America since he was elected. That was just another lie. STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT; the targets of these acts are Trump’s targets. The enemies of this terrorist appears to be the same people Trump doesn’t like.

I would urge everyone to google this reference in Wikipedia. I cannot believe that I would even think about what Hitler did to gain power when we are being attacked on our soil. I do not trust Trump and I am saddened to think he would ever promote this kind of activity.

We need to make sure that Trump is not complicit. We need to find out if these evil people are being motivated by Trump and, if so, they need to be condemned by the President. Trump has got to stop the vile demonization of Democrats and unnecessary bullying of our free press. If he cannot stop weaponizing his position, he should be impeached. He is inciting violence. And now we have proof.


Trump’s Enemies List Takes Shape

Consider the old saying, “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”  It basically means that you shouldn’t be a hypocrite. You shouldn’t be accusing someone of something if you do it yourself. But in the case of Donald J. Trump, it takes on another meaning. It has to do with using media and what using media means in the modern world.

If you are being recorded, there could be embarrassments and off-color remarks, or even racist ramblings, that might come back to bite you. In fact, the Donald has been living in a glass house all his life. And Trump’s lack of understanding about his own history and that of all his minions is astounding. I am convinced that if they could hold that history in their little hands for even a microsecond, they wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Richard Nixon had an enemies list. Donald Trump has an enemies list. My only question is how do I get on it? I want to be a registered Trump hater. But seriously, when Sarah Huckabee Sanders read the list on national TV yesterday, my memory took me back. It happened to be the same day that I watched the brilliant new Spike Lee film BlacKkKlansman, in which the final scene contrasts the cross burnings of the KKK in the early 1970s with the Neo-Nazi tiki torches of Charlottesville, Virginia one year ago. For someone who lived through both those aspects of American life, Trump has become Nixon.

So, here is the list:  John O. Brennan, former director of the CIA, James R. Clapper Jr., former director of national intelligence, James B. Comey, former FBI director, Michael V. Hayden, former director of the National Security Agency and former CIA director, Andrew G. McCabe, former deputy FBI director, Bruce G. Ohr, former associate deputy attorney general, Lisa Page, former FBI attorney, Peter Strzok, former FBI agent, Susan E. Rice, former national security adviser and Sally Q. Yates, former deputy attorney general.

There is not much that the Great Orange Leader can do to these people, without causing more stones to be thrown at his house but coming out and telling the world your enemies list is really an idiotic thing to do.

They do understand that Nixon had to resign, right? They do know that the reason the press works day and night to discredit the current president and lunatic in power is because he’s dangerous to democracy, right? Actually, no, they don’t get it. Sarah Sanders might as well be Joseph Goebbels.

Trump has managed to mind-fuck some Congressional representatives and some middle Americans into believing that the press is the enemy of the people. We are at a breaking point. When the tape of Trump saying the N-word comes out, he will seem more like one of the flawed characters in BlacKkKlansman rather than a real person. He’s just doing a show for you America, and you may not like the ending. If Trump wins again, he will never leave office. He will simply slip one of his kids into the throne. This show needs to be canceled. The ratings are just okay.

With the State of Pennsylvania revealing the names of hundreds of priests who abused children at the hands of the Catholic Church, can we really trust anyone? Does that lying son-of-a-bitch in the White House deserve our faith? And for those who grant him permission to abuse his power and stain the presidency of our great country, you will be judged harshly when the final report comes in. Yes, you too, Christian evangelicals.

Abuse of power comes in little bits of wafer and wine, but then escalates to real damage. You cannot know the destruction until you see things destroyed. The people on Trump’s enemies list are exceptional and they will NOT be intimidated by a fake president. If Trump had his way, he would “lock them all up” to please his foaming mob, but the rest of us will not stand silent.

There are little cracks in that glass house. They aren’t quite visible to the common man who voted for what they thought was an uncommon president, but some know now that they made a terrible mistake. Others keep talking about the economy, which will end up going up and down for reasons far removed from Washington. Long before this is all over, we will see taxpayers bearing the brunt of Trump’s tariffs and trade wars.

As I peek into that glass house, I see a very disturbed person. Trump hates America. He’s happy kissing Macron in Paris, waving swords in Saudi Arabia and pressing the flesh with Putin, always meeting him more than halfway. Trump tends to put down everything in America he didn’t create. He disrespects a dying Senator and war hero and has no experience for real fighting and sacrifice. He doesn’t care about who we are as Americans.

I have only one piece of advice, screw the resistance. We don’t need to resist him, we need to stop him. We need to launch the biggest rock imaginable at that glass house. Trump doesn’t need to be exposed by Omarosa, he needs to be taken out by the power of the people. He’s wasting time tweeting and repeating, and his news cycle is done. Donald Trump is treading on America. It’s time to take our country back, patriots.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


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Bye, Bye, Miss American Pie

No Soup for You, Sarah Sanders

The lyrics of 1971’s “American Pie,” Don McLean’s complex and mysterious song which laments the day that rock ‘n’ roll died, asks us to unravel the history of music and faith. It’s a bitter bite of nostalgia. Various forms of the word “die” are heard almost twenty times. Somewhere in those long, haunting lyrics, McLean makes us realize that things from our youth die just about every day. We now have one more piece of that pie sitting on our plates, the death of Democracy. Will we have to swallow it?

The 116th episode of the TV sitcom Seinfeld which first aired in 1995 introduced the “The Soup Nazi.” That show has been played in what feels like a million times in reruns. The character, Yev Kassem was called a “Nazi” because of the aggressive and excessively strict regimentation he demanded from his customers. In the classic scene, George asks for bread with his soup claiming that everyone else in line got free bread. When George presses his point, the “Soup Nazi” yells “No soup for you!” and the woman at the cash register snatches George’s soup from his hand and returns his money.

Once again, the Supreme Court has set us up. They ruled that a Colorado cake maker, based on his religious convictions, could deny baking a wedding cake for a gay couple. They attempted to soften the blow of their discrimination with language so narrow it practically applied to that one incident only. Today we learned that the Supreme Court wiped away an opinion against a florist who declined to make flower arrangements for a same-sex couple’s marriage. They sent that case back to the lower court, asking them to revisit the suit using their decision on the cake maker as a guide.

When Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen stupidly decided to go to a Mexican restaurant after separating families at the Mexican border, she was shouted out of the establishment by protesters. The refrain, “Shame! Shame! Shame!” was too much for Ms. Nielsen, and she wisely left the restaurant.

This weekend, another restaurant owner took things into his own hands and asked Sarah Huckabee Sanders and her family to leave his restaurant in Lexington, Virginia, simply because she works for Donald Trump.

America is now going to use our freedom of speech and convictions to block people from commercial services. It’s not Sarah Sanders they were asking to leave that restaurant, rather they were asking Donald Trump to leave the White House. If Trump uses Twitter to mass distribute his beliefs and conspiracies, the only way to cut through and get our message out is to take radical steps. Hateful as it may seem to some, the President’s strident use of hate demands an equally loud voice.

Of course, President Trump had to defend his Press Secretary on Twitter, “The Red Hen Restaurant should focus more on cleaning its filthy canopies, doors and windows (badly needs a paint job) rather than refusing to serve a fine person like Sarah Huckabee Sanders. I always had a rule, if a restaurant is dirty on the outside, it is dirty on the inside!”

So, this is how it goes. The President of the United States can defame and attempt to shame a restaurant because they were doing the same thing as the florist and the cake maker. He can’t handle discrimination when it happens to him.

Experts say a person can’t sue a sitting president for defamation. Is that true? Isn’t this where we’re headed? You see, with this Great Orange Leader, the Supreme Court will have to decide how much power the Chief Executive has in America. They cannot fail on this issue.

If they give him more power, we are doomed as a nation. All the Trump lovers could have to deal with the next president being worse than Donald. Or is this all just a set up to have one of his inner circle (Daughter or Son-in-Law) take the office when he is too weak to sit on the potty each morning, tweeting his vitriol and hate. Is there an adult diaper big enough to catch all the horseshit that comes out of this angry, fat, old man?

Congress, especially the Republicans, are lost. The Supreme Court is teetering on the brink of conservative nonsense and the President is losing his marbles. I’ve never said this before, but I sure hope that we have some military patriots who will protect the Constitution if need be.

That’s it folks. Sarah Sanders can’t complain about being turned away from the Red Hen because she is complicit in the remaking of an America which mirrors the values taught by her foolish father, Mike. His tweet this weekend, backing up Trump’s lie about Democrats supporting Mexican gangs, is exactly what is wrong with America. Both Sarah and Mike should probably lay off the pie and focus on the Bible. I believe somewhere in that book is the inference that lying is a sin and taking babies away from their mothers and fathers will not help during the final hours. Look it up.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


The Jonas Bronck Series

BOOK ONE (IF GOD COULD TALK) A Cable TV talk show host is approached by a friend who offers a guest for his show who has never been on TV before. The Diary of a TV Journalist is the story about the host of the show and his executive producer vetting the guest and attempting to determine what would happnen If God Could Talk…

BOOK TWO (IF GOD COULD CRY) One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on a quest for truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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Trump Ruins Another Chance

Donald J. Trump is a disastrous failure. He has clearly demonstrated the many disabilities which prevent him from doing his job as the top executive in the country. The case of Dr. Ronny Jackson is the latest example of the White House’s chaotic, haphazard journey through Governance 101. The people who surround this president have neither the nerve nor the knowledge to stop these horrific mistakes. Even the most unskilled observer can simply count the number of people who don’t work out in this administration. If you claim that you will have this “really great vetting” and then you have to reject people after you nominate them, you are a colossal crash.

Listening to Donald Trump on Fox News this morning (4-26-2018), I’m reminded of a babbling old lady on too much coffee. He talked more about Kanye West than Dr. Ronny Jackson. He bounced between subjects like a kid who didn’t take his Ritalin. Why does he feel the need to keep patting himself on the back? I guess now that President Macron of France is gone, he must pleasure himself. What a buffoon. He paints himself the victim and claims everyone is out to get him. Paranoia and power are never good ingredients to mix.

Our Great Orange Leader had a chance to move forward and find a highly qualified person to fix the broken Veterans Administration. It’s rather funny that he said he wanted his private pilot to run the Federal Aviation Administration and his personal doctor to run the VA. It’s like promoting the bag boy at the grocery store to head up the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Makes sense, right? I mean that kid handles more produce in a day than anyone presently in government.

Here are some basic stats on the VA from NBC News: There are 150 VA hospitals, 820 VA community-based outpatient clinics and 300 VA Vet Centers, which offer counseling, suicide prevention and other services. The expanding number of people involved in this enterprise is breathtaking. There were 5.69 million patients in 2013, with 8.92 million people enrolled in VA health care system. There are 3.84 million veterans getting VA disability compensation and 310,000 veterans receiving VA pensions.

The United States Department of Veterans Affairs claims that 377,805 people work for the VA and the American Federation of Government Employees represents 230,000 VA employees. It’s clear that the person who runs the Veteran Administration must have experience in dealing with a large labor force and unions. This is a major undertaking.

Perhaps Dr. Jackson has gotten enough beyond his personal problems and alleged prescription drug malfeasance such that he could have done a good job with such an important administration, but the damage is done. A person who was a trusted medical advisor to our Presidents is now not worthy of that job. He cannot stay in his current position, let alone be promoted.

But the more important aspect of this embarrassing event is that the President of the United States is not a clear-thinking human being. Dissonance, distortions and delusions have permanently damaged this dingbat’s brain. Listening to our raving lunatic of a president talking to his enablers on Fox News was frightening on many levels. When will someone explain to the Donald that his frame of reference on the people he considers for these jobs is limited and unqualified? He needs help but refuses to ask for it.

Before Trump antics delivers a massive dose of Ambien to the whole nation, there are some important issues to accomplish. First, we need to prepare the nation for a new president, albeit, President Mike Pence who would be a dull and dogmatically driven fake president, just like Trump.

This morning on Fox News channel, Trump dodged the questions about the decision of his personal attorney, Michael Cohen, to “take the fifth.” He is now distancing himself from Cohen and his businesses. For those playing along at home, taking the “Fifth Amendment” is a guaranteed protection in the Constitution that says no person “shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself.” Trump in the past has said, “The mob takes the Fifth Amendment. If you’re innocent, why are you taking the Fifth Amendment?” So now we see that the President’s “fixer” has been declared guilty by his boss.

Trump stood by Dr. Ronny Jackson for about 17 hours. That’s perhaps the maximum amount of allegiance that can be expected from the man who demands a loyal pledge from all his minions. Trump’s attacks on anyone with a critical word about him is a never-ending disorder that no doctor can cure. We are already seeing the president’s gentle but obvious disengagement from Michael Cohen. If Trump thinks he has a “get-out-of-jail” pardon card to finally put an end to all his pain, he is dreadfully wrong. The investigation into this corrupt administration and broke-dick president will continue and, in time, we will learn what is truly missing in Donald Trump. He has no core moral value.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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Trump Trips Over an Opportunity

President Donald Trump attempted to shame Congressional leaders in a White House meeting by saying they are afraid of the National Rifle Association. He ranted about how strange it was that an 18-year-old could buy an assault rifle, but not a handgun until he turned 21. He boasted that he had instructed his Attorney General to investigate executing a ban on “bum stocks” a device that turns a semi-automatic firearm into an automatic killing machine. That device was used in Las Vegas during the largest American mass shooting. It’s important to point out that the tragedy happened more than five months ago.

The President has done little. Congress has passed an omnibus bill, a catch all of budget funds, that had some “school safety” money in it, but they haven’t addressed any of the fundamental issues. A casual observer might suggest that the NRA got to Trump and turned him around. The NRA controls Congress and if they don’t act, nothing substantial gets done.

The student protest last weekend (3-24-2018) took place in Washington, DC and cities all over the country and the world. But the old white guys in Washington missed the reality that these protestors are feeding the voter rolls. The youth of the nation has taken up a cause to march for their own lives.

When Donald Trump was shown pictures of Syrian children being gassed, he dropped a couple of bombs within days. I guess no one showed him the pictures of American kids in classrooms lying in their own blood. Maybe someone should confront him with those images. Maybe that could break the spell the NRA has cast over all those with power in Washington. This organization claims their root origins are rifle and gun safety, but their rhetoric is political and ideological. The organization is no longer just a lobbyist. They are, in-effect, a political action committee with guns.

One could ask a simple question. If President Trump cares so much about going after radical terrorism in America – in the name of Mexican cartel gangs – why is it so easy for them to get assault weapons? The NRA fights hard to thwart any gun control, meaning they are complicit with arming the bad guys. Can’t our governmental leaders see that?

I had the pleasure of going to one of the many rallies (Sarasota, FL) and was totally impressed with the young people who spoke. Many of the people I heard graduated from Stoneman Douglas High School, had friends who attended the school or were just kids with a strong message. These are fresh and honest voices who understand the game. They know who is responsible in Washington for their lack of action. This isn’t Pollyanna optimism.

The messaging of the one million student marchers was consistent. It was as if a schooled marketing expert had guided the way, or maybe these kids are experts. They learned social media techniques from a very early age and they used those skills to bring masses of protesters together. They also know that they have to change the system, or at least the people who rule, to get what they want.

And what exactly do they want? First, safe schools. That is a non-partisan issue. Then more gun controls. They want the age limit raised to 21-years of age for gun ownership. They talked about universal background checks, which, from this writer’s perspective, means a national database. Those words make a certain organization nervous.

When kids cheer, “Hey, Hey, NRA, how many kids did you kill today?” they get the clenched fists and jaws of the NRA. And they get Fox News with blowhards saying that they are somehow part of a left-wing conspiracy. That is not going to deter these young thinkers. They have figured out that gun violence is the problem. Even Sir Paul McCartney marched in New York. He pointed out that one of his best friends was killed by gun violence. You might remember him, John Lennon.

Trump was presented an opportunity to unite one demographic group here, and he blew it. The message that was sent must have been written by the weekend communications intern. It read: “We applaud the many courageous young Americans exercising their First Amendment rights today. Keeping our children safe is a top priority of the President’s.”

Yes, this is the moment you realize that no one is steering this ship and a person named Lindsay Walters, White House spokeswoman, was the only connective tissue between the issue and the President, who was busy playing golf. Donald Trump doesn’t care about gun law reform. He’s another do nothing President.

After Trump’s dinner with the NRA, he sold his soul and the lives of thousands of students in America by trying to please a group he believes controls his base. As we walked from the protest last weekend with our signs, a large truck came around the bend and I could see the NRA sticker in the window. The driver leaned out and yelled, “You fucking idiots!” Then it dawned on me. There are millions of NRA members who fear their guns will be taken away. These are the Trump people.

According to the Celebrity Net Worth website, the CEO of the NRA, Wayne LaPierre, is worth $10 million and his annual take averages around $1 million but has been as high as $5 million. So, he’s not only protecting guns, he’s guarding a sizable income. Think about it. He makes more money than the President of the United States. The NRA is the opposing force to getting better laws and systems for gun regulation.

If Trump would have watched the TV coverage of the marches, he would have seen the crowds were much bigger than his inauguration. The President should realize that many of these kids will be voting in 2020. If he has any serious desire to get re-elected, he should have responded with a little more gravitas and meaning than the plastic drivel of that canned statement. Maybe he was thinking more about a porn star, a bunny and a singer than the safety of Americans in our schools.

Donald Trump has deeply sunken in his own swamp. He is complicit and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is a con man politician looking out only for himself. In the end, this New York political boss will get richer from being President because he’s changing laws to benefit himself and his family. His attempt to become an American oligarch must be foiled, now.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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He’s Never Going to Stop Running

Back in the early days of William Randolph Hearst, he used his newspapers to pick winners and demean people he didn’t like. This became glorified by the term Yellow Journalism; presenting little or no legitimate well-researched news but rather using eye-catching headlines, exaggerated news events, scandal-mongering and sensationalism for increased newspaper sales.

Today, the implication of the opposite is the term “Fake News,” which is the slogan people in power now use to denigrate the news media they do not agree with or to slam stories they want the journalists to ignore. We see Trump playing this one trick when in the three-ringed circus of the campaign trail. If Trump keeps pitching for President, he will never convince any thinking person that he is a “real” president.

Steve Mnuchin told Chuck Todd that one cannot take things the President says at a campaign rally too seriously. Mnuchin bristled when Todd suggested that the press should maybe not cover these rally events. Todd failed to mention in this discourse with the Secretary of the Treasury what Trump said in Pittsburgh the night before. Speaking about NBC’s “Meet the Press, a show now headed by Sleepy-Eyes Chuck Todd. He is a sleeping son-of-a-bitch, I’ll tell you!”

There are some who say, “Oh, this is Trump being Trump,” while others are quick to criticize the President no matter what he says. His jokes are mean spirited and negative. What is really at stake is the presidency as a respected part of American culture. We have a clown with a face full of makeup, sniffling his way through speeches with either a teleprompter to make him seem normal, or endless, unguarded extemporaneous political babbling and childish putdowns that make him a small man exploiting his power without regard for leadership qualities.

Trump’s disregard for the spirit of the First Amendment is part of this one trick pony he rides. His censure of the press in general terms is an attempt to dismiss any controversy, misstep or criminal activity in his administration. He hangs on the phrase “No Collusion” like a man who has something to hide.

The First Amendment must be protected from Trump’s rhetoric and quest to weaken a free press. His demigod approach to the executive branch of the government needs to be checked at every step. His little moves will add up and must be analyzed by a free press.

Trump’s Sunday morning, tweets instead of Church “executive time” gave us this: “The Failing New York Times purposely wrote a false story stating that I am unhappy with my legal team on the Russia case and am going to add another lawyer to help out. Wrong. I am VERY happy with my lawyers, John Dowd, Ty Cobb and Jay Sekulow. They are doing a great job and have shown conclusively that there was no Collusion with Russia… just excuse for losing. The only Collusion was that done by the DNC, the Democrats and Crooked Hillary. The writer of the story, Maggie Haberman, a Hillary flunky, knows nothing about me and is not given access.”

The fact that Trump cannot let go of this issue shows that he doesn’t believe in his innocence. Like many people with a “martyr” complex, the Donald has a need to constantly slam the past. He positions himself against those who came before to get “credit” for anything good that happens, while taking no responsibility for anything his team may have done that didn’t work or, worse, was illegal. He seems to be worried more about historical positioning the future and comparisons with the past.

Trump may not even realize that he shows signs of being a white nationalist apologizer. Perhaps he is not smart enough to realize that his messaging makes it seem like being black in America equals guilt. Most importantly, his ideological way of viewing everything from trade to the environment to the legal system will have to repaired by the next president. Trump has clearly made America less great. I would advance that Donald J. Trump has hurt America with his ignorance and bad judgment.

This President of the United States is a bad role model for our children. His need to debase people and spread hate diminishes the advancements we have made as a society. Donald Trump is the prime cause of our national divide. His lack of desire or ability to bring people together is a fact right there for everyone to see. Some, however, want to believe what they require to believe. They have joined the lie and are complicit. When the money they think they are going to get doesn’t arrive, who will they blame then? Trump will be long gone.

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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The Complicit President

One of the great miscalculations of the decade came from the gun-suckers at the National Rifle Association during the 2018 Conservative Political Action Conference. They heavily miscalculated their message and, unfortunately for America, our sitting President is equally tone-deaf. This post may get me on two enemies lists for the price of one, but it seems like there is a wind blowing and the updraft from the heat and sorrow of death is lifting opinions.

The NRA must surely be wondering why their messaging hit such a sour note in Maryland last week. Like most shows, a comedian warmed up the audience so that the star had an audience primed and ready for the headliner. Ms. Dana Loesch said, “Many in legacy media love mass shootings. You guys love it. I’m not saying you love the tragedy. But I am saying that you love the ratings. Crying white mothers are ratings gold… And notice I said crying white mothers because there are thousands of grieving black mothers in Chicago every weekend and you don’t see town halls for them, do you?”

With that statement, Loesch sparked a tweetstorm from people all over the United States. Some might say it was insensitive to make those remarks within 24-hours of the CNN Town Hall with survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy, but the words were more than obtuse. They were an example of the numbing reality that the NRA’s tactics are not caring, open or helpful. They sensed, for the first time, that people were coming for them in the dead of night with torches. They overreacted.

Their leader, Wayne LaPierre, has a famous slug-line, “The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun, is a good guy with a gun.” He marched into the room and attempted to present the NRA as a solid front and to reaffirm himself as the puppeteer pulling the strings of Congress and our President. The leader of the NRA misconstrued some of the basic points of his association’s existence. Yes, of course, the National Rifle Association is a registered lobbyist, but they want to be more. And it wasn’t more than seconds before Donald Trump was parroting the points that LaPierre was making on stage at CPAC.

What disturbed many corporate leaders was not only the divisive rhetoric of Dana Loesch, but the highly-charged words of LaPierre. He advanced a political attack that sounded like Germany rhetoric from 1939. And if you think words don’t matter, consider this: Anti-Semitic incidents in the United States soared by 57 percent in 2017, according to a new report from the Anti-Defamation League. That’s the largest single-year increase in more than two decades. There was an 86 percent rise in vandalism.

Wayne’s world protects 100 million-gun owners by getting money from five million members. There are companies who believe that supporting the NRA is good business. I don’t understand why Delta Airlines, Hertz Rent a Car and other companies thought that offering discounts to NRA members was a good idea. Do they offer discounts to Super PACs or other lobbyist members?

The NRA damaged their brand with those two speeches and, of course, proved the point the high school students were making. With LaPierre saying that the “European Socialists” were controlling the minds of the masses, he was sending a message that anyone who confronts the NRA is politically bad for America. He sounded like a politician running for office.

The speech reeked of Neo-Nazi messaging. And while the CEO of the NRA was defending his cause he had no idea that Nikolas Cruz, the shooter in Parkland, Florida, etched swastikas in his ammunition magazines. Oops!

In 2015, Dylann Roof confessed to murdering nine African Americans at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in downtown Charleston, South Carolina, one of 40 states not requiring background checks for private gun transactions. In clear sight on the internet, Roof espoused racial hatred. Photographs there showed him posing with emblems associated with white supremacy. He had also been arrested. He beat the system.

When a reformed Neo-Nazi appeared on CBS’ 60 Minutes trying to motivate others from getting sucked into the group, Dylann Roof sent him a letter from prison that read: “I know you won’t be, but you really should be ashamed of yourself. Traitor, you’ve really cashed in, haven’t you? I hope you know that you are 100 times worse than the Jews you’ve surrounded yourself with.” No repent there.

And with the death of a woman in Charlottesville, Virginia, during a Unite the Right rally, it was clear that a statement from the President would have helped the situation. Rather than denounce this bullshit, Donald Trump gave a convolved message of “fine people on both sides.” He advanced anti-political correctness rather than calling out Neo-Nazis. He worried about a Robert E. Lee statue more than America.

Donald Trump, through stupidity or complicity, has not created a strong message against the KKK, Nazis, White Nationalist and other terror groups operating in America. The NRA fights any effort to track gun owners, so it’s impossible to know names and locations of the bad guys. And much of Congress shakes in their boots when it comes to the NRA. Nothing happens, and not only is Trump complicit but he has neglected his duty to keep us safe.

The voice of the Florida students and the corporate boycotts will alarm companies who would rather not be involved in politics. This time the NRA veered off course and made a wide turn away from the Second Amendment. With LaPierre critiquing other facets of government and society, he struck a hateful Trumpian tone. CEOs and boards of directors are nervous. Good use of social media this time!

Wayne LaPierre doesn’t have the credibility to talk about leaks in the intelligence community, media bias or universities he claims are spearheading a socialist revolution by emphasizing the teachings of Karl Marx. He added that America was trending toward a “growing socialist state.” Adolf Hitler was against Karl Marx as well and said, “Our adopted term ‘Socialist’ has nothing to do with Marxian Socialism. Marxism is anti-property; true socialism is not.”

The Nazis adopted a new gun law in 1938, allowing Non-Jews to buy rifles, shotguns and ammunition. Handguns were also easy to own, buy, sell or carry. Local officials could even allow people under the age of 18 to buy a gun. Gee, how did that work out? Lots of crazy brown-shirted kids killing Jews.

Saying that anything which challenges their power is somehow connected to European Socialism and Karl Marx, has not only blurred the message of the NRA but has left trouble and blood on their hands.

The NRA has failed to understand America. When people suggest true universal background checks on gun purchases, they aren’t talking about Karl Marx. They are talking about Making America Safe Again. In the bigger picture, the smart people in the United States with knowledge of history are hearing exactly what the NRA is saying, “You cannot fuck with us.” As our President has said, “We will see.”

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

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An Open Letter to High School Students of America

As an America more than five times your age, I come to you with some advice and I urge you to listen. In my life, I was opposed to the Vietnam war. My friends and fellow students were being sent 7,400 miles to fight a war we hardly understood. Some of my friends were killed. It was obvious that my government didn’t understand what we felt. History has revealed the lies and illegal actions of the “adults” running the United States of America during that dark time. It was a bi-partisan effort to kill us.

You have been awakened by a demonic tragedy and the misuse of a lethal weapon. You are joining hands and marching and chanting. You want to make a difference. We are with you. We care about you. We cry for you. We will march with you. We understand what you are saying. Wisdom of the past will help you. Learn about civil disobedience and your right to peacefully assemble. This isn’t going to be easy.

To end the Vietnam war, we had to expose the lies. We needed help from the free press and, in some cases, brave whistle-blowers with valuable documents like the Pentagon Papers. Google it. We had to see blood being spilled on the nightly news and middle America had to understand that these were “our boys” who were bleeding in the jungles. Your classroom floors will be cleaned, but you will never forget the terror you experienced. You need to bring that horror to the public. They need to understand what happened. As macabre and disrespectful as some might think, pictures of bloody bodies would make Congress wake up and start talking about solutions.

Next, I want you to know that the NRA and pro-gun factions in this great nation of ours will see you as the enemy. They will come after you and they will attack you. They won’t be using guns; they will be using propaganda. They will do research on you and your parents, and they will disclose connections to anything that even hints at “left-wing radical” associations. They will claim that you are being funded by Democratic Super PACs and you will hear the name George Soros. Do not listen to these talking heads on TV. They are not your friends. They will be attacking your cause célèbre and the fact that you have a platform; you have a voice. Do not get sucked into their nonsense.

If you start to make inroads in your quest to get gun regulations, they will attack you on very personal levels. They will circulate rumors about your sex life, they will put you on an enemy list, they will infiltrate your schools and try to get other students to rally against you. It’s an old playbook and I am simply reading a few pages from it. You will hear the term, “outside agitators,” which is code for linking you to some communist left-winged group. Do not stray from your message.

The NRA is a very powerful lobbyist group and they will pour money into defeating you. Be careful when they say they want to meet with you. And be extremely on guard when it comes to Donald Trump. He will tell you he is open to review and modification of the gun laws. He will suggest that he is “evolving” on the issue. He will even issue a memo to his Attorney General to “look into” whether “bump stocks” are legal, while he uses executive order to push almost a million dreamers to the edge of panic. He waited four and half months after the Las Vegas shooting to write his memo. Score a D- for him.

In the end, Trump will listen to the gun hawks and will walk away from you when the story dies. He already left behind the dead bodies in Las Vegas, Texas and the other killing fields. Donald Trump is not your friend. He will use you to placate moderate Republicans. Donald Trump is not an inadequate President, he’s an inadequate person.

You need to learn the terms of the Second Amendment and their importance to the far right in America. They will continue to let you die to save this sentence: A well -regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Now let’s talk about the March 24, 2018 march on Washington you are planning. Get as many people as you can to attend this event and don’t worry about who will promote it. You know how to use the internet and social media to motivate people.  Do it! You also need to think about giving marchers advice on where to stay and how to get around once there. Get the National Park people to help you. That’s their job. They did it for Martin Luther King, Jr. and they did it for the Million Man March and they did it for right wing groups. They are there for you. And be sure to read up on other rallies and protests in the Capitol, here.

And finally, you must continually state your goal. You must be extremely clear in what you are demanding. An 18-year-old kid can’t buy a beer or a hand-gun but can buy an AR-15 (semi-automatic rifle) and you must change the laws. You must not waiver. If we got Nixon to end the Vietnam War, you surely can motivate a bunch of old white guys to listen. If they don’t, vote them out. Just stay the course, there will be many of them to vote out.

Dwight C. Douglas

The First 200 Days Of Trump – ONLY ONE MILLION LEFT

These daily diatribes from a delusional blogger give you a day by day overview of the 45th President’s first two-hundred days in office. Follow Donald Trump through the tough times on his way to impeachment. Kindle Version HERE, or Get the printed book now, CLICK HERE.


New Book about Terrorism

One of the most eye-opening stories about terrorism. The famous cable TV talk show host, Jonas Bronck, leaves New York on his quest to find truth. He finds himself in the middle of terror and personal torment in the name of journalism. He once again asks, If God Could Cry, would he be crying for us, or with us?

Now available on Amazon.





Trump Bets on Wrong Horse in Alabama

It’s hard to imagine that Donald Trump would waste so much time and energy on a runoff election between two Alabama Republicans who want to run for Senate. It’s even more incredible that someone who claims to have all the right-wing conservatives and evangelicals on his side, could pick the wrong candidate.

It seems rather strange, no pun intended, that Moore was endorsed by the recently dismissed Steve Bannon. Meanwhile, Trump made a trip to Alabama, at taxpayers’ expense, to support the campaign of “Big Luther” Strange, who LOST.

This event in Alabama shouldn’t give the liberals or Democrats even a smidgen of optimism. This 2018 election wake-up call is something the White House and the Republicans should watch. Now it is apparent, as we have written on this blog before, that the Grand Old Party has been split once again, only this time, the atoms of democracy are bouncing off each other and creating heat for the establishment.

First of all, why did Trump want Luther Strange? He is the more moderate right-wing offering from Alabama. Strange was the candidate who Mitch McConnel wanted to win. Strange was Jeff Sessions’ pick. The establishment party members didn’t want someone like Roy Moore, who has been proven to put his Christian faith and the Bible before the laws of the land and the Constitution. This isn’t my opinion, his own words underscore the truth of the matter, “I want to see virtue and morality returned to our country and God is the only source of our law, liberty and government.”

He can also be evaluated by his actions. Moore was suspended from his job as the chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court for refusing to obey laws he felt violated his religious beliefs; like taking down a large Ten Commandments statue from a court house and urging state judges to defy the U.S. Supreme Court decision that legalized same-sex marriage. Moore has compared homosexuality to bestiality and called it “an inherent evil against which children must be protected.”

An old man’s homophobic opinions and overbearing religious beliefs are not necessarily evil, but when they determine how a judge rules, or how a member of the Senate votes, then we are starting a church-state. The bargain for Trump is that someone like Luther Strange was manageable, while someone like Roy Moore will aid the far-rights’ ability to stop things from getting done. If more of these Tea-Party-Part-Two types get elected in 2018, the House and Senate will be in conflict for years.

One could say it might be time to elect more Democrats to offset this religious dogma pooping on the rug, but they don’t have a strong enough message to bring more people into the tent. What trumps religion and God? Surely not a failing healthcare bill.

Can a Democrat beat a Republican in Alabama? Not likely, but the amount of money that will be spent will be outrageous.

Roy Moore is, more or less, a bigot. Hey, I am not making this up, he called Islam a “false religion” and suggested there are U.S. “communities under Sharia law right now.” Can Judaism be far behind? If the Bible is the only law that Mr. Moore believes to be true, then Alabama will never have a lottery. But to be serious, having Roy Moore is not much different than giving David Duke a seat in the Senate. To remind the readers, Duke is the former grand wizard of the KKK.

Donald Trump is physically and mentally unable to stop what he has started. Breitbart’s Steve Bannon is fanning the flames of an Alt-Right, uptight takeover of the Republican party. People like Paul Ryan and John Kasich better get their stuff together or we will be saying the Lord’s prayer before a kneeing crowd at all our NFL games. See, kneeing isn’t always bad.

Trump is the village idiot who conned America into his false vision for our great country, and now he is being manipulated by the far-right and White Nationalists. He may not be a bigot, racist, or xenophobe in his heart of hearts, but he is certainly a caustic Cretan of epic proportions. He knows not of what he has reaped, and he is so busy defending himself he cannot find a clear path to making things better.

With each passing week and each new controversy, we see the real man behind the curtain. He erased all his pro-Luther Strange tweets this morning after “big Luther” became what Trump calls, A LOSER.  So, like in book 1984, Trump is attempting to delete any history that embarrasses him. Such a little man to be in charge of our big country.